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Source: The Marin Journal, Thursday, June 5, 1930, Page 5
Transcribed by: Carolyn Schwab

Commencement to Be Held At San Rafael High Tonight

Ninety-four seniors will bid high school life farewell tomorrow night when commencement takes place at the San Rafael High School.

Three student speakers will deliver addresses to the gathering which will attend the exercises. Walter Mann, president of the student body, will speak and extend greetings. Guy Cain, president of the class of June, ’30, will talk and present the class gift. The gift is a beautiful as well as useful one. It is a pool and bird bath, made for the side court. Norma Kane, president of the Girls’ League, will be the third of the trio of speakers. She will deliver the farewell.

Mr. Oliver Hartzell will give the reply to the senior class president and introduce the class to Mr. Pratt C. Inman, president of the Board of Education, who will present the diplomas to the 94 graduates.

The girls’ glee club will also sing. Charlma Ryan, a graduate, will sing a solo soprano, accompanied by Miss Liveria Sawyer, music teacher.

The following seniors will be awarded diplomas at the ceremony this evening:
Bernice Adge, Alden Anderson, Edna Baccaglio, Remo Bettini, Celesti Bonfiglio, Marguerite Bouche, Roberta Branchau, Guy Cain, Emily Cardoza, Mary Cardoza, Adele Carle, Rafael Castillo, Nora Cavanaugh, Irving Chapman, Harry Chong, Rose Cordeiro, Charles De Voto, Paul Dillon, Elwyn Fellows, Stella Fisher, Sallie Foster, Earl Grady, Jean Hayes, John Healy, Sigfried Herzog, Norma Kane, Vincent Kelly, Gedge Knopf, Kathryn Lake, George Lefevre, Madeline Lindley, Walter Mann, Eleanor McCaskey, Dorothea McClellan, Vivian Monahan, Agnes Morrison, Alfred Neal, Joseph Nunes, Eugene O’Connor, Kathleen O’Connor, Florence Pelletier, Barbara Perry, Nona Prescott, George Prevot, Gwendolyn Roberts, Carolyn Rodden, Charlma ryan, Eleanor Rye, Albina Sartorio, Florence Schorch, Verda Selvage, Anette Shaver, Clarence Smith, Mae Smith, Edna Solari, Scott Tilden, Josephine Torrano, Jack Travis, Juanita Valley, Ralph Weston, Harold Williams, Grace Zappetini,, and Minnie Zappetini.

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