San Mateo County History
Redwood City Tribune
May 1945
newspaper vitals
(Transcribed by Chris Havnar)

Redwood City Tribune
May 1945

Location: Redwood City
Source: San Mateo Library - Microfilm

Description: Vitals
Redwood City Tribune
May, 1945
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California

May 3, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Delbert G. Turner, 50, Daly City, and Katherine Alton, 46, San Francisco

Interlocutory Decrees
Dora H. from Robert W. Harza

Final Decrees
Zerita from Walter De Mara
Helen from Charles J. Hildebrant
Helen Pease from Edward L. Martin

Probate Matters
Est. of George D. Pettigrew, ded. Petition for probate of will; value unknown.

Saturday, May 5, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Manuel L. Casagrande, 23, San Mateo and Gloria S. Galli, 19 Belmont
Vincent J. Aleksinas, 26, Bridgeport, Conn., and Vera Graham, 23, San Carlos
Wilfred J. Bender, 44 and Margaret F. Maynard, 46, both of Redwood City
Vaughn Wolfe, 25, San Bruno and Marguerite Neiswanger, 21, Burlingame
James D. Langdon, 26, San Francisco, and Norma A. Isaac, 23, Redwood City
William M. Casey, 29, and Dorothy L. Arthur, 23, both of San Mateo

Probate Matters
Estate of James R. Vawter, ded. Petition for letters of administration.

Monday, May 7, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Arvel R. Perry, 27, South San Francisco and Alice Wilks, 21, Campbell, Calif.
Malcolm H. Compton, 22, Tennessee, and Carol Arbini, 20, South San Francisco
Edward J. Mitchell, 19, San Bruno, and Charlotte D. Smith, 17, Brisbane
Herk L. Hutchins, 29 and Virginia F. Chamberlin, 28, both of San Mateo
Lajoie M. Santo Jr., 23, Daly City, and Martha L. Penrod, 17, Arizona

Divorce Complaints
Betty J. vs. Frank A. Morrison
Nina L. vs. Sheldon E. Norris
Lillie L. vs. Howard A. Rohrs
Thomas E. vs. Elsie Swarts

Interlocutory Decrees
Florence from Harold Hunsperger
Violet M. from George E. Sullivan

Final Decrees
Marion M. from William E. Weber

Annulment Complaints
Billy vs Patsy Babb
Ethel V. vs. James Doyle
Evelyn vs. Walter J. Lykoski

Probate Matters
Est. of Henry F. Pamplin; ded. Pet. For letters; value unknown
Est . of Elizabeth B. Wallace, ded. Pet. For letters; value over $10,000

May 8, 1945

Partial Listing

Divorce Complaints
Arthur D. vs. Virginia W. Brenner

Complaint for Separate Maintenance
Leia B. vs Orval L. Nafe

Interlocutory Decrees
Hazel G. from E.E. Fall
Clayton from Genevieve V. Hall
Betty J. from Frank A. Morrison
Nina L. from Sheldon E. Norris
Ferne from Walter E. Murfee
Ethyl from Kenneth H. Sim
Thomas E. from Elsie Swarts
Hazel F. from Edward Thompson
Leonia C. from Robert L. Thorton
Caroline S. from Claude E. Walter

Final Decrees
David from Louise Fernandez
Harris R. from Asa J. Hooper
Sjoerdina from Emory C. Nelson
Earnest C. from Betty M. Person
Margaret M. from Everett A. Reid
Waunie E. from Edward L. Terry

Annulment Complaints
Constance O. vs. Noel L. Hansford
Rosario vs Narcisco Marpa

Annulment Decrees
Billy from Patsy Babb
Jean M. from William D. Cole
Orie S. from Rose Crippen
Ann from William R. Miller
Collin C. from Virginia Newton
Fred from Peggy Wood

Probate Matters
Est of Batista Bianco, ded. Pet. For probate of will; value unknown
Ext of Marguerite O'Brien, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value over $10,000

May 9, 1945

Marriage Licenses
John A. Jones, 24, Millbrae, and Janet Simpson, 22, Burlingame
De Witt Paine, 31, and Helene De Mund, 26, San Mateo

Divorce Complaints
Germana vs. Louis Bazzuri
Lou vs. Paul Massirio
Dolores vs. Chester C. Standley
Joseph M. vs. Georgia M. Trickett
Ida vs. Jesse Wooley

Annulment Complaints
Helen vs. Henry Daniells
Betty L. vs. Charles W. Lingo

Annulment Decrees
Rosario from Narcisco Marpa

Probate Matters
Est of George O. Hall, ded. Pet. For probate of will; value under $5000
Est of Christina Jochumsen, ded. Pet. For probate of will; value unknown
Est. of Zenobie Ardourel, ded. Pet. For probate of will and letters; value unknown
Est. of Lucia Manglona, ded. Pet. For letters; value unknown

