San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 358A, Second Township, Post Office San Mateo
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
from page 357B
     DANIELS Henry 37 m w Toll Keeper Mass 
161  151  GREEN Alfred F.  39  Farmer  Vt 
      Mary C. 34 f w Keeps House N.H. 
      T[???]d H 14 m w At Home N.H.
      Charles S. 10 m w At Home Cal
      Julia C. 8 f w At Home Cal
      Alford E. 5 f w At Home Cal
      Sarah A. 3 m w At Home Cal
    COLEGAN Margaret 28 f w Cook Ireland
162 152 SHERMAN Joseph 37 m w Farmer N.H. 
    OMEY Albert 24 m w Engineer Mass 
    SILVER Joseph 21 m w Farmer Germany
    BORNIOVER Joseph 22 m w Farmer Italy
      Antone 21 m w Farmer Italy
    REGLY Peter 27 m w Farmer Italy
    DONBUCHER Joseph 22 m w Farmer Italy
    SOUP Joseph 28 m w Farmer Italy
    STIMAN John 32 m w Farmer Italy
    FRENCH Joseph 34 m w Farmer France
    REGLY Charles 27 m w Farmer Italy
    CLARK William H. 36 m w Farmer NY
    CARROL Andrew 26 m w Farmer Ireland 
    PIERRE Eugene 40 m w Farmer France
    McFAHERTY Edwin 40 m w Farmer Ireland
    SING Yow 25 m c Farmer China 
163 153 BEALS John P. 41 m w Promoter of Music Mass
      Harriet R. 37 f w Keeps House Mass 
      Mary E.  16 f w At Home Mass 
      Charles H. 14 m w At Home Mass 
      George E. 12 m w At Home Mass 
    SMITH Charles 34 m w Brick Mason  Me
164 154 HERRIECH Augustus 54 m w Ret. Tailor Hamburgh
      Julia 54 f w Keeps House France
165 155 WARREN James 54 m w Cong. Minister Mich
      Emily 63 f w Keeps House NY
      Anna 19 f w At Home Cal
      Mary 17 f w At Home Cal
      Clarence 14 f w At Home Cal
      Elline 12 f w At Home Cal

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