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History of Atherton

Atherton Police History

Palo Alto Online: Neighborhoods-Atherton


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Belmont's History

Belmont Historical Society

Ralston Hall History

Bits of History photographs by the Peninsula Library System

Historic Sites:

Ralston Hall (CA State Historical Landmark No.856) (National Register of Historic Places No.66000234)

Campus of Notre Dame de Namur University, 1500 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA


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Burlingame 1915 school photo

Burlingame-History of Roosevelt School

Burlingame Depot photo

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Historic Sites:

Burlingame Railroad Station, Burlingame Ave. and California Dr., Burlingame

Kohl Mansion (also known as Mercy High School), 2750 Adeline Dr., Burlingame


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Bits of History photographs by the Peninsula Library System

Daly City

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History of Daly City

Daly City Earthquake of 1957

Personal Recollections of the 1957 Daly City Earthquake

John Daly's Ranch/San Mateo Dairy (1892 photo)

1915 Crocker School Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Historic Landmarks:
Broderick/Terry Dueling Place (CA State Historical Landmark No.19)
1100 Lake Merced Blvd, Daly City

East Palo Alto

Isaac D. Stevenson Jr., A Brief Look at East Palo Alto's History, January 1978.

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A History of East Palo Alto by

The History of East Palo Alto by

Foster City

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Half Moon Bay

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Half Moon Bay-Main Street 1915 photo

Half Moon Bay-Masonic Lodge History

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Menlo Park

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History of St. Denis Parish

1915 Menlo Park Public School Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Early Days in Menlo Park

Historic Sites:

Barron-Latham-Hopkins Gate Lodge (National Register of Historic Places No.86001951)
555 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA

Church of The Nativity (National Register of Historic Places No.80000855)
210 Oak Grove Ave., Menlo Park, CA

1769 Portolá Expedition Journey's End (CA State Historical Landmark No.2)
Intersection of East Creek Drive and Alma Street, Menlo Park, CA

Menlo Park Railroad Station (CA Historical Landmark No.955) (National Register of Historic Places No.74000556)
1100 Merrill Ave, Menlo Park, CA
Constructed in 1867, this is the oldest passenger railroad station in California.


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City of Pacifica


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A Look Back at the Coast's Vibrant Past

1915 Pescadero Public School Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Historic Sites:

Dickerman-Steele Barn (National Register of Historic Places No.82002259)
Cabrillo Hwy., Pescadero, CA

The Isaac Steele Ranch (aka Green Oaks Ranch House) (National Register of Historic Places No.76000526)
13 mi. S of Pescadero on CA 1, Pescadero, CA

First Congregational Church of Pesdadero (CA State Historical Landmark No.949) (National Register of Historic Places No.80000856)
San Gregorio Street, Pesacadero, CA
(Built May 1867, the oldest church building on it's original site in San Mateo County)

Methodist Episcopal Church of Pescadero (aka Native Sons & Daughters of the Golden West Parlors) (National Register of Historic Places No.82002260)
108 San Gregorio St., Pescadero, CA

Pigeon Point Lighthouse (National Register of Historic Places No.77000337)
South of Pescadero at Pigeon Point off CA 1, Pescadero, CA

St. Anthony's Church (National Register of Historic Places No.82004983)
North Street, Pescadero, CA

Portola Valley

Lund, Nancy and Pamela Gullard.  Life on the San Andreas Fault, A History of Portola Valley.  Scotwall Associates, 2003.

History of Portola Valley

Historic Sites:

Casa de Tableta (aka Buelna's Roadhouse) (CA State Historical Landmark No.825) (National Register of Historic Places No.73000447)
3915 Alpine Rd at Arastradero Rd, Portola Valley, CA
1850's structure built by Felix Buelna, served as a gambling retreat and meeting place for Mexican-Californios

Our Lady of the Wayside Roman Catholic Church (CA State Historical Landmark No.909) (National Register of Historic Places No.77000338)
930 Portola Rd, Portola Valley, CA

Portola Valley School (aka Primary School) (National Register of Historic Places No.74000557)
775 Portola Rd., Portola Valley, CA

Redwood City

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Redwood City Local History

Main Street 1915 Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Redwood City-Sequoia Hotel 1915 Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

History of the First Congregational Church (oldest Protestant Church in San Mateo County)

Bits of History photographs by the Peninsula Library System

Historic Sites:

Lathrop House (National Register of Historic Places No.73000448)
627 Hamilton St., Redwood City, CA

