San Mateo County History
History of San Mateo County
by Philip W. Alexander, 1916


Part One.

Chapter I. Spanish Colonial Activity
Chapter II. English Navigators Visit Peninsula
Chapter III. Indians of County
Chapter IV. Growth of County
Chapter V. Early Days of San Mateo and Redwood City
Chapter VI. Mexican Land Grants in San Mateo County
Chapter VII. Catholic Church in County
Chapter VIII. Early Days in Colma Region
Chapter IX. Some Old Resorts of County
Chapter X. Period of Large Landed Estates
Chapter XI. Suburban Development Period
Chapter XII. San Mateo County: Today and Tomorrow
Chapter XIII. Bayside Cities of County
Chapter XIV. County Real Estate Values
Chapter XV. Climate of County
Chapter XVI. Floriculture in County
Chapter XVII. County's Physical Characteristics
Chapter XVIII. Highway System of County
Chapter XIX. Coastside of County
Chapter XX. San Mateo County Development Association
Chapter XXI. Schools of San Mateo County
Chapter XXII. Transportation Facilities
Chapter XXIII. Hunting and Fishing

Part Two. Biographies of Representative Men

Part Three. Industries of the County Part Four. Beautiful Residences

Source: Alexander, Philip W. History of San Mateo County : from the earliest times, with a description of its resources and advantages, and the biographies of its representative men.  Burlingame, Calif.: Press of Burlingame Pub. Co., 1916, 247 pgs.

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