San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 339A, First Township, Post Office School House Station
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
119 119 WILLARD Ari 52 m w Farmer N.Y.
    RYDER La Fayette 23  Farm Laborer Maine
120 120 LASWELL Isaac 34 m w Farmer Ills.
      Mary A. 37 f w Keeps House England 
    KING Cora B. 18 f w   Ills.
      M[ello?]n T. 16 m w   Cal
      Edward P. 14 m w   Cal
      Henry 14 m w   Cal
      Joseph E. 11 m w   Cal
      Amelia 8 f w   Cal
      Adelia  8 f w   Cal
      Ruben 6 m w   Cal
      John B. 5 m w   Cal
      Mary G. 3 f w   Cal
    LASWELL George m w   Cal
121 121 GRAVES John B. 50 m w Farmer Ky
      Catherine J. 44 f w Keeps House Ky
      Henry E. 23 m w Farm Laborer Ky
      Jackson A. 18 m w Farm Laborer Iowa
    HAM Sarah  12 f w   Cal
      Mary M. 12 f w   Cal
      Wallie D. 9 m w   Cal
122  122 RICO Sylvester 35 m w Farmer Chili
    WILKINSON John 21 m w Farm Laborer England
123 123 MONTANA Montana 46 f w Keeps House Chili
    VIDAL George 12 m w   Chili
    COSTANTINO Phillip 44 m w Farm Laborer Italy
    BELLACK Fermin[e?] 55 m w Vaquero Chili
126 124 DERLIN Mark 35 m w Farmer Ireland
      Anna 36 f w Keeps House Canada
      Catherine 9 f w   Cal 
      Phoebe 8 f w   Cal
      James 6 m w   Cal
      Edward 5 m w   Cal
      Mark 3 m w   Cal
      Anna  1 f w   Cal

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