San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 366A, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
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    KNIGHT Simon L. 40 m w Express Agent Me
      Elizabeth 26  Keeping House England
      Ellen M.  13  At Home  Cal 
      Walter 11 m w At Home Cal
      Lena 1 f w At Home Cal 
101 94 MERRILL Sidney S. 43 m w Druggist Me 
      Prudence V. 45 f w Keeps House Mass
      Arthur B. 13 m w At Home Cal
      Clarence S 11 m w At Home Cal
102   WILCOX Wilbur J. 17 m w Apprentice Druggist Mich
103 96 DOUTRICK Frank 24 m w Hotel Keeper Pa
    McALLISTER Hanetta 39 f w House Keeper Mass
    MALONEY Thomas 32 m w Bar Keeper Ireland
    - - 32 f w At Home Holland
    McALLISTER Lilly 8 f w At Home Cal
    PEPPER Ellen 29 f w Laundress Ireland
    AH Wah 28 m c Cook China 
    AH Len 33 m c Cook China
    AH Pik 20 m c Cook China
    LOGAN David C. 22 m w Porter Iowa
    FINRICH Henry [sic.] 20 f w Chamber Maid Ireland
    HETIAN James 31 m w Steward Ireland
    SLOANCHER Isaac N. 35 w m Ret. Merchant Pa
    THOMPSON Henry B. 43 m w Dep. Co. Clerk Pa
    SHREVE Harry W. 25 m w Clerk in Store Pa
    CORNELL Anson F. 22 m w R.R. Clerk Pa
    WHORTON Frederick 30 m w Painter Canada
    LATHROP Thomas 28 m w Sheriff [W.S.  N.S.?] 
      Alice [22?] f w At Home [W.S.  N.S.?]
      Marion 4 f w At Home [W.S.  N.S.?]
      - 2 f w At Home [W.S.  N.S.?]
    RANKIN Benjamin 37 m w Miller [W.S.  N.S.?] 
    DOUTRICK John 27 m w Clerk in Store Pa
    AMES Martha 47 f w School Teacher N.Y. 
    HUDSON James S. 36 m w Watch Maker N.Y.
    RODGERS Charles C. 35 m w   N.Y. 
104 97 SMITH William R. 38 m w Atty at Law N.Y. 
      Ione  27 f w Keeps House Pa 
      William M. 6 m w At Home Cal
      Mary W.  4 f w At Home Cal

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