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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 4, 1925, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Fifty-Seven Students To Receive Diplomas From High School

Fifty-seven students will be graduated from the San Rafael High School next Thursday evening. The exercises will be held at the Orpheus theatre and will open with a processional in which the members of the graduating class will march upon the state to the music of the High School orchestra. The students who are to take an active part are James Mead, Student Body President; Herbert Armstrong, President of the Senior Class; Carl Ormsby, class address.

During the evening Oliver Hartzell, Principal, will address the assemblage and accept the class gift, which will be presented to the school by Herbert Armstrong.

Thos. P. Boyd, president of the Board of Education, will present the members of the class with diplomas. There will also be a reading by a member of the class, entitled: “Have a rendezvous with Life.” The Glee Club will also sing.

Admission to the exercises will be by reserved ticket only. These can be secured at Webb & Rogers Drug Store at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 9th. Not over two tickets will be allowed each individual calling. No telephone reservations. Seats not claimed by 8:15 on the evening of graduation, will be given to any one who has procured a ticket.

Those graduating are Herbert Armstrong, Chas. Tacchi, Marie Caletti, Viola Andrews, Anita Baccaglio, Loa Bacigalupi, Marie Borba, [Louise E. Branchau]*, Ernest Brazil, Pauline Stitt, Lucile Codo, [Kenneth Crandell]**, Margaret Dabergotz, Frances Dabergotz, Hazel Erne, James Douglas, Charlotte Frehe, Robert Forsyth, Eunice Fuller, Alice Fung, Clara Dudley, John Gonzales, Ruth Goodwin, Anita Hiribarren, Lucile Hogeboom, Ivan Ickes, Mabel Jepsen, Lillian Iverson, George LeCornec, Ludwina Johansen, Eunice Martinelli, Katherine Louis, James Mead, Elmer Mastrup, Paul Messner, Kate Morphy, Catherine Murray, Florence Murray, Ruth Neal, James Nichols, Carl Ormsby, Linnie Phillips, Margaret Randolph, Claire Prescott, Oro Sagebiel, Thomas Redding, Russel Schoen, Georgette Schiller, Roscoe Smith, Helen Sigard, Raymond Schmidt, Gladys Stanley, Kenneth Carndell, Elizabeth Vaning, Lucretia Walsh, Eugenia Watson,, James White and Dan Wise.

This is the last Class to be graduated from the old high school on E street. It is expected that the school will reopen for the Fall Semester in the beautiful new $300,000 building at the extension of Fourth street, in the Eastern Section of the city.

* Shown in another article on Thursday,  June 11, 1925, page 5.
** Shown in another article on Thursday, June 18, 1925.

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