San Mateo County History
Redwood City Tribune
June 1945
newspaper vitals
(Transcribed by Chris Havnar)

Redwood City Tribune
June 1945

Location: Redwood City
Source: San Mateo Library - Microfilm
Description: Vitals

Redwood City Tribune
June, 1945
Redwood City, San Mateo, California

June 1, 1945

Partial Listing

Samuel J. Williamson, 25, Texas, and Joan E. Lawrence, 24, Los Angeles
Adam Jemsek, 28, and Josephine McSpadden, 27, both of Burlingame
Ewell J. Blair, 52 and Veronica Cleveland, 42, both of Angel Island, Calif.
George E. Tomlinson, 31, Sunnyvale, and Louella Edwards, 26, Mountain View
Charles H. Walters, 32, San Francisco, and Patricia A. Roberts, 24, Redwood City

Divorce Complaints
Phyllis B. vs David C. Brewer
Minnie vs Wayne E. Draper
John J vs Frances Sipos

Annulment Complaints
Nolafaye vs Irvin J. Rice

Interlocutory Decrees
Helen M from Richard Rackerby (??Smudge)

Annulment Decrees
Donnie M from Henry J. Van Kampen

Probate Matters
Est. of Nellie A. McCarthy, ded. Pet for probate of will; value over $10,000
Est. of Belton Rhodes, ded. Pet for probate of will and establishing the fact of death; value unknown
Est. of Sarah A. Webb, decd. Pet for letters; value under $5000

June 2, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Keith W. Southwick, 24, and Vickie N. Cortez, 24, both of Redwood City.
Emil Moen, 59, San Francisco, and Gail Camper, 41, Oakland
John Jutte Jr., 23, Nevada, and Barbara Richardson, 19, San Mateo
Charles E. Murdock, 22, Alabama, and Elizabeth Browne, 20, Menlo Park
Frank J. Bottini, 32, San Bruno, and Amelia Meghinasso, 32, San Mateo

Divorce Complaints
Ivy V vs Aubrey Harris
Patricia Purdy vs John Henry
Lorraine E vs Paul Y Prather

June 4, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Walter E. Till, 42, San Francisco, and Mae E. Somers, 42, Berkeley
Roy C. Roche, 29, and Marjorie C. Walker, 28 both of San Mateo
William D. Moore, 23, Pennsylvania, and Shirley C. Thorne, 22, Massachusetts

Divorce Complaints
Osa E vs Harold F. Johnson
Mae E vs Rufus A. Riggs
Orma F. vs Spencer W. Bonham

Interlocutory Decrees
Vidella from Samuel J. Brown
Gilda E from Eroldo A. Gorlin
Albina B. from Albert P. Lagomarsino
Lou from Paul Massirio
Cecil B from Carrie I Perkins
Frank from Margaret Peterson

Final Decrees
Benjamin B. from Margaret K McMaster
Annulment Complaint
Josephine D vs Robert E. Dewitz
Yvonne L vs Gordon W. Loving

Annulment Decrees
Rosalind F from Joseph F. Kirby
Earnest from Albertha Perry

Probate Matters
Estate of John J. Leonard, ded. Pet for letters; value about $5,000

June 5, 1945


John L. Culver, 29, and Alma E. Kirby, 22 both of Alabama
Harles H. Clemmons, 24, Kentucky, and Catherine McIntyre, 18, Menlo Park
Homer C. Bayne, 37, and Marjorie M. Smith, 40, both of San Francisco
Victor Hengst, 21, Pennsylvania and Mary D. Briggs, 20, Aptos

Divorce Complaints
Evelyn vs Raul Castillo

Interlocutory Decrees
Mary E from Fred A. Cooper
Vera H. from Robert S. Crosby
Albert H from Bernice E. Zubick

Final Decrees
Peter R from Mabel Y. Hansen
Ed from Phyllis A. LcLellan

June 6, 1945


Frieda vs Roy Austin
Afred W. vs Frances L. Burgess
Helen M vs James A Cory
Helen vs Newton H. Courts
Frances A vs Clifford H. Crocker
Glenna C. Vs Earl L. Ginder
Bertha E vs John C. Harris