May 10, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Ross H. Gill, 23 and Norma T. Spigno, 18 both of San Francisco
Lewis D. Fry, Jr. 34, San Francisco, and Zerita W. DeMara, 37 San Carlos

Divorce Complaint
Geraldine vs. Robert Miles

Interlocutory Decree
Duncan M. from Juanita Knowles
Edgar G. from Millicent L. Riley

Final Decree
Maxine M. from William R. Ambrose

Annulment Complaints
Dorothy E. vs George A. Anfinson
Ralph E. vs Alice H. Gibson

Annulment Decrees
Della M. from James T. Bullock
Helen from Henry Daniells

Probate Matters
Estate of Antoinio Petronave, ded, Pet for letters
Estate of Vernon D. Leibbrandt, ded Pet for letters value not over $5000

May 11, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Cyril P. Smith, 43, and Dorothy Dever, 36, both of San Bruno
William E. Leonhard, 23 and Pearl J. Satterfield, 20, both of Burlingame
John G. Stughold, 27, San Bruno, and Esther Wheeler, 26, Burlingame
Frank R. Rothenbuecher, 50, and Anna K. Weber, 32, Burlingame
Blair A. Hyde, 25, Glendale, and Marilyn Well, 22, San Mateo

Divorce Complaints
George vs Ann Eleanore Beuttler
Dorothy M vs David L. James
Richard H vs Ruth L. Sanderson
Robert B. vs Mabel L. Vierra

Interlocutory Decrees
Nona L. from Rober Bolliger

Final Decrees
James H. from Marvella Fisher

Probate Matters
Est of Filomena Cabano, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value over $10,000
Est of Louise E. Mittel, ded. Pet for letters; value under $5000

Saturday, May 12, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Clarence W. Weber, 34 and Evelyn Mack, 21, both of Burlingame
Bob E. Kuntz, 21, Montanta and Mary L. Le Vitre, 21, San Mateo
Robert W. Diez, 21, San Francisco, and Evelyn Parker, 19, Eureka
Arthur E. Hills, 32 and Marie Dukes, 36 both of San Francisco
Dorville O. Johnson, 20, Illinois and Betty J. Runyan, 19, South San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Norma M. vs William I. Du Prez
Evelyn E. vs Eugene A. Moore
Peggy V. vs Laurence F. Wagenknecht

Interlocutory Decrees
Nora M from William I. Du Prez
Lula from Harry I. Phillips

Final Decrees
Hilda A from Leo P. Britschgi
Katherine I from James G. Craig
Eleanore D from Lester F. Nettle

Annulment Complaint
Arne O vs Dorothy M. Erickson

Monday, May 14, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
George L. Sarris, 27, Massachusetts and Mary E. Mape, 22, San Mateo
Jean La Force, 41, San Francisco and Dorothy Solomon, 32, Oakland
Michael Porrazzo, 27, San Francisco and Rita F. Konopinski, 24, Redwood City
Douglas H. Kenison, 32, and Viola Kenison, 32, both of San Carlos
Earle R. Harvey, Jr. 25, Merced and Hernelta M. Cornell, 22, Burlingame
William S. Ehrich, 58, and Fern M. Williams, 45, both of Alameda

Divorce Complaints Filed
Dolly C. vs Frank A. Marinelli
Ben vs Bonnie M. Wax

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Ola M from John R. Finch
Dorothy M. from David L. James
Gladys M from Joseph M. Pagano
Grace from Shirley W. Wells

Final Decrees Granted
Alfred L from Elinor M. Bergren
Leona N from Albert F. Martinelli
Leonard L from Lois A. Scharff

May 15, 1945


Marriage Licenses

Edward W. Mertens, 23, San Mateo, and Shirley Lucille Martin, 22, Berkeley
William J. St. Onge, 21, Connecticut and Elsie Young, 22, Oregon
Hansel W. Huckaby, 21, Needles, Calif., and Marie Harding, 19, San Bruno
William F. Huber, 21, San Mateo, and Doris J. DeVol, 18, San Bruno

Divorce Complaints
Maud F vs Royal R. Bush

Interlocutory Decrees
Margaret E. from Clarence Moore.

