San Mateo County History
Daly City Record
02 May 1913
(Transcribed by Chris Havnar)

Daly City Record
May 2 1913

Location: Daly City
Source: Daly City Library - Serramonte Branch

Description: General
Vol. 5 No. 5 Friday, May 2, 1913

The papers on appeal from the Justice Court of the First township in the case of H.L. ARKINSON, doing business under the name of The American Adjusting Association, against the South San Francisco Mill and Lumber Company have been filed in the clerk’s office. The amount involved in the suit is $170.78.
Judge BUCK has ranted a final decree of divorce to Manuel J. PERRY from his wife, Annie Perry. The interlocutory decree was granted April 17, 1912.
An interlocutory decree of divorce has been granted by Judge BUCK to Hilda ESSINGER from her husband Har_ey ESSINGER, on the ground of desertion. The couple were married in New Jersey in 1905, and according to the complaint defendant deserted his wife the following year. The custody of the minor child, aged seven years was award to the mother.
The papers in the divorce suit of Carl BENSON against his wife, Cerda BENSON that was begun in Contra Costa County last March, have been filed in the clerk’s office. The case was transferred to this county for trail on the petition of defendant, Mrs. BENSON who resides in Redwood City. The couple were married in Los Angeles in 1900 and according to the complaint defendant deserted her husband in 1908 without cause or provocation. Benson asks for the custody of the three minor children.
William E. REILLY has commenced an action for an interlocutory decree of divorce against his wife, Ethel M. REILLY on the ground of cruelty.
Clara Palone WEINGARTENER has begun divorce proceeding against her husband, Louis WEINGARTENER, on the grounds of cruelty and habitual intemperance. The couple were married at San Francisco in 1907. They are no children and community property consists of a house and lot at Daly City valued at $1200 and household furniture worth $300.
A.B. MILLER has commenced an action against S.J. WALKER and others to recover the sum of $1000 on a promissory note executed at Perris, Cal. On September 1, 1910. The makers of the note are S.J. WALKER George C. WALKER, Walter WALKER, and F.W. WALKER..
Orders in Superior Court
Ira. M. COBE vs J. HAYDEN, et al. Trial of action dropped from calendar.
A.L. ACKERMAN vs Emilie ACKERMAN. Demurrer continued to May 1st.
Frances S. ARNOLD vs. R.S. ARNOLD. Motion for alimony, etc., continue to May 22.
Georgia A. LEWIS vs. Arthur T. LEWIS. Order to show cause continued to May 1st
Geo N. McGINN vs D.S. DORN. Demurrer dropped from calendar.
Geo. W. BINGHAM vs E.D. CONNOLLY. Notice of motion to take deposition granted.
Hilda ESSINGER vs Harvey ESSINGER. Interlocutory decree of divorce granted plaintiff.
Mary E. GLYNN vs D. HUGHES, et al. Trail continued to May 1.
Julia PETERSON vs Louis PETERSEN. Notice of Motion continued to May 1st.
San Bruno Lumber and Supply Co. vs. James BATTERTON. Judgement rendered for defendant.
John E. BRACESCO vs Gene BRACESCO. At the request of the parties to this action it is ordered that the interlocutory decree of divorce heretofore entered on September 12, 1912, be, and is hereby vacated and set aside and said action is ordered dismissed.
C.J. Perry vs. Johanah OHLSON. Order made giving judgment for plaintiff.
J.M. HUDDART vs M.FLEISHACKER. Trial of action set for May 2.
Fred PATTISON vs N.J.McNAMARA. Defendant granted 5 days further time to answer.
Charles Perkins vs. N.J. McNAMARA. Defendant granted five days further time to answer.
Marriage Licenses Issued
Frederick Robert BROWNE, aged 36, Oakland, and Olga E. KANRUICH, aged 25, Alhambra, Los Angeles county.
