Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 6, 1941, page 1.
Transcribed by: Carolyn Schwab

Thirty-one cadets will receive their diplomas from the San Rafael Military Academy Friday morning, June 13, at 10 o’clock.  The exercises will be held on Campus Circle, the athletic field.  Following the graduation there will be a Battalion drill, orders for the coming year, and taps.  It is the largest class in the history of the Academy according to Robert U. Ricklefs, headmaster.


The graduates and their colleges are:

                ASHURST, GRIFF – University of California at Davis

                BARTON, WILLIAM – University of California at Davis

                BENNETT, ALBERT – College of Pacific

                BERNHARD, EDWARD – United States Naval Academy

                CORBETT, RICHARD – University of Oregon

                FIDDYMENT, DAVID – Sacramento Junior College

                GROSSMAN, ARNOLD – Pomona College

                HALL, JAMES – Stanford University

                HART, RICHARD – Menlo Junior College

                DAVIDSON, ROBERT – P.G. at S.R.M.A.

                HOOPER, LEONARD – San Francisco State College

                IRVIN, DAVID – Stanford University

                JENSEN, GALE – University of California at Davis

                JENSEN, MANLEY – University of California at Berkeley

                JOHNSON, REED – Stanford University

                JOHNSTON, NEELE – Stanford University

                KELLNER, HENRY – Marin Junior College

                MARTIN, EDWARD Jr. – Stanford University

                MOODY, WARREN – Visalia Junior College

                MORROW, ALLEN – Marin Junior College

                McBRIDE, GEORGE – Marin Junior College

                McGIMSEY, TED – University of California at Davis

                McHENRY, JAMES – University of California at Davis

                PANECALDO, TONY – Yuba Junior College

                RIANO, BLAINE – Texas A. and M.

                SAVIERS, EMMETT – Menlo Junior College

                STATON, JERRY – University of Oregon

                WALTER, JAMES – Armstsrong’s Business College

                SHIPPER, FRED – Wharton School of Business

                WHEELER, ROBERT – Marin Junior College

                ZIEGLER, EARL – University of California at Davis

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