New Sequoia Theater Building (aka Fox Theater) (National Register of Historic Places No.94000431)
2211--2235 Broadway St., Redwood City, CA

Redwood City Historic Commercial Buildings (National Register of Historic Places No.77000339)
Broadway and Main Sts., Redwood City, CA

San Mateo County Courthouse (National Register of Historic Places No.77000340)
Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA

San Bruno

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History of San Bruno

History of St. Robert's Catholic Church

History of St. Robert's Catholic School

Tanforan History

Annual Posy Parade

Downtown San Bruno, San Mateo Avenue, 1950's Photograph

Bits of History  photographs by the Peninsula Library System

Historic Sites:

San Francisco Bay Discovery Site (National Register of Historic Places No.68000022)
4 mi. W of San Bruno via Skyline Dr. and Sneath Lane, San Bruno, CA

Temporary Detention Camps for Japanes Americans, Tanforan Assembly Center (CA State Historical Landmark No.934)
Tanforan Park Shopping Center, El Camino Real @ Sneath Lane, San Bruno, CA

San Carlos

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San Carlos Depot 1915 Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Historic Sites:

Brittan, Nathanial, Party House (National Register of Historic Places No.94001500)
125 Dale Ave., San Carlos, CA

Southern Pacific Depot (National Register of Historic Places No.84001191)
559 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA

San Mateo

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San Mateo Facts-An Early History... by Vinter Properties

History of the City of San Mateo

Historic Photographs of the City of San Mateo

1915 San Mateo Union High School Photograph by A.G.C. Hahn

Bits of History photographs by the Peninsula Library System

Historic Sites:

Anza Expedition Camp (CA State Historical Landmark No.47)
Arroyo Court near West 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA

Ernest Coxhead House (aka The Scholar's Cottage) (National Register of Historic Places No.00000322)
37 E. Santa Inez Ave., San Mateo, CA

Eugene J. De Sabla Jr. Teahouse and Tea Garden (National Register of Historic Places No.92000965)
70 De Sabla Ave., San Mateo, CA

The Hospice (Mission Dolores Outpost, built ca. 1800)) (CA Historical Landmark No.393)
Southwest corner of Baywood and El Camino Real, San Mateo,  CA

Hotel St. Matthew (aka Wisnom Hotel) (National Register of Historic Places No.97001663)
215-229 Second Ave., San Mateo, CA

National Bank of San Mateo (aka Crocker-Anglo Bank) (National Register of Historic Places No.97000331)
164 South B St., San Mateo, CA

A.P. Giannini House (aka Seven Oaks) (National Register of Historic Places No.99001181)
20 El Cerrito Dr., San Mateo, CA


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South San Francisco

All Souls Church, South San Francisco, CA: Custombooks, 1973.

Historical Society of South San Francisco, Inc.  Historical Landmarks of South San Francisco, South San Francisco, CA:  Historical Society, 1985.

Kauffman, Linda and Debbie Patrick.  South San Francisco, A History, South San Francisco, CA:  South San Francisco Bicentennial Committee, c1976.

South San Francisco Historical Society.  Images of America: South San Francisco.  Arcadia Publishing, San Francisco, CA, 2004.

South San Francisco History

Bits of History photographs by the Peninsula Library System

History of Buri Buri Elementary School

Historic Sites:

Martin Building (aka Metropolitan Hotel) (National Register of Historic Places No.97000043)
220 Grand Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080

South San Francisco Hillside Sign (National Register of Historic Places No.96000761)
Sign Hill Park, N of Park Way, South San Francisco, CA


Kaphan, Marilyn M.  A History of the Woodside Library, San Jose, CA: 1972

History of Woodside

Filoli Estate & Gardens (CA State Historical Landmark No.907) (National Register of Historic Places No.75000479)

Huddart Park History

Robert's Market History

Woodside Village Church History

Woodside Vineyards

Historic Sites:

Site of the former Village of Searsville (CA State Historical Landmark No.474)
Northwest corner intersection of Sandhill Road and Portola Road, Woodside, CA

Independence Hall (aka Scout Hall) (National Register of Historic Places No.78000772)
129 Albion Ave., Woodside, CA

Mortimer Fleischhacker Estate (aka Green Gables) (National Register of Historic Places No.86002396)
329 Albin Ave., Woodside, CA

Site of San Mateo County's First Sawmill (CA State Historical Landmark No.478)
Woodside Road @ Portola Road, Woodside, CA

The Woodside Store (aka Tripp Store) (CA State Historical Landmark No.93) (National Register of Historic Places No.85001563)
471 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside, CA

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