San Mateo County History

Tales of the San Francisco Peninsula
Theron G. Cady
A series of articles first published in 'Peninsula Life Magazine'
Published by C-T Publishers, San Carlos, California, 1948

Stanford University

        In the picturesque rolling hills of the Santa Cruz range, at Palo Alto, Stanford University with its many imposing structures is located on the spacious Stanford Farm of 8,800 acres.  The world-famous university, which received its first class in October, 1891, now has an attendance of nearly 5,000.  The university houses the Herbert Hoover War Library, the most complete collection of World War I material; the Daniel Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, one of the first to be endowed by that foundation for aeronautical research; and the Harris J. Ryan High Voltage Laboratory, noted for valuable experiments in high voltage.  Stanford Memorial Church, constructed by Mrs. Stanford in memory of Senator Stanford, is famous the world over for the gorgeous mosaic of the facade.
        The series of mosaics in the church cover almost the whole of the interior walls of vestibule, nave, transepts, and aspe, as well as the facade facing the Inner Quadrangle.  The stained-glass windows, nineteen in all, were designed and executed by Frederick Lamb of New York.  Both windows and mosaics, harmoniously adapted to position and light and to each other, were planned as an aid to worship and to the cultivation of a devout and reverent spirit.  The windows, transcribed from the works of modern painters, depicted scenes in the life of Christ, the more elaborate mosaics, from medieval paintings, represented scenes from the Old Testament.  A replica of Cosimo Rosselli's Last Supper, from the Sistine Chapel at Rome, was placed behind the marble altar.  A striking representation of the Sermon on the Mount forms the central feature of the facade.

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