May 18, 1945


Melvin L. Pennoyer, 23, Montana and Elva P. Feeley, 19, Menlo Park
Joseph R. Tomasello, 34, and Olga H. Bores, 33, both of San Francisco
Dudley W. Metteauer, 22, and Marquita Amaral, 20, both of Redwood City

Divorce Complaints
Floyd G vs Ella M. Catron
Pauline J. vs Verne M Christopher
Neva W vs. Albert S. Johnston
Agnes H. vs Waitesell A. Leach
May vs Paul M. Sheridan
Rosella A vs Charles C. Spharler
Juliana C vs Frederick G. Stokes

Final Decrees
Emilie from William Murphy

Annulment Complaint
James L. vs Jeanne Kanney

Annulment Decrees
Constance O from Noel L. Hansford
Della from Samuel L. Rappaport

Probate Matters
Est of William M. Lynch, ded. Pet for letters; value unknown
Est of Bertha H. Lynch, ded Pet for letters; value unknown

May 19, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Harry W. Kirchner, Jr. 24 and Eula R. Baird, 23, both of Burlingame
Jack Hall, 51 and Catherine Fiedler, 44, both of San Francisco
Sybil J. Faulkner, 27, Texas, and Virginia F. Sheldon, 21, South San Francisco
Dwight Fisher, 34, and Flora Painter, 34 both of Hollister
Robert A. Noah, 36, Ohio, and Ida Rott, 36, Massachusetts
John Rutledge Ballard, 23, Minnesota and Lucille M. Flanders, 23, Lomita Park

Divorce Complaints
Walter vs Edna M. Harrison

Complaint for Separate Maintenance
Olive vs Philip Lasher

Probate Matters
Est of Robert H. Krenz, decd. Pet for probate of will; value $10,000
Est. of William J. Twitchell, ded. Pet for letters of administration; value under $5000

May 21, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Geo E. O'Brien, 27, and Lorraine Rouprich, 22, both of San Francisco

Divorce Complaints Filed
Leonard J. vs Ruth H. Linder
Doreen M.T. vs. Raymond D. Olson

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Dorothy E. from William Molter

Annulment Decree Granted
Jennie from Charles Filliam

Probate Matters Filed
Estate of Reynolds B. North, alias, deceased. Petition for letters of administration.

May 22, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Stanislaus A. De Presco, 23, New York, and Ann Juliano, 25, Colorado
Ural K. Chappell, 23, Alviso, and Ardith Fitspatrick, 23, Redwood City
Harold L. Gilliam, 45, Lomita Park and Betty M. Haggerty, 46, Berkeley
Nat P. Cole, 31, Fresno, and Helena F. Howard, 20, San Mateo
Thomas Aldredge, 34, and Dorothy E. Olsen, 27, both of Redwood City.
Guy S. Humphrey, 28, and Ruth E. Douglas, 28, both of San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Bernice vs Ralph R. Amundsen
Glenn vs Clara Hooper
Abbie vs Hillis J. Hubbard
Margaruite D. vs Leo L. Sheehy
Ethel A vs John H. Wheeler

Interlocutory Decrees
Harriette J from Alwin R. Brauns
Bernice H from Albert J. Fernandez
Jenna M. from William Germain
Doris from John B. Johnson
Agnes H. from Waitesell A. Leach
Frederick from E. Catherine Miller
Louis L from Lilyan T. Small
Abbie M from John P. Walters

Final Decrees
Florence G from William S. Beer
Helen M from Henry C. Cutler
Winnie M. from Leslie A. Dungan
Bernice R from Clarence R. Elford
Merle J. from Joseph A. Shroyer

Annulment Decrees
Dorothy L. from Erwin Bischoff
Gloria from George Burkhardt

Probate Matters
Est of Howard G. Huntley, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value exceeds $10,000

May 23, 1945


Divorce Complaints
Ruth E. vs Joseph C. McIntosh
August G vs William D. Rensher

Interlocutory Decrees
Edith from Karle Schomer

Annulment Complaints
Lloyd vs Mary J. Ballard
Charlotte L.R. from James E. Hall
Reine R. from John R. Wright

May 24, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Clyde E. Mathney, 22, Kentucky, and Marilyn A. Bates, 19, San Mateo
Norman D. Morin, 21, Arizona, and Ann Downall, 23, Daly City
Bernard F. Grabner, 22, and Frances I. Taubeneck, 22, both of Kansas
Elmo A. Warner, 22, Utah, and Barbara R. McGee, 20, Los Angeles
Bill Kauffman, 25, Mountain View, and Mary J. Spear, 22, Menlo Park

Interlocutory Decrees
Edna from Clarence Jones

Final Decrees
Imogene from Edward H. Myers

Annulment Complaints
Thelma vs James Ballenger
June vs Ernie Chavez
Ann vs Burson E. Smith
Tonia vs Peter Spaedt
Donnie M. vs Henry J. Van Kampen

Probate Matters
Est of Mary Segale, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value under $10,000
Est of Carl F. Schmidt, ded. Pet for letters; value about $2500
Est. of Lydia M. Mackie, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value unknown.

