San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 407B, Fifth Township, Post Office Half Moon Bay
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
305 290 DAVIS Alpheus 25 m w Farmer  Mass
      Stephen 23  w Farmer Mass
    LOONY Thomas  28  Farm Laborer Ireland 
    EVANS Catherine 34 f w House Keeper N.Y. 
306 291 HASKINS Aaron 46 m w Farmer N.Y.
      Sinthia 43 f w Keeping House N.Y.
      Joseph 21 m w Farmer Wis.
      Augustus 17 m w At Home Iowa
      Andrew 13 m w At Home Cal
      Daniel 11 m w At Home Cal
      Rosetta 6 f w At Home Cal
      Adda [S? or L.?] 3 f w At Home Cal
      Delia 1 f w At Home Cal
    BRUHN Deidrich 25 m w Farm Laborer Halstine
307 292 ROGERS George I. 40 m w Farmer Me
      Frances A. 26 f w Keeping House Me
      Harry T. 9 m w At Home Me
    BAXTER Thersa M. 21 f w At Home Me
    ROGERS Jacob 33 m w Farmer Me 
      Edward [C?] 24 m w Farmer Me
308 293 PHARRIS Sheldon 42 m w Lumberman N.Y.
    BRACKET Charles 30 m w Lumberman N.Y.
    FOOTMAN James 30 m w Lumberman Me
    ALLEN Patrick 35 m w Lumberman Ireland
    FARR Leonard 40 m w Lumberman Me
    GERDON James 35 m w Lumberman Me
    BLOCK Alfred 38 m w Lumberman Sweden
    BENSON Benjamin 22 m w Lumberman Sweden
    PARSONS Wilkenson 28 m w Lumberman N.B.
    SMITH Jeremiah 25 m w Lumberman Pennsylvania
309 294 BURR David 27 m w Lumberman Canada
    MAY David 23 m w Lumberman Canada
    WHITE John 24 m w Lumberman Canada
  HALIBTURON S[imon?] 24 m w Lumberman [Denmark?]
    JOHNSON Andrew 28 m w Lumberman Denmark
    WARREN Joseph 50 m w Lumberman Va
    McCARTHY Henry 40 m w Lumberman Ireland
    AH See 30 m c Cook China

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