San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 340B, Third Township, Post Office School House Station
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
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     MARTONET Ella 3 f w   Cal
144  142  EGGERS Henry  39  Farmer  Hamburgh 
      Anna 26 f w Keeps House N.Y.
      Georgianna 3 f w   Cal
145 143 LOCKWOOD Ichabod 54 m w Farmer N.Y.
      Luanna 50 f w Keeps House N.Y.
      William 16 m w   Cal
      Theresa 14 f w   Cal 
    EATON Martha 25 f w   N.Y.
      Edwin 10 m w   Cal
      Mi[nn?]y 8 f w   Cal 
146 144 JAMES Henry 30 m w Farmer N.Y.
    KNOWLES Israel G. 41 m w Farmer Ohio
      Mary A. 37 f w Keeps House N.Y. 
      Frank S. 12 m w   Cal
      Walter C. 8 m w   Cal
      Eva M. 4 f w   Cal
      Albert 3 m w   Cal
      Hatty G. 10/12ths f w   Cal
    WOODYARD Lorena 17 f w House Keeper  Va
    CURTIS Buchannan 43 m w   Ohio
    GUNN Anna 22 f w School Teacher Canada
    QUINLAN Daniel 30 m w Farm Laborer Ireland 
148 146 MELALY John 40 m w Farmer Ireland
      Mary 25 f w Keeps House Ireland
      James 11 m w   Cal
      Julia A. 9 f w   Cal
      John J. 7 m w   Cal
      Patrick 5 m w   Cal 
      Mary E. 3 f w   Cal
      Lawrence [K?] 11/12ths m w   Cal 
149 147 ASHKA[M?]ER Robert 35 m w Farmer England
      Rachel M. 35 f w Keeps House England
150 148 ASHKA[M?]ER Bellman 28 m w Farm Laborer England
150 148 GASKIL Thomas 22 m w Farm Laborer England
    COLEBANK William 23 m w Farm Laborer England
    WHITE William 23 m w Farm Laborer Canada
      Israel 34 m w Farm Laborer England
    JOHNSON Joseph 28 m w Farm Laborer Canada

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