Marin County Genealogy

St. Raphael’s School
Source: The Marin Journal, Thursday, June 9, 1927
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Graduation Exercises Of St. Raphael’s School

Kenneth Lewis was awarded the Sacred Heart Scholarship at the graduation exercises of St. Raphael’s School where were held Friday evening, June 3rd. Margaret Schuppich and he were also  given  the  gold  medals  for  Christian  Doctrine,  Vivian  Monahan  and  Inez  Gilman  were awarded second prizes for Christian Doctrine.

The exercises were held in St. Raphael’s Church. Father Long of Santa Rosa made a splendid address. The awards and the presentation of diplomas were made by Father William Fleming, pastor of St. Raphael’s chuch. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament closed the impressive services. Certificates of promotion were awarded to the grade pupils later in the evening in the Parochial Hall.

The boys who were graduated from the eighth grad were Robert Robinson, Kenneth Lewis, Lawrence Thrapp, John Curtain, William Redding, Joseph Icaza.
The girls were: Margaret Keaton, Venice Todt, Vivian Monahan, Margaret Schuppich, Leonara Barbera, Edna Malone, Edna Mae Fleming, Alice Stretton, Lusy Souza, Dolores Martinez, Helen Leonardi, Inez Gilman.

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