San Mateo County History
San Mateo County Gazette News
October 1860
(Transcribed by Chris Havnar)

San Mateo County Gazette
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California
Saturday Morning, October 6, 1860, Vol. 2 No. 27

 Mr. J.G. Denniston, of Halfmoon Bay, nominee for Member of Assembly, is one of the older residents of this county, and is a farmer.  If an assurance were required that, in the event of his election, he would faithfully perform his duties in the Legislature, we would refer to the fact alone that he ranks among the largest tax-payers in the county, which should be a sufficient guarantee that for his own protection, as identified with the county, he would not himself, nor suffer others to, introduce legislation injurious to its local interests.  Again, the fact might be referred to, that Mr. Denniston values too highly his popularity among the people, who may be his constituents, and who certainly exhibit a great preference for him, to permit aught but right to influence him.  But above those considerations, although sufficient in themselves, there are reason which stand good through all time, and which will enlist for him the hearty support of every man who has studied his character.  He is no pliant tool, to be used at will by the highest bidder, not is he one who will flinch from his duty through fear, or cringe for favor.  His large experience among men will enable him to effectually labor for measures beneficial to his constituents, such as San Mateo county has never yet felt from a representative. To sum all up, great Nature has impressed upon his heart, and has written upon his countenance, MAN, in characters, which nothing earthly can efface.
 Of the nominee for County Judge, we will say as little as possible.  We cannot support him.  The people of this county want for their Judge a man differing in all essential particulars from Templeton.  We cannot support any other candidate for the office – that is, none that are now in the field.
 The nominee for Supervisor of the Township, Col. Jas. Jaques, if elected, we think will do his duty faithfully and impartially.  The Col is a man of experience and judgment far beyond his usual seeming.  He is also possessed of firmness, a requisite which from late observation, we think important in members of the Board.
 J.P. Ames, Esq., nominee for Supervisor of Second Township, at present Associate Justice of the Court of Sessions, will also be an efficient member of the County government.  His decision of character, good judgment, and business tact, will be found of benefit in the discharge of the important duties of Supervisor.
 M. Comerford, Esq., the nominee for member of the Board from the First Township, we do not know.

NEW STORE AT BELMONT. – Messrs. Clark & Waltermire are now occupying their new brick store at Belmont, and will constantly have for sale, for the accommodation of the public, the choicest goods, suitable for the country trade to be obtained in San Francisco – see advertisement.  These gentlemen are well posted in mercantile traffic, and desiring to establish themselves in a permanent business, they will leave no means untried to give their patrons satisfaction in the prices and qualities of their goods.  These are assurances which purchasers will do well to ponder, and they should pay them a visit.

SAN MATEO HOTEL. – This delightful rural resort was taken possession of by its new proprietor, on the 1st inst.  A.G. Oaks, Esq., familiarly known as “Tony Oaks,” throughout California, is putting the establishment in the best possible condition, in all its appointments, for the comfort of his patrons.  The beautiful grounds, etc., will also receive additional adornment, with a view to the pleasure of visitors.  The San Mateo Hotel will hereafter be second to none in the State for good cheer and comfortable accommodations.  In fact, Mr. Oaks is the very man that establishment has wanted for the past two years.

TAKEN POSSESSION. – Mr. Maxwell, the new proprietor of the Belmont hotel and premises, took possession of the property last week.  Mr. Ellet, former proprietor, has removed to Alameda county, near Goodyear’s.

WOODSIDE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. – This Association held their regular quarterly meeting at Woodside on Monday last, 1st inst.
 The President pro tem, Andrew Teague, Esq., on calling the Association to order, referred to the melancholy fact that on the 2d of August last, and since the last quarterly meeting, they had suffered the irreparable loss, by death of their much esteemed, President, D. Jagger, Esq.  He alluded to his many virtues as a man, to his excellent qualities as a citizen and a prominent member of society, to his earnest zeal to promote a taste for literature and its refining influences in the district where he resided, as evidence by his being the founder of the Association, of which he was President from its organization; and alluded to his ripe abilities as a scholar.  These truthful eulogies, upon the character of the lamented deceased were heard with marked respect, and met the sympathies of the entire assemblage, with all of whom he had been for a long time connected in social brotherhood.
 Miss Jagger was elected an honorary member of the Association.

