San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 367A, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
114 105 CROWLEY John 34 m w Saloon Keeper Ireland
      Catherine 33  Keeping House Ireland
      Mary  At Home  Cal 
      Delia 4 f w At Home Cal
    MULLEN James H. 22 m w Bar Keeper N.Y.
115 106 MULLEN William J. 37 m w Hotel Keeper  England
      Mary 37 f w Keeping House N.Y. 
      Sarah E. 8 f w At Home Cal
    BAILY James S. 24 m w Cook England
    BURK David 28 m w Harness Maker N.Y. 
    WHITE John 40 m w Day Laborer England
    DENNIS Amos 30 m w Lumber Merchant N.Y.
    GILLUM John 50 m w Blacksmith Va
    CATOR Thomas 25 m w Grocer Ireland 
116 107 KING Henry 31 m w Barber Ky
117 108 FORD Daniel 47 m w Blacksmith Ireland
      John 19 m w Apprentice to [Printer?] Mass
      Daniel 17 m w Appt. Blacksmith Msss
      Margaret 15 f w At Home Cal
118 109 CEDGARGREEN John C.D. 23 m w Boatman Sweden
    FARKELLSON Lawrence 29 m w Boatman Denmark
    CHRIST Nelson 35 m w Boatman Denmark
119 110 McLELLAN Margaret 50 f w Keeping House England
120  111 HANCOCK Edward 57 m w Butcher England
    Ann  48 m w Keeping House England
      Joseph 24 m w Butcher England
      Helena A. 11 f w At Home Cal 
121 112 McALANE James 35 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Bridget 25 f w Keeping House Ireland
122 113 AH Sam  17 m c Laundryman China
    AH Jim 35 m c Laundryman China
123 114 LIVINGSTON Charles  47 m w Ret. Merchant Mass 
      Grace 46 f w Keeping House Con.
       Mary A.  21 f w At Home N.Y. 
124 115 CHRIST John 32 m w Boatman Halstine
      Teresa 23 f w Keeping House N.Y.
      Nicholus C. 2/12ths m w At Home Cal
125 116 COSTENS Henry 34 m w Clerk in Store Hanover
         Anna  26 f w Keeping House Hanover
     FOX Chester P. 29 m w Day Laborer Michigan

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