Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, May 31, 1928, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

High School Graduates Sixty-five of Its Students

Sixty-five students will graduate from the San Rafael High School on Thursday, June 7th. Previous to the exercises there will be a number of interesting events common to commencement week. Friday is senior day and will be the last day the graduating class will meet their classes; June 6th is the senior picnic at Paradise Cove, and June 8th is the senior ball.

The graduates are:
Mollie Aitken, Russell Bardin, Viola Borba, Norvina Bottini, Cyrien Bouche, Gladys Brabson, Lula Brazil, Helen Brown, Price Brownlee, Ruth Brownlee, Ida Checcati, James Christiani, Muriel Darragh, Gergia B. Davis, Fred Dickson, Stella Dilena, Stanley Duncan, Gretchen Eden, Doris Eustis, Frances Frehe, Anthony Giudici, George Gnoss, Eva Johnson, William Kane, Sarah Kirsner, Jency Leman, Byron Lewis, Robert Lewis, Hector Liati, Charles Locati, Muriel Martinelli, Eugene McCarthy, William Miller, Frank Monti, Harry O’Shaughnessy, Joe Nunes, John Paysse, Marie Paysse, Marie Peter, Blanch Phillips, Charles Phillips, Clyde Phillips, Betty Phimister, John Pitcher, Margery Prescott, Ben Quan, Isabel Redding, Clyde Reynvaan, Donald R ichardson, Francis Ricksecker, Marianette Roselli, Helen Russell, Adelaide Sears, Sidney Smith, Thomas Thrapp, Katherine Trabucchi, Dorothy Vossbrink, Leslie Walsh, Charliotte Warner, William Watt, Herbert Austin, Roland Durham, Herbert Rowland, Tony Soares.

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