San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 402A, Fifth Township, Post Office Half Moon Bay
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
from page 401B
    FREIDIG Leander 28 m w Farm Laborer Switzerland
216  206 BORDEN George R.  54  Lumberman  N.Y. 
      Charles W. 21 m w Book Keeper N.Y.
217 207 McNALLY Theodore 40 m w Lumberman Me
      Mary 38 f w Keeping House Vt
      George B. 2 m w At Home Cal
    MARTIN Robert 37 m w Teamster Ireland 
218 --- HATCH Rufus H. 39 m w Lumberman N.Y.
219 208 BARKER William 33 m w Lumberman Me
      James 35 m w Lumberman Me
222 209 HACHAEL John 26 m w Lumberman N.Y.
    MICHAEL James 28 m w Lumberman N.Y. 
223 210 JOHNSON Samuel 25 m w Lumberman Sweden
    PETERSON Peter 28 m w Lumberman Sweden
224 211 MACY David 37 m w Lumberman N.Y.
225 212 DAWSON Jacob W. 38 m w Farmer Me
      Emily 21 f w Keeping House Texas
    LUNTZ Levy 39 m w Farmer Ohio
      Eliza J. 40 f w At Home Ky
    AH Sam 13 m c Cook China 
226 213 AH Sam 40 m c Farm Laborer China 
    AH Soy 25 m c Farm Laborer China 
227 214 MANNING [E?]ames 32 m w Farmer N.B.
      Rebecca H. 32 f w Keeping House N.B.
      Nancy M. 5 f w At Home Cal
      Sarah E. 3 f w At Home Cal
      May 1/12th f w At Home Cal 
    GARTHOM William A. 16 m w At Home Cal
228 215 HARRIS William H. 38 m w Farmer NY
      Anna M. 37 f w Keeping House Ills
    WALKER William 19 m w At Home Cal
229 216 LATEWELL Oliver 27 m w Farmer Canada
      Mary 22 f w Keeping House Ireland 
      George 2 m w At Home Cal
      John P. 1 m w At Home Cal
      Joseph 30 m w Farm Laborer Prussia
    SAM Lee 20 m c Cook China 
    AH Sam 22 m c Day Laborer China

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