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Are you receiving too many search results and wish you could focus on one individual?

An individual's name may appear in various forms. For example:

  • Frank JONES
  • Frank H. JONES
  • Frank Harold JONES
  • Frank "Harry" JONES
  • H. Frank JONES
  • JONES, Frank
  • JONES, Frank H.
  • JONES, Frank Harold
  • JONES, Frank "Harry"
  • JONES, H. Frank
If you enter Frank for the first name and Jones for the last name, Focus will check for all of these variations.

* Place or Year: enter a town, state, country name or year here. Just enter one name for more results. For example, don't enter Reno, Nevada...just Reno or Nevada.

** Ignore this: enter just one term. For example, don't enter birth, marriage, death...just birth or death.

*** Website: this will limit your results to all the pages of a specific website that the search engine has indexed. For example, enter to search only that site. Note that the website may contain content that hasn't been indexed by the search engine. Does not work with Dogpile.

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