San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 365B, Redwood City, Third Township Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
89 83 GUNNING James 31 m w Horse Shoer Ireland
      Anna 25  Keeping House  Ireland
    KALEBOR Mary  18 At Home  Ireland 
90 84 PLUMP George 34 m w Ret. Grocer Hanover
      Margaret 33 f w Keeping House Bavaria
      William 6 m w At Home Cal
91 85 OFFERMAN John 31 m w Ret. Grocer Hanover
      Henry 27 m w Clerk in Store Hanover
    ROSIN Christopher 35 m w Brewer Bavaria
    LONG James S. 21 m w Teamster Ohio
92 86 UNDERHILL Alpheus 40 m w Ret. Variety Merchant N.Y.
      Adelaid 39 f w Keeping House Cuba
      Henry  11 m w At Home Cal
      Carrie 7 f w At Home Cal
      Adelaid 5 f w At Home Cal
    DELEON Maria 18 f w At Home N.Y. 
93 87 SMITH Joseph 45 m w Butcher N.Y. 
      Eliza A. 42 f w Keeping House N.Y.
      Susan R. 21 f w At Home Con. 
      George E. 20 m w At Home N.Y.
      William J. 14 m w At Home N.Y.
      Charles T.  12 m w At Home N.Y. 
    BAILY George L. 22 m w Butcher N.Y. 
94 88 MAHLKE Christian L. 55 m w Boot & Shoe Maker Prussia 
    CONLEY George 2[0?] m w Vaquero England
95  89 BARTLETT Joseph W. 34 m w Merchant Taylor N.Y. 
      Lena 22 f w Keeping House N.[B?]
    SHOTLE Henry 22 m w Taylor Wurtenburg 
96 90 PHELAN Mary H. 34 f w Milliner Canada
97  91  HUCKINS John A. 41 m w Saloon Keeper N.H.
    MILLS Allen 56 m w Saloon Keeper England
98 92 WALTON Isaac 30 m w Watch Maker England
      Frances J. 24 f w At Home Ireland
99  93 JEWELL Jacob 59 m w Farmer Vt
      Mary R. 46 f w Keeps House Vt
      Ruby 20 f w At Home Vt
100 94 TRUMAN John 27 m w Under Sheriff England 
    SMITH John 25 m w Laborer Ireland 
    BRODERICK David 24 m w Laborer England
    JOHNSON Samuel 25 m w Laborer N.Y.
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