San Mateo County Genealogy
Source: 1907 Redwood City Directory, Directory Publishing Co., San Francisco, California, 1907.
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KALESCHKE, Carl, carpenter, res. 207 Heller street.
KALESCHKE, E., (widow), res. 207 Heller street.
KALESCHKE, Emil, res. 207 Heller street.
KANE, Thos., tanner, res. 115 First stree.
KANEIN, Lizzie, (widow), res. 6 Jackson street.
KEHOE, Wm., bartender, res. 306 A street.
KELSO, W.H., farmer, res. 608 Roosevelt avenue.
KELTING, Miss Etta, school teacher, res. 108 Franklin street.
KELTIN, Miss Emily, dressmaker, res. 108 Franklin street.
KELTING, Harriet, (widow), res. 108 Franklin street.
KELTING, Wm. G., carpenter, res. 108 Franklin street.
KENTON, Wm., cement worker, res. Redwood City House.
KERR, Miss Alice, stenographer, res. 115 Third street.
KERR, Miss Ellen, res. 114 Second street.
KERR, John, concrete worker, res. 605 Stambaugh street.
KERR, Joseph, res. 114 Second street.
KERR, Jos. F., chauffeur, res. 7 Third street.
KERR, J.F., wood and coal, office and res. 114 Second street.
KERR, James T., ice, office and res., 114 Second street.
KERR, Miss Kate, res. 114 Second street.
KERR, Mary, (widow), res. 7 Third street.
KERR, Miss Maggie, res. 7 Third street.
KIERCE, Ann, (widow), res. 601 Beach street.
KINCAID, A., (City Attorney), attorney-at-law, office 10 A street, res. 115 Third street.
KING, F.D., attorney-at-law, res. 606 County Road.
KINNE, W.H., (Prop. Capitol Cafe and Saloon), 24 A street, res. 312 A street.
KING, H., (widow), res. 307 Maple street.
KING, Wm. H., drug clerk, res. 307 Maple street.
KIRBY, Chester, res. 307 Heller street.
KIRKPATRICK, Lela M., (widow), res. 212 Mound street.
KIRSTE, Fred E., tanner, res. 20 Stambaugh street.
KIRTLAND, Chas. C., pastor Congregational Church, res. 6 Jefferson street.
KIRTLAND, Sarah E., (widow), res. 11 Jefferson street.
KHACKER, Dave, tanner, res. Redwood City House.
KNIGHT, C.E., S.P. clerk, res. 4 Mound street.
KOBETT, A., tanner, res. 303 Third street.
KORNECK, Wm., cook, Del Monte Hotel.
KOVACS, Louis, tanner, res. 415 Buckeye street.
KRESS, Geo. A., res. 504 Arguello street.
KRESS, Jane (widow), res. 415 Willow street.
KROEGER, Harry, carpenter, res. 720 Chestnut street.

LA LANDE, Mrs. L.J., res. 507 Stambaugh street.
LAMB, H., gent's furnishings and sporting goods, 41 A street, res. 704 Arguello street.
LAMPKIN, H.W., carpenter, res. 308 Chestnut street.
LANE, Chas., bookkeeper, res. 208 Arguello street.
LANE, Miss Grace, school teacher, res. 208 Arguello street.
LANE, Miss Jennie, res. 208 Arguello street.
LANE, J., (widow), res. 208 Arguello street.
LANE, Miss Leonora, school teacher, res. 208 Arguello street.
LANE, Noel, teamster, res. 208 Arguello street.
LANFEAR, Arthur, res. 508 Buckeye street.
LANFEAR, Arthur H., engineer, res. 508 Buckeye street.
LANFEAR, James, res. 508 Buckeye street.
LANDSCHEIT, C.G., (Mgr. Redwood City Realty Co.), res. 608 Mound street.
LARROUY, Frank, saloon, 50 A street, res. 117 Third street.
LARROUY, John, saloon, 50 A street, res. 109 Sixth street.
LASSELL, Wm., res. 407 Chestnut street.
La Unica Fish Market, 37 A street.
LEARY, Geo. H., painter, shop 105 6th street, res. 103 SIxth street.
LEIST, Fred, Tailor, res. 115 Mound street.
LESLIE, J.C., blacksmith, res. 134 Roosevelt avenue.
LEY, Martin, tanner, res. Tremont House.
LINDEMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth, res. 615 Roosevelt avenue.
LINDEMAN, Randall, res. 615 Roosevelt avenue.
LINTZ, Wm., laborer, res. Redwood City House.
LIPP, Chas. H., res. 205 Franklin street.
LIPP, Robert, res. 104 Jefferson street.
LIPP, W.H., res. 104 Jefferson street.
LIPP, W.H., Jr., res. 205 Franklin street.
LIPPMAN, F.W., jeweler, 208 Main street.
LIPPMAN, J., jeweler, 208 Main street.
LIST, K.H., secy and treasurer Redwood City Lumber Co., res. Palo Alto.
LITTLE, Bazaar, 304 Spruce street.
LITTLEJOHN, Chase, res. 1012 B street.
LITTLEJOHN, Wm., res. 1012 B street.
Livingston Rooming House, 11 A street.
LOCATELLI, Peter, ranner, res. 217 Jefferson street.
LOCKER, Chas. H., carpenter, res. 202 Heller street.
LOMBARDINI, Rosco, tanner, res. 9 Third street.
LONG, Chas. H., saloon, 32 A street, res. 103 Heller street.
LONGELITTI, Miss Kate L., domestic, 209 Jefferson street.
Louvre Saloon, 131 Main street.
LOVIE, Miss Cora, res. 211 Seventh street.
LOVIE, Chester A., real estate and insurance, office, 48 A street, res. 211 Seventh street.
LOVIE, Geo. W., real estate and insurance and loans, office 48 A street, res. 211 Seventh street.
LOVIE, Harry C., well borer, res. 211 Seventh street.
LOVIE, Miss Mayres, 211 Seventh street.
LOWE, Albert, res. 340 Edgewood Road.
LOWE, A.L., deputy County Clerk, res. 117 Madison street.
LOWE, J.W., res. 340 Edgewood Road.
LOWENSTEIN, A., dry goods, gents furnishings, etc., 211 Main street, res. 209 Seventh street.
LOWN, J., gardener, res. 505 Stambaugh street.
LUSCHER, Charles, (City Trustee), prop. Del Monte Hotel, 230-236 Main street.
LUSTICK, Edward, carpenter, res. 303 A street.
LUSTICK, Milo, carpenter, res. 303 A street.
LUSTICK, Richard, carpenter, res. 303 A street.
LUTCHEY, Wm., tanner, res. 309 Second street.
LYNCH, Miss Ellen, domestic, 604 B street.
LYNCH, Miss Jessie, domestic, 9 Washington street.