CRYSTAL SPRING. – Eben Niles, Esq., lately associated with Mr. Pollard, at this fashionable and charming retreat, is now sole proprietor.  Mr. Niles is an amiable gentleman and an attentive host, as all know who have visited his hotel.  When at Crystal Spring, guests may be assured their wants, in every particular will be supplied with the best that can be procured in San Francisco or in the country.

DIVISION MEETING. – Mountain Dell Division S. of T., meet this evening at their hall, Woodside.  The officers for the ensuing term will be installed by H.S. Loveland, Esq., D.G.W.P.

BURIED. – The man who was reported as wounded by the bursting of a gun, near Searsville, was buried Saturday last.

The Convention was called to order by R.G. Lathrop, Esq., Secretary of the County Democratic Committee; when on motion, Eben Niles, Esq., of Crystal Spring, was called to the Chair, as temporary President, and John Ames, Esq., was appointed temporary Secretary.
 On motion of J.P. Ames, Esq., a Committee on Permanent Organization and Order of Business was appointed by the President.  Messrs. J.P. Ames, Thos. H. Noble, and James Burns, were appointed.
 A Committee on Credentials was also appointed, consisting of Messrs. H.S. Loveland, S. Southerland, and Edward Ryan.
The Committee on Credentials presented their report, (transcriber - after a fifteen minute recess) stating that the following named gentlemen were entitled, by virtue of their credentials, to seats in the Convention:
 Finch’s Precinct – C. Bollinger, James Meacham
 Redwood City – J.W. Kissling – T.H. Noble, proxy; John Ames, T.H. Noble, W.C.R. Smith, R. Jenkins.
 Greer’s School-house – M.L. Wheeler, W. Hughes
 Searsville – C.B. Cates – proxy, T.H. Noble; J. Spalding, F.H. Nicholson – proxy, S. Southerland.
 Spanishtown – Edward Ryan
 Purissima – J.P. Ames, A.T. Swart, H.S. Loveland.
 Lapham’s Mill – Nathan Comstock – proxy, H.H. Whitcomb; Moses Heald
 San Mateo – James Burns, Eben Niles, Patrick McMahon
 First Precinct – Owen McMahon [The seat of the delegate from this precinct was contest by Mr. Jas. Casey, and the Convention proceeded to take evidence as to the claims of the respective contestants.  After hearing the evidence, the case was decided in favor of Mr. Owen McMahon. ED.]
 On motion, the report of the Committee on Credentials was received.
 The Committee on Permanent Organization and Order of Business offered their report, as follows:
 For President, H.S. Loveland, Esq.; for Secretary, John Ames, Esq.; for Sergeant-at-Arms, E. Ryan, Esq.
 The President declared nominations for Member of Assembly next in order.  The names of Messrs. J.G. Denniston, of Half Moon Bay, and Andrew Teague, of Woodside were presented.
 The vote was then taken upon the nomination for Member of Assembly, with the following result:
 For J.G. Denniston – C. Bollinger, James Meacham, J.W. Kissling, (proxy) T.H. Noble, John Ames, W.C.R. Smith, R. Jenkins, C.B. Cates, (proxy) J. B. Spaulding, Edw. Ryan, J.P. Ames, A.T. Swart, H.S. Loveland, Nathan Comstock, (proxy) James Burns, Eben Niles, Patrick McMahon, Owen McMahon. – 18
 For Andrew Teague – M.L. Wheeler, W. Hughes, F.H. Nicholson, (proxy) Moses Heald. – 4
 Nominations for County Judge being next in order of business, the name of Horace Templeton, of Searsville, was proposed, and there being no other name before the Convention, he was, after concurring in the resolutions, declared to be the nominee.
 The only name presented for the office of Coroner, was that of Dr. S.S. Stanbaugh.  The nomination was entrusted with the County Committee, to be made under the rule adopted by the Convention.
 A recess of fifteen minutes was taken.  On reassembling, the following nominations were declared:
 First Township – Supervisor, M. Comerford, Justice of the Peace, Jos. Rand.
 Second Township – Supervisor, J.P. Ames, Justice of the Peace, John Johnson, A.T. Swart; Constables, S.E. Ford, Edw. Ryan.
 Third Township – Supervisor, Col. James Jacques, Justices of the Peace, J.W. Turner, Andrew Teague; Constables, Jos. S. Keith, Charles Raimond.
 On motion, the Convention proceeded to choose a County Democratic Committee for the ensuring year.  Messrs. M. Wolfe, John Ames, J.G. Denniston, B.G. Lathrop, James Burns, A. Teague, W.C.R. Smith, and H.S. Loveland, were nominated.  The five first named gentlemen received the necessary number of votes each, and were accordingly declared elected.