May 25, 1945

Marriage Licenses
William W. Fulford, 29, Florida and Sylvia A. Howland, 25, Burlingame
Harold James, 40, and Pauline E. Terrill, 36, both of San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Velma B. vs Loyd T. Goodson

Interlocutory Decrees
Earline R. from Robert I. Daw

Final Decrees
Mary from George McIntosh

Probate Matters
Est of Albert G. Lafayette, ded. Pet. for probate of will and letters; value unknown
Est. of George Stegmiller, ded. Pet for letter; value under $10,000

Saturday, May 26, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Ostillio Nanna, 22, San Francisco, and Elide Marcelli, 22, South San Francisco
Alexander E. Bailly, 28, Half Moon Bay, and Lucylle A. Dedo, 23, Redwood City
Charles Bourdon, 53, and Cecelia Faucher, 35, both of San Mateo
John F. McMcKinnon, 30, and Thelma Thompson, 30 both of San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Mae vs Eugene J. White

Final Decrees
Inez P. from Elmer K. Donald

Annulment Complaints
William J vs Patricia G. Nagy

Probate Matters
Est of Stanley J. Palany, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value unknown.
Est of Allen F. Lewis, ded. Pet for letters; value under $1000

May 28, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Frank W. Knowles, 26, and Maria Chandler, 22, both of San Francisco
Robert N. Mitchem, 26, and Westonia Higginbottom, 25, both of San Mateo
Jasper H. Haseltine, 29, and Catherine E. Galyardt, 23, both of Redwood City
Richard C. Tigert, 23, and Dora M. Robertson, 25, both of San Mateo
John E. Morrell, 23, Ohio, and Rose S. Stagliano, 26, New York
Roger S. Erickson, 23, Minnesota, and Lorraine Crow, 24, Redwood City
Elmer Allen Jr., 25, and Viola Soler, 38, both of San Francisco
Ardel R. Regnier, 30, Michigan and Loraine Shufflebarger, 24, Redwood City
Clarence D. Thayer, 25, Oakland, and Virginia D. Thorimbert, 21, Redwood City

Divorce Complaints
Billy vs Frances Rabb
William F. vs Leola Pickett

Interlocutory Decrees
Felice M. from George F. Maunder
Dolores A from Harvey G. Murch
Margaruite D from Leo L Sheehy
Edward D. from Beryl Ward
Ruth S. from Robert E. Tinsley

Final Decrees
Margaret L. from George W. Clarkson
Elsa L. from Boice Gross
Berne H. from Bernice Shermantine

Annulment Decree
Arne O from Dorothymae Erickson
Ralph E. from Alice H. Gibson
Richard H. from Ruth L. Sanderson

May 29, 1945

Marriage Licenses
George MacCarra, 29, and Ann Franco, 24, both of San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Lydia Leilani vs James Hall

Interlocutory Decrees
Carol M. from Walter L. Montague
Peggy V. from Laurence F. Wagenknecht

Complaint for Separate Maintence
Mercedes vs Senorino Hernandez

Final Decrees
Myrtle L. from Daniel F. Clancy
Florence E from Arthur J. Fagin
Ruth T from Harold S. Hawkes
Paula M from Earnest L. Heaton
Charlotte from Russell W. Raichart
John V. from Olga J. Redmond
Dolores from Alber Retzer

Probate Matters
Est of Alan W.M. Finlay, ded. Pet for letters or to set aside; value under $10,000
Est. of John Sears, ded. Pet for letters; value under $10,000
Est. of Benjamin J. Styles. Pet for letters; value under $5,000

May 31, 1945

Marriage Licenses
William A. Lowe, 21, Santa Ana and Barbara Rosentrater, 21, San Mateo
Nickolaus P. Krea, 24, Illinois, and Ruby L. Sterbenac, 26, San Francisco
William J. Pressler, 22, Florida, and Barbara Gunn, 19, San Mateo
Percy J. Prinz, 57, and Cora Johnson, 43, both of San Mateo

Divorce Complaints
Mary L vs Phillip Darnell
Filda E vs Eroldo A. Gorlin
Madeleine vs Otto W. Kramer
Violet vs William C. McGee
Elizabeth A. vs George C. Snow

Interlocutory Decrees
Winifred B from Henry Aviles
Birkulend from Virginia Hansen

Final Decrees
Ann R. from Roderick H. Aya
Annulment Decrees
James L. from Jeanne Kanney

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