MABIE, C.K., insurance agent, res. 408 Third street.
MACHARO, John B., tanner, res. 303 Eighth street.
MAINE, Dr. A.F., office 205 Main street, res. 211 First street.
MACKEY, Paul, engineer, res. 720 Chestnut street.
MALONEY, T.P. (Prop. Capitol Market) 37 A street, res. 305 Phelps street.
MANNIX, Wm., plasterer, res. 305 Phelps street.
MANSFIELD, Albert, student, res. 204 Third street.
MANSFIELD, C.T., painter, res. 204 Third street.
MANSFIELD, Harland, G., res. 204 Third street.
MANSFIELD, J.H., res. 204 Third street.
MARCU, Henry, clothing, dry goods, etc., 9-13 A street, res. 108 Fourth street.
MARSHALL, Julia, res. 215 Second street.
MASTERSON, T., res. 7 Third street.
MAYNARD, Clarence, jailer, res. County Jail.
McAULIFFE, Eugene, student, res. 309 Stambaugh street.
McAULIFFE, Joseph, currier, res. 309 Stambaugh street.
McCARTHY, P., res. 306 C street.
McCLASKEY, Rev. W.P., Methodist minister, res. 15 Stambaugh street.
McCORMICK, J.J., barber, res. 107 Eleventh street.
McCORMICK, Mrs., (widow), res. St. Charles Hotel.
McCRACKEN, Dr. Chas. L., tax collector, res. 214 Second street.
McCREA, S.P., principal high school, res. 608 County Road.
McCULLOM, Arthur, waiter, Del Monte Hotel.
McDOINALD, A.G., architect, res. Tremont House.
McDINA, Patrick res. 603 Arguello street.
McEVOY, Elizabeth, (widow), res. 507 Stambaugh street.
McGARVEY, W.J., accountant, res. 35 Claremont avenue.
McGLYNN, James, laborer, res. 306 A street.
McKAY, Peter, miller, res. 219 Jackson street.
McKENNA, Phoebe, (widow), res. 408 Cedar street.
McLACHLAN, Duncan P., (Rix & McLachlan), res. Palo Alto.
McLAIN, Homer S., stenographer, res. 303 A street.
McNEELY, T.T., carpenter, 124 Oak avenue.
McNULTY, George, bookkeeper, res. 709 Chestnut street.
McNULTY, Olive, res. 720 Chestnut street.
McNULTY, W.J., (widow), res. 7 Third street.
McPHERSON, W., teamster, res. 409 Heller street.
MEEHAN, Mrs., (widow), res. 310 Maple street.
MEIER, A., brick mason, res. 209 Second street.
MENGEL, Henry, butcher, res. Stambaugh street.
MERRILL, F.H., res. 108 Brittan Road.
MERRILL, Geo. A., school principal, res. 108 Brittan Road.
Methodist Church, 305 Maple street.
MICHAEL, Henry, laborer, res. 10 Jefferson street.
MICHAEL, Louis, res. 10 Jefferson street.
MIDDLETON, Wm., res. 106 Heller street.
MILDE, R., foreman Frank Tanning Co., res. Del Monte Hotel.
MILLER, Frank, (Prop. Redwood City Steam Laundry), res. 127 Main street.
MILLER, Henry, laborer, res. Redwood City House.
MILLIGAN, Mrs. Kate, res. 6 Fourth street.
MINER, Miss Lydia, school teacher, res. 400 Phelps street.
MIRAMONTES, A., teamster, res. 608 Arguello street.
MITCHELL, Geo., carpenter, res. 308 Fourth street.
Model Saloon, 8 Main street.
MOFFATT, J.C., tanner, res. 306 Second street.
MONAHAN, Mrs. John, domestic, 604 B street.
MOORE, D.E., teamster, res. 202 C street.
MOORE, Miss Fannie, school teacher, res. 109 Fourth street.
MOORE, Miss Gertie, res. 405 Willow street.
MOORE, Miss Ira, res. 405 Willow street.
MOORE, J.H., tanner, res. 405 Willow street.
MORGAN, G.G., (widow), res. 201 Phelps street.
MORRELL, Miss Bessie, res. 309 Second street.
MORRELL, George, caprenter, res. 309 Second street.
MOSSOP, Wm., res. 603 Arguello street.
MORTELL, George, bartender, Del Monte Hotel.
MOUROT, E., caprenter, res. 16 Stambaugh street.
MOUROT, Henry, 208 Eighth street.
MULLEN, D., harness and saddles, 245 Main street, res. 301 Stambaugh street.
MULLEN, Gustav, harness maker, res. 301 Stambaugh street.
MULLEN, Miss Linda, clerk, res. 301 Stambaugh street.
MULLER, Carl, merchant tailor, 16 A street, res. 400 Stambaugh street.
MUNRO, Roland, res. 607 Stambaugh street.
MURCH, E.J., (widow), res. 212 Mound street.
MURPHY, Miss Anna, 509 Beach street.
MURPHY, C., (widow), res. 509 Beach street.
MURPHY, John, teamster, res. 509 Beach street.
MURRAY, M., tanner, res. 300 Second street.
MYERS, Joseph, teamster, res. 20 Jefferson street.