Earl. D. PRESSEY, aged 22, and Corine GALLAGHER, aged 18, both of San Francisco.
Augusto BARSUGLIA, aged 22, and Giorgina FRANUCCHI, aged 18, both of Half Moon Bay.
Jacob WEINBERGER, aged 29, and Betty ENGEL, aged 27, both of San Francisco.
Robert W. HARTWICK, aged 24, and Evelyn ENESS, aged 18, both of San Francisco.
Charles Howard MASTERS, aged 22, and Ethel PRICE, aged 19, Redwood City.
Joseph Albert McCANN, aged 37, San Mateo, and Elsie FAULKNER, aged 22, Seattle.
Cabrillo Festival on Tapis
The discovery of Half Moon bay by Cabrillo in 1543 is to be celebrated by the residents of the Coast Side district as one of the California festivals to be held to supplement the Portola festival in San Francisco.
A meeting has been held in Granada to plan for the festival. The committee appointed to arrange for the festival consists of Charles S. FAY, L. WIEGLE, C. CHRISTENSEN, J.T. MABY, D. DAMASCUS and George CROYDEN. A call has been issued to the property owners of El Granada, calling upon them to participate in the celebration.
Coast Side of San Mateo Co.
J.W. VOSHELL of Bakersfield ___at Marine View visiting his daughter, Mrs. Frank BALDWIN.]
Mrs. Fred WILSON of South City is in Half Moon Bay visiting her daughter, Mrs. Alvin S. HATCH.
Ed LAUGHRY is down this week from San Francisco inspecting his newly planted artichoke field
Dr. W. O. OGLE, with his wife, baby and Mrs. OGLE’s mother, visited Moss Beach again this week.
Mrs. W.H. WOLF of San Francisco visited her son Harold on his ranch near Half Moon Bay this week.
Thomas B. NORTON of Sacramento was in Moss Beach Sunday, visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs. Thomas NORTON.
J.C. ARNOLD, a former resident of Half Moon Bay, was killed last Sunday near Rusk, Contra Costa county in an automobile accident.
Ben CUNHA’s mill at Half Moon Bay is turning out the millwork for the residence being built at that place for Supervisor J.M. FRANCIS.
Mrs. Catherine NORTON of Sacramento, mother of Thomas NORTON of Moss Beach is visiting her son. Mrs. NORTON is 92 years old and is as spry as half of the women of today half her age.
The new vegetable cannery at Half Moon Bay is nearly completed and the machinery is being installed this week. It is expected that 30 men and women will be employed just as soon as the canning season opens.
At a meeting of the Advisory Road Commission one day recently, M.B. JOHNSON of Montara was elected president and H.C. TUCHSEN of Redwood City secretary. The commission is composed of the following gentlemen: W.A. MOORE, Pescadero; E.M. MOORES, Burlingame, Geo. H.PERHAM, San Bruno; H.C. TUCHSEN, Redwood City and M.B. JOHNSON of Montara.
Miss MOORE the popular teacher of the Moss Beach grammar school has decided to apply for the local school for next year. Miss MOORE has raised the standing of the Moss Beach school from one of the lowest to one of the highest and for this reason alone should be retained.
F.E. NELSON has resigned as superintendent of the Half Moon Bay Light and Power Co. He and his wife leave for San Francisco tomorrow.
Mrs. Geo. K. NAGHEL of Sacramento, with Mrs. V. NELSON, her mother, of Sacramento and Mrs. Chas. CAIN of San Francisco, visited the NAGHEL cottage this week.
Mrs. John MUHLBACH, a well known property owner and resident of Moss Beach for about three years, who is now in Germany, writes that he has a position as construction engineer in Hanover.
Brighton Beach Development Co. to Sallie MAYNARD, lots 12, 14, blk 26, Brighton Beach.
Anglo Cal. Trust Co. to Leo T. BRANDY, lots 1, 2, blk 31, amended map of Belle Air Park.
