San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 406A, Fifth Township, Post Office Half Moon Bay
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
279 264 VAN WINKLE Peter S. 40 m w Farmer N.Y.
      Magdaline 25  Keeping House N.Y.
      Jane  At Home  Cal 
      Matilda 7 f w At Home Cal
      Elizabeth 5 f w At Home Cal
      Thomas 3 m w At Home Cal
    MOYLAN Jane 57 f w At Home Ireland
    MILLET Zebulon S. 41 m w Farm Laborer Mass
    WILLIAMS John 35 m w Carpenter England 
280 265 WARD Patrick 42 m w Farmer Ireland
      Mary 40 f w Keeps House Ireland
    TUCK James 49 m w Farm Laborer England
    SILVER Manuell 40 m w Farm Laborer Portugal
281 266 SWIFT John 34 m w Farmer  N.Y.
      Eliza 31 f w Keeping House N.Y.
      Josephine A. 13 f w At Home Cal
      Lydia A. 11 f w At Home Cal
      William S. 8 m w At Home Cal
      Edward 4 m w At Home Cal
    VANB[???]TEN Lewis 32 m w Carpenter N.Y.
    LOVELL James M. 33 m w Clerk S.C.
282 267 WEEKS William 30 m w Farmer N.Y.
    BARLOW George 64 m w Farmer England
      Rachael 35 f w Keeping House N.Y.
283 268 SWIFT Deborah 60 f w Keeping House N.Y.
    Theodoro 27 m w Farmer N.Y.
284 269 GRANT Franklin 51 m w Farmer Me 
      Lizzie C. 16 f w At Home Me
      Caroline A. 40 f w Keeping House Me
285 270 [????] Thomas C. 51 m w Rancher England
      Alice 45 f w Keeping House England
      Anna H. 10 m w At Home Cal
286 271 HARKIN John 40 m w Farmer Mass
      Eliza J. 38 f w Keeping House Ireland 
      George J. 6 m w At Home Cal
      Charles 4 m w At Home Cal
    CARNEY John 25 m w Farm Laborer N.Y.

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