San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 366B, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
105 98 KINCAID Harvey  35 m s Atty at Law me
      Lucy A. 22  Keeps House N.Y.
      Archer At Home Cal 
106   PETERSON Peter 36 m w Day Laborer Sweden
107 99 KNOWLTON David M. 33 m w Book Keeper Me
108 100 WALLACE William P.  43 m w Lumber Dealer Denmark
109 101 TURNER James W. 54 m w Furniture Dealer N.Y. 
      Marsella G. 50 f w Keeps House N.Y. 
    Jerome W. 25 m w Furniture Dealer N.Y.
    BULLOCK Elizabeth 14 f w At Home Cal
110 102 COOPER Benjamin F. 38 m w Ret. Merchant Ohio
      Elizabeth S. 27 f w Keeping House N.Y. 
111  103 BENJAMIN Charles E. 29 m w Clerk in Store N.Y. 
      Mary C. 25 f w Keeping House Mass 
      Frank E. ?/12ths m w At Home Cla
112   CATLIN Brent D.F. 43 m w Clerk in Store  N.Y.
113 104 AYRES Charles 41 m w Hotel Keeper England
      May A. 44 f w Keeping House England
      Elizabeth 20 f w At Home Australia
      Henry 14 m w At Home Cal
      Maria 12 f w At Home Cal
      Charles  10 m w At Home Cal
      Alfred 5 m w At Home Cal
    VICKER John 36 m w Cook Scotland
      Mary 40 f w At Home England
      Frank 30 m w Cook Portugal 
      John 40 m w Cook Denmark
    McELVIN Ellen 35 f w Chamber Maid Ireland
    HASTINGS John 34 m w Porter Ireland
    FOGG Reuben T. 42 m w Expressman N.H. 
    TATE John E. 34 w County Clerk Me
    NUTTING Horatio A. 33 m w School Teacher Me
    HAIGHT John 28 m w Wheel Right [sic.] N.Y.
    OLIVER Albert 21 m w Painter N.J. 
    GOODWIN Mary 28 f w School Teacher Ills. 
    PERKINS George F. 29 m w Painter N.B.
    GASLIN Samuel 43 m w Day Laborer Me
    DILLON John V. 52 m w Retired Merchant Pa

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