San Mateo County Gazette
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California
Saturday Morning, October 13, 1860, Vol. 2 No. 28

On Wednesday, 10th instant, the wife of S.M. MEZES, Esq., of a daughter.

PENISHMENT. – C. Prior, so notorious for wife whipping and general disorderly conduct, was, on Wednesday night last, seized by several persons, and dragged by means of a rope fastened about his body several times through the mud and water of the slough at this place, as a punishment for his misdeeds.  If such a procedure is pardonable under any circumstances, it certainly was in this.  Prior has long been a disgrace to the town, as well as to humanity.

FOR COUNTY JUDGE. – Bernard Peyton, Esq., of Canada Raymundo, is mentioned by a number of citizens of San Mateo county as an independent candidate for County Judge.  He is spoken of as a gentleman in every way worthy the confidence of the people, and as being peculiarly fitted for the responsible office for which his friends are recommending him.  Next week a formal announcement of the nomination, together with a list of the names of citizens proposing him, will probably be published.

TEMPERANCE MOVEMENTS. – On last Saturday evening, the officers of Mountain Dell Division, for the ensuing term, were duly installed; at Temperance Hall, Woodside.  The Division is in a very prosperous condition.  Six members were initiated at the last meeting, and several gentlemen were proposed for membership.  The Officers installed were: Andrew Teague, W.P.; G.L. Sampson, W.A.; S. Snider, R.S.; D.W. Sampson, A.R.S.; R. Peterson, F.S.; James Gibbs, T.: Wm. Lasswell, C.; A.S. Kent, A.C.; I. Cunningham, I.S.; Wilson Whitlock, O.S.; L. Williams, Chaplin; John Greer, P.W.P.; A.  Teague, D.G.W.P.
 ON Sunday evening last a public installation of the officers of Purissima Division took place at the Purissima school-house.  A larger assemblage was present, we are informed than has ever before been seen on the “coast.”  H.S. Loveland, Esq., delivered a lecture upon the evils of intemperance, and acquitted himself in his usual happy manner, and to the satisfaction of his hearers.  Messrs. H.C. Bidwell and D.W. Connelly also addressed the assemblage.   The following were the officers installed: Jonathan Smith, W.P.; John Johnson, W.A.; A.J. Gillum, R.S.; R.H. Hatch, A.R.S.; James Beckwith, F.S.; John Baldwin, T.; T,K. McCoy, C.; Wm Roland, A.C.; R. Cherryman, L.S.; Henry Fulkerson, O.S.; A.T. Trousdale, Chaplain; H.S. Loveland, D.G.W.P.

U.S. Marshal’ Notice
United States of America
Northern District of California
Whereas objection has been made to the official survey and location of the land that finally confirmed in case No. 167, to TIBURCIO VASQUEZ., known as “Corral de Tierra,” and situated in the County of San Mateo, in said District:
Now, therefore, in pursuance of the monition of the District Court of the United States for said District, to me directed and delivered, I do hereby give public notice to all parties having, or claiming to have, and interest in such survey and location, to be and appear before the said Court sitting in Land Cases, on or before Wednesday, the 31st day of October, A.D. 1860, at 11 o’clock A.M. (if that day shall be a day of jurisdiction, and if not, on or before the next Wednesday thereafter,) and then and there to intervene for the protection of such interest, or their defaults will be taken.
Dated at San Francisco, in the District aforesaid, October 10, 1860
P.L. Solomon, U.S. Marshal

U.S. Marshal’ Notice
United States of America
Northern District of California
Whereas objection has been made to the official survey and location of the land that finally confirmed in case No. 2750, to ENCARNACION MESA et al., known as “San Antonio,” and situated in the County of San Mateo, in said District:
Now, therefore, in pursuance of the monition of the District Court of the United States for said District, to me directed and delivered, I do hereby give public notice to all parties having, or claiming to have, and interest in such survey and location, to be and appear before the said Court sitting in Land Cases, on or before Wednesday, the 31st day of October, A.D. 1860, at 11 o’clock A.M. (if that day shall be a day of jurisdiction, and if not, on or before the next Wednesday thereafter,) and then and there to intervene for the protection of such interest, or their defaults will be taken.
Dated at San Francisco, in the District aforesaid, September 29, 1860
P.L. Solomon, U.S. Marshal

