San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 352B, Second Township, Post Office San Mateo
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
73 65 STOWFFIELD William 32 m w Farmer Holstein Germany
      Mar[???] 44  Keeps House Holstein Germany
      T[egents?]  10  At Home  Holstein Germany
      Charles 48 m w Farmer Holstein Germany
74 66 JORDAN Albert H. 50 m w Architect England
      Orpha J. 40 m w Keeps House N.Y.
      Carrie J. 7 f w At Home Cal
      Kate M. 6 f w At Home Cal
      Albert R. 3 m w At Home Cal
75 67 McMASTER David 31 m w Gardner Ireland
76 68 BREWER Alfred L. 39 m w Minister Conn.
      Frances H. 27 f w Keeps House Conn.
      William 7 m w At Home Mich
      Edward C. 4 m w At Home Cal
      Adeline I. [*note] 2 f w At Home Cal
  69 CHURCH Edward B. 25 m w Clergyman Mass
      Frances A. 25 f w At Home Ills.
    KELLOGG George H. 23 m w Teacher Ills.
    TILLOTSON Cyrus O. 23 m w Teacher Mass.
    EGGERS Frederick 22 m w Teacher of Music Hamburgh
    COLEHAN Alice G. 23 f w Teacher Ohio
    GRIGGS Catherine 16 f w Domestic Servant Cal
    COMMENS Edward 40 m w Laborer Ireland
    McCULLEN Elizabeth 21 f w   Ireland
    AH Jam 35 m c Cook China
    AH Gee 40 m c Laborer China
    AH Foo 17 m c Laborer China
77 70 BACHELDER Joseph L. 52 m w Brick Mason N.H.
      Lydia E. 42 f w Keeps House  N.H.
      Louis G. 19 m w At Home N.H.
      George A. 17 m w At Home N.H.
      Susan M. 8 f w At Home Mass.
      Edgar B. 5 m w At Home Cal
78 71 WALKER Hiram W. 35 m w Brick Mason Me.
      Mary T. 33 f w Keeps House Me.
      Henry W. 9 m w At Home Me.
      Minny 3 f w At Home Cal
      Mary 1 f w At Home Cal
    LANGMON Isabel 40 f w House Keeper Ireland

*Note:  Fellow researcher David Miura points out that Adeline's middle initial was actually "W", not "I" as written by the census enumerator.

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