San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 396A, Fifth Township, Post Office Half Moon Bay
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
130 129 QUINN James 50 m w Farmer Ireland 
      Jane 35  Keeping House Ireland 
      David  17  At Home  Cal 
      Mary J. 15 f w At Home Cal
      James 13 m w At Home Cal
      Thomas 10 m w At Home Cal 
      Sylvester 7 m w At Home Cal
      John 4 m w At Home Cal
      Frank 2 m w At Home Cal
131 130 CLARK John 53 m w Day Laborer N.Y. 
132 131 JACOBSON Louis 38 m w Ret. Merchant Russia
      Charles 17 m w Clerk in Store Prussia
      Louisa 24 f w Keeping House Russia
      Henry 6 m w At Home Cal 
    ROSENBAUM Jacob 28 m w Ret. Merchant Russia 
133 132 ADAMS John J. 40 m w Barber Ga.
134 133 WHITEHEAD James 28 m w Saloon Keeper R.I.
135  --- MANNING John 32 m w Groom Ireland 
136 134 VED[AS?] Maria 60 f w Restaurant Keeper Chili
    SILVER Lon[?????] 28 m w Restaurant Keeper Chili
    SEINCE Magel 19 m w Day Laborer San Salvador
    PESARO Peter 54 m w Day Laborer Chili
137  135 MARTINEZ Francis 34 m w Fruit Dealer Spain
      Mary 19 f w Keeping House Cal
      Pablo 4/12ths m w At Home Cal
    ANTONIO Joseph 22 m w Day Laborer Cal
    LACOSTA Francisco 23 m w Day Laborer Cal
138 136 YATES Thomas C. 38 m w Blacksmith England
      Harriet J. 30 f w Keeping House England 
      William C. 4 m w At Home Cal
      Anna M. 2/12ths f w At Home Cal
    REMINGTON Charles 35 m w Blacksmith England 
    FLANIGAN Alexander 30 m w Blacksmith Scotland 
    JOHNSTON Jacob L. 37 m w Wheel Right Sweden
139 137 ALMA Phillip 50 m w Ret. Grocer Portugal
      Jane 38 f w Keeping House Mexico 
    BASTERA Louisa 50 f w At Home Mexico
      Manwell 37 m w Day Laborer Mexico
      ? 27 m w Day Laborer Mexico
    SANCHEZ John 22 m w Day Laborer Mexico

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