San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 355B, Second Township, Post Office San Mateo
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
127 116 WALKER Eugene 41 m w Hotel Keeper N.Y.
      Margaret 42  Keeps House England 
      John  10  At Home  Cal 
      Clara 4 f w At Home Cal
    SMITH Ralph 17 m w At Home Cal
    ROBINSON Margaret 9 f w At Home England
    KELLY Anna 29 f w Domestic Servant Ireland 
    HILLS John 55 m w Farm Laborer Mass
128 117 GRANT Alexander 25 m w Groom Me
      Charles 25 m c Cook China
    TAGLEDEE Mathias 24 m w Bar Keeper Denmark
    AH John 17 m c Domestic Servant China
    DAVIS William E. 31 m w Farm Laborer Ohio
129 119 [sic.] EVANS George 39 m w Horse Trainer Mass
      Mary [20?] f w Keeps House Ireland
130 119 [sic.] JENNINGS John 60 m w Laborer Ireland
    VERDER Luther 32 m w Butcher NY
    WARREN Mily 20 m w Hostler Me
    JENNINGS John 24 m w Hostler Me 
131 120 RICHS James T. 50 m w Restaurant Keep Va
    AH Hay 18 m c Laborer China
    JAMES Jeremiah 40 m w Laborer Pa 
    CASEY John  45 m w Laborer Ireland
    DOHERTY Michael 35 m w Laborer Ireland 
    KAIN John 26 m w Laborer Ireland
    DUNN Frederick 39 m w Laborer Ireland
    SMITH Thomas 30 m w Laborer Ireland
    JOHNSON Edward 25 m w Laborer NY
    BROWN Charles 40 m w Laborer Mass
    NORMAN Beecher 26 m w Laborer NY 
    LALLY John 20 m w Laborer Ireland
132 121 BATCHELDER Albert 17 m w Laborer N.H.
    WILSON Henry 24 m w Laborer N.Y.
133 122 RYMES Edward 28 m w Bar Keeper Ireland
134 123 REYNOLDS Frank W. 26 m w Hostler England 
135 124 DEMPSEY Dennis F. 32 m w Catholic Priest Ireland
    MEAD Mary 33 f w House Keeper Ireland
    MALONEY Bridget 38 f w House Keeper  Ireland 
    BRYERLY Thomas 27 m w Catholic Priest Ireland

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