San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 377B, Third Township, Post Office Menlo Park
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
95 88 ADAMS William J. 40 m w Lumber Merchant Me
      Casandra 33 Keeps House  Me
      William L.  10  At Home  Cal 
      Casandra H. 8 f w At Home Cal
      Sarah L. 6 f w At Home Cal
      Olivia F. 4 f w At Home Cal
      Charles H. 3 m w At Home Cal
    McMANIS Catherine 45 f w Cook Ireland
    CUNNINGHAM Cathe 32 f w Laundress Ireland
      BOYD Hepsebah 35 f w Nurse England
     REARDON Michael 38 m w Coachman Ireland
      FITZPATRICK John 35 m w Gardner England
     AH Long 45 m c Laborer China
      AH Chew 22 c Laborer China
96 89 PRIOR James K. 40 m w Plumber England
      Mary 28 f w Keeps House England 
      Franklin 10 m w At Home Cal
      Josie 8 f w At Home Cal 
      Matilda 4 f w At Home Cal
      Margaret 3 f w At Home Cal
    O'GRADY Johanna 17 f w Cook Ireland
97 90 DOOLY Maurice J. 49 m w Capitalist Ireland
         Mary L. 27 f w Keeps House Ills.
      Maurice J. 4 m w At Home Cal
        Lucius C. 2 m w At Home Cal
98 91 BOYD Daniel 37 m w Laborer Ireland
      QUIRK John 26 m w Laborer Ireland
      HARKNETT Morris 30 m w Laborer Ireland
99 92 CUDDY James 37 m w Gardner Ireland
    COLLINS Margaret 35 f w Laundress Ireland
    GALLIGER Bridget 28 f w Nurse Ireland
    REBB Elizabeth 30 f w Cook Wales
 100 93 HOUGH Olivia S. 61 f w Keeps House N.Y.
    ROWE Erastus P. 33 m w Retired Merchant N.Y.
      Harriet D. 32 f w   Mass 
    McCAHILL Cornelius A. 31 m w Gardner Ireland 
    ROWE William J. 9 m w   N.Y.
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