NASH, Joseph, County Clerk, res. 301 Phelps street.
NIELLO, A., tanner, res. 509 CHestnut street.
NIELLO, Louis, res. Del Monte Hotel.
NELSON, Arthur, ranner, res. 304 Second street.
NELSON, Fred, telegraph operator, res. St. Charles Hotel.
NELSON, John A., bookkeeper, res. 100 Mound street.
NELSON, Margaret, (widow), res. 100 Mount street.
NELSON, Peter, res. 219 Jackson street.
NELSON, Sallie A., school teacher, res. 100 Mound street.
NEUMAN, A.E., (Neuman Bros.), 255 Main street.
Neuman Bros., grocers, 255 Main street.
NEWBERT, L.H., (Mgr. United Gas and Electric Co.), res. Palo Alto.
NICHOLS, Chas. M., caprenter, res. 208 Walnut street.
NOBS, Miss Alma, student, res. 424 County Road.
NOBS, Fred, tanner, res. 424 County Road.
NOBS, Miss Hattie, school teacher, res. 420 County Road.
NOLL, Henry, barber, res. 107 Main street.
NORMAN, Miss Martha, res. 309 Chestnut street.
NOLTE, Rose, (widow), res. 405 Pine street.

O'CONNOR, John, res. 117 Madison street.
O'CONNOR, Mary, (widow), res. 317 Pine streeet.
Octavia Restaurant, 305 A street.
ODELL, M., cigar maker, res. Del Monte Hotel.
OFFERMAN, Miss Annie, res. 408 Main street.
OFFERMAN, Miss Bertha M., res. 408 Main street.
OFFERMAN, C.H., grocer, 212 Main street, res. 404 Main street.
OFFERMAN, Miss Emma, res. 408 Main street.
OFFERMAN, Henry, clerk, res. 404 Main street.
OFFERMAN, J.H., (widow), res. 408 Main street.
OFFERMAN, Otto, student, res. 404 Main street.
OFFERMAN, Miss Viola G., student, res. 404 Main street.
O'KEEFE, D.E., (Prop. Times-Gazette), res. Menlo Park.
O'KEEFE, James T., attorney-at-law, 27 A street.
O'KUMRA, Joe (Japanese), cook, 400 Arguello street.
Olsen & Co., painters and decorators, 248 Main street.
O'REILLY, Miss Maggie, res. 309 Chestnut street.
ORTON, George, student, res. 405 Heller street.
OSBORNE, Harry, painter, res. 215 Jefferson street.
OSORIA, Albert, teamster, res. 504 Spruce street.
OSORIA, Miss Carmelita, res. 504 Spruce street.
Optimo Bar, 301 A street.
Optimo Rooming House, 303 A street.

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