U.S. Marshal’ Notice
United States of America
Northern District of California
Whereas objection has been made to the official survey and location of the land that finally confirmed in case No. 269, to CANDELARO MIRAMONTES., known as Land in Santa Clara County, and situated in the County of San Mateo, in said District:
Now, therefore, in pursuance of the monition of the District Court of the United States for said District, to me directed and delivered, I do hereby give public notice to all parties having, or claiming to have, and interest in such survey and location, to be and appear before the said Court sitting in Land Cases, on or before Wednesday, the 24th day of October, A.D. 1860, at 11 o’clock A.M. (if that day shall be a day of jurisdiction, and if not, on or before the next Wednesday thereafter,) and then and there to intervene for the protection of such interest, or their defaults will be taken.
Dated at San Francisco, in the District aforesaid, September 28, 1860
P.L. Solomon, U.S. Marshal

County Proclamation
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a General Election is to be held on Tuesday, the 6th day of November next,  ….
The places fixed for Holding the Election, the Inspectors and Judges, are as follows:
First Township – The polls will be opened at the Abbey Hotel – Al Willard, Inspector, J.E. King and C. Clark, Judges.  At the San Mateo School house, J.B. Morton, Inspector, John Donald and J.E. Butler, Judges.
Second Township – At Miramontez – J. Downing, Inspector, H.C. Bidwell and M.A. Halstead, Judges.  At Purissima School House – J.E. Selleck, Inspector, John Pursel and R.H. Hatch, Judges.
Third Township – At Greer’s School House – R.O. Tripp, Inspector, John Greer and Daniel Ross, Judges.  At Redwood City – C.N. Fox, Inspector, R.B. Smith and Wm. H. Shreve, Judges.  At West Union School house – George F. Maynard, Inspector, Robt. Greer and James Berry, Judges.  At Lapham’s Mill – L. Rice, Inspector, P. Van Winkle and John Schults, Judges.  At Searsville – Wm. Page, Inspector, W>P. Morrison and John Mills, Judges.
Forward Returns to County Clerk as soon after closing the polls as practicable.
By order of the Board of Supervisors.
B.G. Lathrop, Clerk
Redwood City, Oct 10, 1860

HALF-MOON BAY FLOUR MILLS. – Messrs. Halstead & Brother, we learn, are pushing their new mill forward with energy.  When completed it will one of the largest and best out of San Francisco.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For Sale or to Let.
The Farm, Containing 420 ACRES of Land, west of Brittan’s , and the same of which John Brophy has resided for several years past, three or four miles from Redwood City.  Title perfect.
 TO LET – The Dwelling house of the Subscriber, near Redwood City with the Stable, Shops and Tools, Poultry yards and grounds attached – say ten to fifty acres of land.  The Household Furniture, several Cows and Calves, two fine Horses, a Family Carriage, one Buggy, single, and double Harness, and 150 tons CHOICE OAT HAY, FOR SALE.
 Apply to Capt. Edward Beales, Redwood City, or to the Subscriber on the premises, of at his office, 176 Clay street, San Francisco.
Redwood City

San Mateo County Gazette
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California
Saturday Morning, October 20, 1860, Vol. 2 No. 29

DEATH OF BRIGADIER GENERAL CLARKE, U.S.A. – Brevet Brigadier General Newman S. Clarke, Commanding Pacific Division U.S.A., expired at seven o’clock Thursday morning, at his apartments in the Tehama House, San Francisco, after an illness of several days.  He entered the service in 1812, at the age of 19, and was 67 years old at his decease – his rank being Colonel of 6th Infantry.  He distinguished himself in the war of 1812, and in Florida, and has always been on the frontier, doing good and unceasing service to his county.  He served through the Mexican war, where he commanded a brigade, and was present at nearly all the battles in Mexico, after which war he was brevetted Brigadier General.

