San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 369A, Redwood City, Third Township, Post Office Redwood City
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
158 168 O'CONNOR Thomas 33 m w Day Laborer Ireland 
      Mary 33  Keeping House [L?]a 
      Anna  At Home  Cal 
159 169 HEDGE Mathew 30 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Ellen 23 f w Keeping House Ireland
      William ?/12ths m w At Home Cal 
160 150 [sic.] SNOW Joshua L. 44 m w Brick Mason Mass
      Rebecca R. 44 f w Keeping House Mass 
      Charles L. 8 m w At Home Cal
    MARSTON Sarah H. 50 f w At Home Mass
161 151 BISHOP Harvey N. 52 m w Burcher Ky
      Susan 44 f w Keeping House Ky
      Mary K. 21 f w School Teacher Ills.
      Ernest 5 m w At Home Cal
162 152 LAHE Dennis 26 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Mary 28 m w Keeping House Ireland 
    EARLY Anna 5 f w At Home Cal
      John  3 m w At Home Cal 
    LAHE William 2/12ths m w At Home Cal 
    EARLY Peter 26 m w Teamster Ireland
163 153 FOX Charles N. 41 m w Atty at Law Michigan 
      Mary 36 f w Keeping House France
      Minnie 11 f w At Home Cal
      George B. 9 m w At Home Cal
      Mary 3 f w At Home Cal
      Ida F. 8/12ths f w At Home Ia
    VINER Sallie 18 f w At Home Ia 
    BYRNES Susan 42 f w At Home Ireland
    MANN Ah 14 m c House Servant China 
164 154 KEUCK Martin 38 m w Ret. Grocer Hanover 
      Elizabeth  27 f w Keeping House Halstine
165 155 O'MALLEY Austin 28 m w Pauper Ireland
166 156 MARTIN James 44 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Jane 23 f w Keep House England
      Rosanna 6 f w At Home Cal 
      John 3 m w At Home Cal
      James A. 1 m w At Home Cal 
167 157 HENRY John 22 m w Day Laborer New York
      Catherine 22 f w Keeps House Ireland 
168 158 WALTER Frederick 32 m w Carpenter Wurtenburg
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