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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, May 31, 1934, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

High School To Graduate Largest Class In History

The largest class ever to graduate from the San Rafael High School will receive diplomas on Thursday evening June 7, at the gymnasium. Albert R. Marall, president of the board of education, will award the diplomas and Oliver R. Hartzell, principal, will grant the awards and present the senior class.

One of the interesting features of the program will be the playing of a number by the orchestra of a composition written by George Rodden, one of the graduates, a fantast, “A Spring Garden” which he will conduct.

Greetings will be extended by Walter Castro, president of the student body. Gene Gaylor, president of the senior class, will present the class gift to the school, and Rosaleen Kelly, president of the Girls’ League, will say the Farewell.

The orchestra will play the processional and recessional and a boys’ quartet, composed of Robert Cherrigan, Adolph Nieri, Gurney Miller and Bill Seivers, will sing “The Sea” by Charles Huerter, and “Kentucky Babe” by Adam Seibeh.

The following are members of the senior class:
James D. Aldridge
Roba  Allen
Anita Badaracco
Frances Baehl
Elida R. Baldwin
Dorothy E. Bartlett
Rachel Bartlett
Victor E. Bello
Alfred A. Bernardini
Ernest F. Boegel
Margaret T. Borzini
William C. Bradley
George E. Brovelli
Jean Bucknum
Earl W. Burns
Thomas J. Cardoza
Walter R. Castro, Jr.
Robert E. Caylor
Ignacio D. Cherrigan
ack (sic) C. Clemmer
Helen M. Cramer
Anna M. Cummings
Triumphant Dell’Era
Alfred De Lucci
Robert D. Dickson
Edward W. Dixon
Luther c. Eklund
Frances L. Evans
Pat Flynn
Phyllis Foret
Vivian E. Gilman
Mary E. Grady
Muriel Hackman
William F. Hansen
Martha A. Heckathorne
Claude E. Housman, Jr.
Ralph L. Hoy
Virginia F. Hubbard
Donald Jackson
Henry W. Jeah
Hazel Johnson
Ivan L. Johnson
Phil Kelly
Rosaleen V. Kelly
Lloyd Kirchner
Marcel C. Le Cam
Donald Lee
Sam W. Lee
Francis E. Leonenio
Violet M. Lewis
Althon E. Ludlam
Helen A. Macavoy
Arthur C.Madsen
Ben Morawitz
James J. McBride
Thomas McGruder
Donald Mc__?_ic
Mary J. McReavy
Leonard W. Miner
Sidney D. Moran
Jane Morrison
Henry A. Mor_?_ Jr.
Lloyd Wesley Moses
Richard E. Murdock
Alfred W. Nagel
Ernest Netto
Eleanor L. O’Connor
John Palacio
Muriel C. P___?__
William W. Pelleschi
Virg__?__ M. Peneerini
Robert M. Polock
Valentine M. Prior
Joseph Prola?
Eleanor Z. Quigley
Margaret R. Richardson
Robert E. Rielia
Robert J. Risso
George Rodden
Gladys M. Rodoni
Mildred Rossi
Alex E. Russell
Florence H. Sasse
Dorothy E. Satre
Catherine June Schlosser
Margaret E. Schneider
Anne M. Seipol
Maray C. Semas
Audrey W. Sheldon
David Shields
Beverley A. Sill
Joe Simontacchi
Eddie? Smith
Alice F. Soares
Evelyn M. Soares
Jeanne I. Sparrow
Virginia M. Sparrow
Joseph Spetzi
Martha P. Starr
Allen Strong
Alleen Sullivan
Edna F. Thompson
Richard W. Todt
Glen E. Tovani
Irene V. Trumbly
Bernard Purrini
Frank J. Turpin
Frank Valim
Minnie Valim
Stacia Nilsona? Waltzer
Robert M. Warner
Ruth J. Watkins
Mary Zanoni
Charles Zaro
Mary Zaro
Ronald Zastrow
Dorothy Zubler

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