The Convention assembled, according to previous notice, in the court-house, Redwood City, on Saturday, Oct. 13th, and was called to order by J.B. Morton, Esq.
On motion, John Reed, Esq., was elected temporary President.
 A Committee on Permanent Organization was on motion, appointed by the Chair, consisting of Messrs. W. Whitlock, H. Kerrison, and G.E. Erskine, who reported as permanent officers, John Reed, Esq., President, G.E. Erskine, Esq., Secretary, and Daniel Ross, Esq., Sergeant-at-arms; who were unanimously elected, and took their respective stations.
 The Chair appointed as Committee on Credentials, Messrs. J.O. Shaw, W. Whitlock and Alex Bell.  The Committee reported the following-named gentlemen as entitled to seats as Delegates to the Convention:
Purissima – W.S. Downing, John Reed
Lapham’s Mill – M.C. Palmer, J. Drinkwater
Greer’s – Jas. O. Shaw, J. Edwards
Searsville – S.H. Towns, Alex Bell
Miles Randall’s – W. Whitlock, C. Heller
Redwood City. – H. Kerrison, G.E. Erskine
San Hills – D. Marvin, (proxy)
San Mateo – J.B. Morton (proxy)
The Convention then proceeded to ballot for Candidate for member of Assembly.  Curtis Baird, Esq., having received all the votes cast, was declared unanimously nominated by the Convention for Member of Assembly.  Mr. Baird, having been notified of his nomination was introduced to the Convention, and expressed his concurrence in the resolution adopted.  …
 On motion, the nomination for County Judge was left blank.
 The township delegations offered the following nominations:
Supervisors – 1st Township, Henry Simmons; 2d Township, Silas H. Bowman; 3d Township, Geo. Harrington
Justice of the Peace, 3d Township, Chester Parshall; Constable, M.C. Palmer
 The  County Committee were then elected, as follows: Messrs. Henry Simmons, David Marvin, Nelson Martin, Rufus Hatch, Daniel Ross, Wilson Whitlock.

BRECKINRIDGE AND LANE CLUB NOMINATIONS. – At the meeting of the Breckinridge and Lane Club, held Wednesday evening last, Township nominations were made as follows:
For Supervisors – 1st Township, H. Simmons; 2d Township, S.H. Bowman; 3d Township, J.V. Diller.  Justices, 3d Township, J.F. Turner, Wm. M. Weaver.
 Mr. Diller’s nomination will be endorsed, we believe, by a large majority of the citizens of this township.  An officer more conscientious in the performance of his duty, or who will more closely guard the interests of the county, cannot be count.

MISS DAVENPORT MARRIED. – Col. F.W. Lander, of the Overland Wagon Road, and Miss J.M. Davenport, thee actress, were married at the residence of the Rev. T. Starr King Saturday.  The happy couple proceeded to Crystal Spring.  Miss Davenport, it is understood, has withdrawn entirely from the stage.

FALSE AND ABSURD. – A rumor having been circulated to the effect that S.M. MEZES is using his influence in behalf of Bernard Peyton for the purpose of having him in his interest in land cases, if elected County Judge, we are requested to state to the public that such a charge is false and entirely groundless.  Mr. Mezes would not be guilty of offering nor Mr. Peyton of accepting such a bribe.  The charge is absurd, also, for the jurisdiction of a County Judge does not extend to the class of law cases in which Mr. M. as a land-owner would be interested.

A MISTAKE. – We observe that the nominee of the Douglas Legislative Convention, in San Francisco, for 12th District Judge, is reported as hailing from San Mateo.  This is an error.  Mr. Gough, immediately after his defeat for the Assembly at the last fall election, removed from this county, since which time he has not resided in it.

DEATH OF REV. FATHER SLATTERY, OF MARYSVILLE. – The numerous friends of this distinguished Catholic clergyman will regret to learn that he breathed his last in Sacramento, at 7 o’clock, October 9.  He was a gentleman of eminent talents, extensive attainments and great piety.  In him the Church has lost one of its best pillars, and a large circle of friends, a gentleman, who was endeared to them by no ordinary ties.

