San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 400A, Fifth Township, Post Office Half Moon Bay
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
from page 399B
    WALKER Margaret 14 f w At Home Cal
    HABERT Rosamond 72  At Home Ia 
193 184 WALKER John 28 m w Farmer Ia 
    BALDWIN John W. 38 m w Farm Laborer N.B.
194 185 CAMPBELL Wm. H. 37 m w Hotel Keeper Ireland 
      William P.H. 12 m w At Home Australia
      Arthur C. 9 m w At Home Australia
      Edith M. 7 f w At Home Australia
      Ann H. 6 f w At Home Australia
    HEBERT Margaret 26 f w House Keeper Canada 
      William  3 m w At Home Cal 
    BABBET William [2?]2 m w Day Laborer Ills.
    FALLA Frederick 20 m w Bar Keeper England
    ROBERTSON David 30 m w Steward England 
    LUCY Cornelius 18 m w Bar Keeper Ireland 
    BUD Michael 28 m w Bar Keeper N.Y.
    AH Tick 23 m c Cook China 
    SONEDECKER Samuel 43 m w Carpenter Pa 
    HALPIN Thomas 30 m w Day Laborer Ireland 
    SILVER James C. 30 m w Barber Portugal
    WILEY James 35 m w Paper Hanger N.Y.
    PITCHER Henry 25 m w Clerk in Store England 
195 ---              
196 186 JOHNSTON John P. 44 m w Farmer Pa. 
      Eleanor 42 f w Keeping House Wales
      Ellen C. 19 f w At Home Ohio
      James O. 14 m w At Home Ohio
      Hannah E. 12 f w At Home Ohio
      Elizabeth J. 10 f w At Home Cal
      David [A?] 8 m w At Home Cal
      John S. 6 m w At Home Cal
      Maggy [I?] 4 f w At Home Cal
      Frank 20 m w Farm Laborer Portugal
197 187 SCARPA George 47 m w Farmer Venice Italy
      Ellen 38 f w Keeping House Mont[????] S Amer
      Paul 14 m w At Home Cal
      Michael 6 m w At Home Cal
      Joseph 1 m w At Home Cal
      Adeline 18 f w At Home Cal
      Terasa 15 f w At Home Cal 
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