H.D. McGARVEY to J. PERKINS, lot 7, blk 3, Portola addition, Reese sub.
Hensley Green Co. to F.E. RUSSELL et al, lot 62 blk 5, Vista Grande
Anna GITTINGS to Eliz C. GITTINGS et al, lot 26, blk 5, Vista Grande
H.D. McGARVEY to Arthur E. FILBY, lots 50, 51 blk 1, McGarvey sub.
G. MARRTORELLO and wife to South S.F. Land and Imprmnt CO., lot 31, blk 94, South San Francisco
Crocker Estate Co. to Jennie GREEN, lot 11, blk 22, Crocker Tract
Ansel M. EASTON and wife to Wn. G. GILMOUR, lot 3, blk 1, Easton Addition, Burlingame
Cal. Sub. Home Co. to J. OSTROW, lot 16 blk 16, Farallone City
H.T. FROST and wife to F.B. WATERS, lot 10, blk 11, Burlingame Park 2.
Rockaway Beach Co. to Alfred B. McCULLOM, lot 53, blk 21, Rockaway Beach
L. GRUNAUER and wife to Albert J. ESCHELBACH, et al, portion lots 1, 2, blk 12, South San Francisco
Annie F. PLYMIRE to C. CONNOLLY, lot 5, blk 102, South San Francisco
C.T. CONNOLLY to Annie F. PLYMIRE, lot 3, blk 102, South San Francisco
A.G. STOLL and wife to North Fair Oaks Co., lot 58, blk 53, North Fair Oaks
R.H. SMITH to John STEWART, lot 65, blk 9, Huntington Park
H.D. McGARVEY to L.H. RICHARDS and wife, lot 42, blk 2, Portola Addition
John KOLF to C.B. PETERS, lots 34, 35, blk 18, Rockaway Beach
H.H. CANZIANI to E. ZARO, portion lot 8, vlk 122, South Francisco
F & A Levy & Co. to Francisco S. THOMAS, lots 3, 4, blk 1, Miramontes tract
Ocean View Land and Impmnt Co. to D.L. LYDON, lot 1, blk 21, Vista Grande.
E.M. BRIZZOLARA and husband to J.KRAUSS and wife, lot 3, blk 16. Easton Addition, Burlingame
San Bruno Lumber and Supply Co., J.A. Bean, et. Al, lot 3, blk 1, Lomita Park.
R.H. SMITH to L.A. EHLE, lot 61, blk 1, Huntington Park.
J. McMAHON and wife to W.G. BEATTIE and wife, portion lot 48, blk 9. School House Land Association.
E. GOMES and wife to Jos. R. BENEVIDES, lot 17, blk 34, Western Addition, San Mateo
H.D. McGARVEY to F. MAYSENHELDER and wife, lot 46, blk 1, Aak Park Ad. Redwood
Ravenswood Investment Co. to John DUDFIELD, lots 18, 19, blk 9, Woodland Place
Owners Realty Co. to J. WILKENS, lot 1, blk 2, Villa tract, resub lot 50, Redwood Farm
Shore Line Investment Co. to Mary E. CROW, lots 25, 26, blk 2, Granada
H.H. SMITH to Chas. C. Murphy, lot 64, blk S. Huntington Park.
W. WOLF and wife to G. HOYDEN, lot 36, blk 27, Vista Grande
C. SEXTON and husband to Margaret WARD, lots 5, 6, blk 5, Vista Grande.
Emma SMITH to Ocean Shore Land Co., lot 25, blk 18, revised Salada Beach
W.T. FLOYD and wife to Jas. R. CATHERWOOD, lot 15, blk 38 Lyon & Hoag sub Burlingame
Anglo Cal. Trust Co. to B. ESTUDILLE, lot 64, blk 27, amended map Belle Air Park
Boston Investment Co. to Thos. Q. SWARTFINGER, lot 5, blk 10, Lyon & Hoag sub, Burlingame
Guadaloupe Development Co. to J. WESTON, lots 30, 31, blk 36, Bisitaction.
Crocker Estate Co. to Wm STRICKLER et al, lot 34, blk 14, Crocker tract.
Hensley Green Co. to M. HUGHES, lot 58, blk 10, San Bruno Park
Owners Realty Co. to B.R. STEWART, lots 40, 41, blk 3, Ocean Shore tract.
Alice COMERFORD to Lydia COMERFORD, 34.36 acres and 75.38 acres portion San Pedro Rancho.
Owners Realty Co. to W.H. BRIGGS, lot 16, blk 6, Venice Beach.
W.S. LEADLEY and wife to Thos. T. WISEMAN, lot 16 blk E, San Mateo
Thos T. WISEMAN and wife to Frank J. ROCHEX, same as above
E.F. FITZPATRICK and wife to E.H. KEEN, lot 23, blk 3, University Heights.
Same to Sadie KEEN, lot 24, blk 3 University Heights
Cutof Land Co. to Geo. T. GATES, lots 27, 28, blk 15, Dumbarton
Burlingame Glove Co. to Wm. Murdo, et. Al, lot 23, blk 5, Burlingame, Grove Tract
Luby GROWE to Florence E. CROWE, lot 1, portion lot 2, Diller’s Addition, Redwood

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