San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 368A, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
137 128 LEARY Dennis G. 30 m w Painter Ireland
      Kate 29  Keeping House Ireland
      George H.  At Home  Cal 
      William 2 m w At Home Cal
      Mary E. 1/12th f w At Home Cal 
138 129 ELVINS John 34 m w Day Laborer England
      Marie 26 f w Keeping House Sweden
      Alice 4 f w At Home Cal
      Frank 3 m w At Home Cal
      Henrietta 7 f w At Home Cal
139 130 SCHOFIELD Heman A. 50 m w Editor San Mateo Gazette Vt.
      Emma C. 35 f w Keeping House England
140 131 WARREN George R. 53 m w R.R. Clerk Vt
      Albert T. 25 m w Printer Ia
      John R. 23 m w Clerk Ia
      Edwin H. 22 m w Laborer Ohio
      Georgianna M. 20 f w Keeping House Ia 
    WARNER John 82 m w Shoe Maker England
    FORMAN Charles 18 m w Painter Cal
141 132 BOYD Nancy 49 f w Keeping House Scotland
      Malcolm 17 m w Day Laborer Cal
    LITTLE Alexander 15 m w At Home Cal
      Nancy  12 f w At Home Cal 
142 133 MATHEWSON Margaret 49 f w Dress Maker England 
143 134 BORNSTEIN Herman 44 m w Dry Goods Peddler Prussia
      Berta 43 f w Keeping House Prussia
      Johanna 16 f w At Home Prussia
      Hal[se?]ia 14 f w At Home Prussia
      Hadivia 12 f w At Home Prussia
      Sig[isson?]d 26 m w At Home Prussia
144 135 VASQUEZ Hoza 42 m w Vaquero Cal 
    MAKUKA Madeline 40 f w Keeping House Mexico
      Enacia 18 f w At Home Mexico
      Carmelita 16 f w At Home Mexico
    BERGORA Cornacion 70 f w At Home Mexico
145 136 WALSH Michael 49 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Johanna 38 f w Keeping House Ireland
      Robert 9 m w At Home Cal
      Andrew 8 m w At Home Cal
      Michael 5 m w At Home Cal

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