San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 333B, First Township, Post Office School House Station
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
46 46 CAROL James 26 m w Works in Dairy Vt.
    SOUTH Frederick 30 m Works in Dairy Me
    STEIL John  30  Works in Dairy Me 
47 47 McDONALD Arn[e?] 32 m w Carpenter Scotland
    SMITH Peter 47 m w Carpenter Ireland
    McGREGOR Peter 35 m w Carpenter Scotland
48 48 MILLIN Abram D. 39 m w Dairyman N.Y.
      Sarah 32 f w Keeps House Ireland
      William C. 1 m w   Cal 
49 49 KELLY George W. 26 m w Dairyman N.H.
      Salome E. 24 f w Keeps House  Vt.
      Allen L. 8 m w   Vt. 
50 50 KELLY Calvin S. 30 m w Diaryman N.H. 
      Clara H. 26 f w Keeps House N.H.
    BOONGENDER Jacob 29 m w Works in Dairy Sweden
    RUSE John 21 m w Works in Dairy Sweden
51 51 BUGAN Anthony 52 m w G[rocer?] P[?..]
    BUGAN Anthony 19 m w Apprentice to Printer Cal
      George 14 m w    Cal
         Louisa 12 f w   Cal
         Rosa 9 f w   Cal
      HOWARD Mary 45 f w House Keeper Ireland
      Joseph 3 m w   Cal
52 52 SOLANO Cisto 27 m w Gardner Italy
    GARDALA Julius 40 m w Works in Garden Italy
    CONNIEL Dominico 18 m w Works in Garden Italy
    FRANCUK Joral 17 m w Works in Garden Italy
53 53 MERCER Francis T. 47 m w Stevedore England
      Catherine R. 57 f w Keeps House Mass
    MARE Albertine 6 f w   Cal
54 54 MASON James B. 40 m w Ret. Grocer Ky
      Elizabeth 40 f w Keeps House Vt.
      Lucy C. 17 f w   Cal
      Adelia M. 14 f w   Cal
      James E. 10 m w   Cal
      William M. 9 m w   Cal
      Mary E. 10 f w   Cal
      Clara E. 5 f w   Cal
55 55 SMITH Jeremiah 39 m w Farmer R.I.

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