San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 398A, Fifth Township

*Note:  This page is assumed to be Post Office Half Moon Bay, though the line for "Post Office" designation is blank.

Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
162 156 BARK William M. 30 m w Day Laborer Ireland 
      Anna 32  Keeping House Ireland
      Catherine  At Home  Cal 
      John E. 1 m w At Home Cal
163 157 LARKIN Michael 45 m w Day Laborer Ireland
      Anna 37 f w Keeping House Ireland
      Maria 15 f w At Home Mass 
    QUINLAN Peter 28 m w Blacksmith Ireland
    MULLIN Thomas 29 m w Butcher Michigan
    AH Coo 17 m c Cook China
164 158 GAFNEY William 56 m w Methodist Minister Pa
      Lucy M. 41 f w Keeping House R.I.
      Ellen S. 5 f w At Home Cal
      Mary A. 1 f w At Home Cal
165 159 ANDERSON James 36 m w Carpenter Canada
      Alice 31 f w Keeping House Canada
      Mary A. 10 f w At Home Canada
      James 8 m w At Home Canada
      Archibald 6 m w At Home Canada
      Jesse 2 m w At Home Cal
166 160 STILSON Charles H. 41 m w Retired Farmer N.H. 
      Sarah 38 f w Keeping House Vt.
      Hattie 6 f w At Home Cal
      Ella 4 f w At Home Cal
167 161 HUMPHREY Augustus 48 m w Miner Mass
      Silva 32 f w Keeping House N.Y. 
      Cora A. 12 f w At Home Cal
      Emma J. 10 f w At Home Cal
168 162 BROWN George C. 37 m w Teamster Michigan
      Lucy A. 38 f w Keeping House Me
    OSGOOD Lewis 14 m w At Home Me 
169 163 LEWIS Curtis 39 m w Teamster N.H.
      Mary 33 f w Keeping House N.H.
      Herbert 9 m w At Home N.H.
170 164 DENAY Joseph 56 m w Blacksmith & Wheel Right N.Y.
171 --- GRANT George W. 38 m w Trader N.H.
172 165 GRIFFITH Wm. H. 39 m w Shoemaker Ohio
      Adeline 38 f w Keeping House Ohio
      Benjamin A.E. 16 m w At Home Ia 
      Mary H. 5 f w At Home Cal

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