HALF-MOON BAY. – A correspondent from this “big vegetable” region writes that business is “quite brisk, and considerable quantities of grain are being shipped per schooners Black Prince and Wild Pigeon.  The returns for grain thus far seem to be quite satisfactory.  The weather, excepting a few days, has been for the past month very fine.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The undersigned, irrespective of party, nominate BERNARD PEYTON, Esq., of Canada de Raimundo, as an Independent Candidate for the office of County Judge of San Mateo County.
Mr. Peyton having consented to serve, if elected, we respectfully request out fellow citizens to support him at the coming election.
San Mateo County, October 18, 1860
Geo. F. Maynard
Joel N. Brown
C. Bullinger
Richard Burke
Thos. Lynch
David Baird
W. Pullen
J.P. Edinger
Horace Holton
C. Hu(?d?)aker
Thos. F. Clark
S.T. Ingraham
C.F. Colkook
Michael Daley
David McLellan
John Donald
John McDermott
W.A. Wilsey
S.K. Wilsey
Thos. Moilan
John Brophy
Joseph Gray
Wm. T. Brockway
T.B. Meacham
P. Casey
P. Casey, sr.
P. Casey, jr.
Barney Farrell
John Parrott
S.B. Whipple
Thos. G. Cary
Jas. McBride
Benj. Dryer
Wm. Wright
D.R. Smith
Geo. Barker
Robt. Greer
P. Ward
P. VanWinkle
Wm. Quinn
C.C. Edinger
John Cruise
W.C. Gray
J.V. Diller
A.W. Chew
James Hilton
J.W. Vanderoef
John McEvoy
Edward Hancock
P.W. Clark
E. Waltermire
James Condon
D.W. Taplin
James Johnson
Antonio Zoppi
John S. Richards
R.G. Wilsey
James Byrnes
M.C. Bradley
Bazel Clark
John Proctor
David Jenkins
S. Dougherty
Owen O’Neil
Granville Pugh
D.W. Connelly
R.W. Tallant
Dr. Church
John V. Kissling
M.L. Brittan
J.M. Curtis
J.Q.A. Tilton
Milton Nelson
Peter D.N. Plass
Ownen McGarvey
G.R. Plass
James Berry
Wilson Whitlock
J.L. Williams
Geo. Greer
Wm. B. Mudd
Robt. Douglas
And others.

San Mateo County Gazette
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California
Saturday Morning, October 27, 1860, Vol. 2 No. 30

NEW MILLINERY STORE. – Mrs. L.A. Scofield, it will be seen by reference to the advertisement, has opened a millinery and fancy goods establishment in Redwood City.  Mrs. S. is a practical milliner, and the ladies of the county are fortunate in having her services and also in having this long-needed store, where their wants are understood and can be supplied.  We predict success for the new store.

POPULATION OF CALIFORNIA. – Rumors, which have at length assumed an authentic shape, have for some time been rife that the census of the State of California, as returned by the agents of the United States will not exceed, if indeed it does not fall short of, 400,000.  This is very far short of the expectations formed by many of our most enlightened citizens and statists.  Estimates put forth from time to time, based upon such data as were attainable, and generally looked upon as reliable, had led the masses to anticipate with certainly a population of half a million, if not a much larger number, in California. – Morning Call.

ALEXANDER CAMPBELL. – Our candidate for District Judge is not, as has been reported, the Alexander Campbell who made a speech at the Republican meeting here a few weeks since.  He is an older man – one who does not make stump speeches – who is not a politician by trade, but purely a lawyer by profession and in fact, one who stands high with the people as a man of honor.  This nomination was wholly unsought by him, and was conferred by that truly conservative body, the People’s Nominating Committee of San Francisco, after a long and careful investigation, with a view not to availability, but to capacity and integrity.  We look upon a nomination thus given as one of the proudest endorsements a man can well receive, and as a strong guarantee that he will make a faithful and upright Judge.  We have every reason to believe that few men can be found who can so nearly fill Judge Norton’s place on the bench, as Judge Campbell, and at the same time he will be found much more sociable and agree able as a man.  He will be elected.

