San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 377A, Third Township, Post Office Menlo Park
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
91 84 ATHERTON Faxon D. 35 m w Farmer Mass
      Rosario D. 48 Keeps House  Chili
      Mary A.  26  Absent - Travelling  Chili 
      Frank A. 21 m w At Home Chili
      George H. 18 m w At Home Chili
      Isabel E. 16 f w At Home Chili 
      Faxon D. Jr. 14 m w At Home Chili
      Florence A. 9 f w At Home Cal
    IRWIN George 40 m w Steward Ireland
92 85 MURPHY William 35 m w Coachman Ireland
    HEALY William 35 m w Gardner England
    CAHILL John 30 m w Gardner Ireland
    SHAW Patrick 20 m w Gardner Ireland
    WILSON James 40 m w Dairyman Ireland
    BORGEA Antonie 42 m w Gardner Italy
    ALLASON Peter 25 m w Gardner Italy
    MIRAMONTEZ Hermon 15 m w Domestic Servant Cal
    AH Pah 24 m c Cook China
    AH Say 14 m c Cook China
    McNALLY Catherine 40 f w Chamber Maid Ireland
    ALEXANDER Catherine 25 f w Laundress Scotland
    McDONALD Mary 30 f w Laundress Scotland
    GROGAN Emily 40 f w At Home Ireland
    WILSON Mary 35 f w House Keeper Ireland
    IRWIN Rebecca 25 f w Kouse Keeper Ireland
93 86 GRIFFIN Richard 25 m w Farmer B[el A.?]
    SIRAT John 28 m w Farmer [Haletine?]
94 87 SNEATH Richard J. 47 m w Capitalist Ohio
      Jane 48 f w Keeps House Ohio
      Fanny 15 f w Travelling Cal
      Minnie 13 f w Travelling Cal
      Frank 11 m w Travelling Cal
      George 9 m w Travelling Cal
      Henry 3 m w Travelling Cal
    EASON Charles A. 27 m w Cook N.Y. 
    HASSARD Richard 24 m w Gardner Canada
    TOTIA Thomas 35 m w Farmer Ireland
    SMITH Samuel 28 m w Farm Laborer Ireland
      Patrick 24 m w Farm Laborer Ireland
      John 26 m w Farm Laborer Ireland

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