San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 365A, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
77 71 KOCH Frederick 41 m w Boot & Shoemaker Prussia
      Maria 35  Keeping House Prussia
      Maria  10  At Home  N.Y. 
78 72 LEWIS Walter 35 m m Barber Ky
79 73 O'HARA Charles 27 m w Saloon Keeper Ireland
80 74 AYRES Maria 26 f w Keeping House England
      Henry 21 m w Sash Maker England
81 75 MARCHAND Alexander 37 m w Saloon Keeper Canada
      Mary E. 20 f w At Home Pa 
82 76 FOX George W. 32 m w Atty at Law Michigan
         Sarah T. 24 f w Keeping House Mass
       Claud 4 m w At Home Cal
         Parker H.  3 m w At Home Cal
      Zoe 4/12ths f w At Home Cal 
      Betsy 63 f w At Home N.Y. 
    CARROL Ellen 50 f w House Servant Ireland
83 77 COOK Samuel M. 47 m w Lumber Clerk N.Y. 
      Louisa 29 f w Keeping House Prussia 
      Lydia J. 10 f w At Home Cal
      Sarah L. 5 f w At Home Cal
    WITTOCK Wilson 44 m w Dep. Assesor Ills
84 78 GLENNEN John W. 29 m w Harness Maker England
      Mary 28 f w Keeping House Me
      Frederick [4?] m w At Home Cal
      William B. 2 m w At Home Cal
    JEWET Chauncey  43 m w Harness Maker Vt
85 79 EDGAR John C. 36 m w Harness Maker Ireland
      Mary J. 26 f w Keeping House N.Y.
86 80 HILTON James 45 m w Blacksmith England
      Ellen 37 f w Keeping House Ireland 
      Elizabeth M 10 f w At Home Cal
    HANNON Mary 19 f w At Home Mass
87 81 TITUS John H. 42 m w Blacksmith N.J. 
88 82 MURPHY John F.  38 m w Painter N.B. 
      Mary A. 32 f w Keeping House Ireland 
      Anna J. 4 f w At Home Cal 
      George H.  3 m w At Home Cal
      Mary L. 9/12ths f w At Home Cal
    HAYS Margaret 18 m w House Maid Ireland

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