In pursuance of our intention as expressed in last issue, we desire to give our distant readers, particularly, some idea of the beautiful spots which grace our County of San Mateo, and which lend a peculiar charm to the face of earth in these parts.
 San Mateo village, as it may perhaps be properly termed in the usual style of town classification, though we doubt its entire applicability to this charming place, for many reasons, is situated on the San Mateo Creek, about two miles from the shore of the Bay, and is about twenty miles from San Francisco.
 The appearance of the locality, from either of its approaches, is certainly the most beautiful we know of in California.  The oaks which spread their umbrageous boughs forming a most inviting shade in summer, and clothed in living green throughout the winter, are the most attractive feature, and give to the place an appearance which pleases the eye of even the most indifferent.  There is about the place a quiet, indescribable charm, in every part, which none, we venture to say ever yet failed to feel while within its green-wood precincts.  Here and there a short distance from the high-way are costly residences, surrounded by beautiful grounds furnished with all the adornments that the finest taste can suggest or that wealth can purchase.  Orchards, with fruits rare and luscious, plants and shrubbery of the most costly varieties, gardens planned by the most expert hands in the State, with all the appliances which can be procured for the purpose, are brought into lavish use to aid nature in the display of her natural charms in beautiful San Mateo.  We stroll through the grounds in the neighborhood, and are reminded how like the oaks are to the old orchards of our eastern home so like, indeed that we can scarce curb our desire to look for and pluck their juicy fruit.  Possibly San Mateo derives its greatest attraction from the fact that for miles north and south of its area the trees are very scarce, and but little is seen immediately near the highway to relieve the eye of the traveler, save the farm-houses, etc.  The soil is of the best kind, all over the valley, but timber is not abundant, and coming suddenly upon, this oasis in the comparative desert surrounding it, the prospect is certainly one worthy of admiration.
 The residence are all of the cottage order, yet are built with a view to the highest style of ornament, and seemingly with no regard to expense – beauty and comfort only being consulted.  They are the country homes of princes.  The ground on which this beautiful place is situated is a scarcely perceptible slope from the margin of the Bay to what are termed the “foot-hills” of the mountains, which run from north to south through the centre of the county.  The soil is somewhat sandy and hard, and therefore the roads are never disagreeable to travelers.
 To speak of San Mateo without referring to the hotel which is its most prominent feature, would be like the play of Hamlet, as someone has said, with the Prince excluded.  This famous resort as all California now knows – or it does not, it ought to – has lately been purchased by A.G. Oaks, Esq., late of Sonoma.  The grounds are beautifully laid out and adorned by the prettiest plants and flowers, which, with the natural beauties of the location, form a most attractive feature at San Mateo.  The thousands of beautiful flowers which in the summer give their aroma to the air, greet the passer by with their fragrance, and delight the eye, are in gardens adjoining the buildings, and in pleasant rambles among them the visitors from weary city life who daily make the hotel their resort, spend many pleasant hours.  The buildings are in a most attractive style of architecture, and are spacious and commodious in their interior arrangements.  The guests are supplied with every thing a heart can desire, and he must indeed be hard to please who leaves the hotel dissatisfied.  The corps of attendants, with “Uncle Billy” the courteous and attentive minister of the spiritual department, and “John” the hostler, the travelers’ favorite, are of that class which never tire of good services to their patrons, and to sum up all, with the amiable host, the establishment is now perfection in hotel keeping.
 From San Mateo to Crystal Spring is three miles by the new road lately opened along the meanderings of the San Mateo creek.  This will be a most attractive drive after the road has undergone some very necessary improvements.  It leads from the main highway at the bridge crossing the creek at San Mateo, and passes among delightfully shady groves of trees, most of them resembling very much the eastern berch; the timber along the stream is very abundant, and the foliage is luxuriant and dense.  As we ascend the stream the hills on either side increase in hight, until we pass through the most romantic canyons, the mountains on both sides covered with timber from base to summit, the thick undergrowth covering nearly the whole of the ground’s surface.  By the roadside wanders the crystal stream, rippling over its pebbly bottom, and here and there we seem gleaming through the overhanging branches the notable pools whence in winter the disciples of Walton draw that delicious fish, the mountain trout.  Leaving the valley of the San Mateo, the road suddenly terminates in San Andreas Valley, near the Crystal Spring, a description of which, with its magnificent surroundings, we will endeavor to give in a future article.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
To the Voters of San Mateo County
Having been nominated for the office of Supervisor of Third Township, I deem it my duty to state that under present circumstances, my business being of a nature to require my whole attention, I cannot, in justice to myself and the people’s interests, accept the nomination.  The duties of the office require for their faithful performance more time than I can devote to them, and I feel that I would be wanting in duty as a citizen were I to accept the nomination under the circumstances.
Searsville, Oct. 23d, 1860.

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