Interlocutory Decrees
Sylvia from Leonard A. Hall
Ivy V. from Aubrey Harris
Matilda S. from Harry M. Kuntz
Bernice P from Lynn L. Lindskog

Final Decrees
Millicent from James Strohm

Annulment Complaints
Joseph R. from Irene Bender

Annulment Decrees
Josephine D. from Robert E. Dewitz
Donald C. from Frances Hampshire
Byron from Susan Latimer

Probate Matters
Est, of Ralph Eliaser, ded. Pet for probate of holographic will; value unknown
Est. of Anna B. Dickie, ded. Pet for letters; value unknown
Est of Herman C. Emme, ded. Pet for letters; value unknown
Est. of John C. Schultheis, ded. Pet for probate of will; value unknown
Est of Jas. Costa, dcd. Pet for letters; value unknown
Est of Anna Young, ded. Pet for letters; value unknown.

June 7, 1945


Ivy M. from Sylvanus B. Parker

Final Decrees
Regina M from Ralph R. Hoover
Jessie H. from Harrold R. Hungerfold

Anulment Complaint
Myrtle J. vs Dwain I Passow

June 8, 1945

Marriage Licenses
George P. Ellis, 52 and Dorothy M. Pierce, 27, both of British Columbia, Canada
Wallace E. Williams, 23, and Emily A. Adams, 23, both of San Mateo

Annulment Complaints
Dominic J vs Mildred Altieri
June vs Reynold Eliason
Lynward J. vs Gene Hooie
Zetta vs Ralph A. Kane
Eleanor vs John Piekarczyk
Beatrice L. vs Joseph Senger

Interlocutory Decrees
Mildren O from Edson W. Wisely

Final Decrees
Virginia M from Stanton R. Burns
Marcia E. from David V. Colbert
Geneva L from Gus Cravens

Annulment Decrees
Dorothy E from George A. Anfinson
June from Reynold Eliason
Lynward J. from Gene Hooie
Zetta from Ralph A. Kane

Probate Matters
Est. of Joseph Andrade, ded. Pet. for probate of will and letters; value under $10,000

June 9, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Leonard Rackstraw, 28, Palo Alto, and Eleanor Yount, 27, Sunol
James A. Glasgrow, 21, and Martha J. Shields, 18, both of South San Francisco
Elnar Jensen, 27, and Dorothy Hinman, 31, both of San Francisco
William Priddy, 37, San Francisco, and Olive King, 37, San Bruno
Richard Jones, 41, Alabama and Myrtle V. Pierce 30, Michigan
Roy K. Maness, 21, and Leon Henegar, 20 both of Tennessee
Edgar C. Banek, 27, and Elizabeth J. Lind, 28, both of Stockton

Divorce Complaints
Kendall L. vs Virginia B. McKinney
Frank vs Jennie Rondon

Interlocutory Decree
Lillian M from Stanley H. Botto
Phyllis B from David C. Brewer
Floyd G from Ella M. Catron

Final Decrees
Anna T from Adolph Ingoglin

Annulment Complaints
Hubert A vs Ada T. Chushman

Probate Matters
Est. of Eugene B.V. Ross, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value under $10,000

June 11, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Joseph P. Gordon, 28, and Elinor A. Kopchak, 25, both of Atherton
John L. Smith, 30, Los Angeles, and Miriam M. Dietrich, 22, San Francisco
James Lemos, 22, Massachusetts, and Winifred Guild, 22, San Francisco
Alfred N. Hildebrand Jr., 19 and Betty M. Duvall, 17, both of Washington
Ralph C. Lewis, 32, San Mateo, and Mina L. Turner, 24, Montana

Divorce Complaints
Nellie vs Chester W. Eager
Florence M vs George C. Laden
Gayle R. vs William S. Love
Alice vs Salvatore Micheli

Interlocutory Decrees
Frances A from Clifford H. Crocker
Louis from Bette Gagnebin
Frank from Jennie Rondon
Norah K from Charles A Sandstrom

Annulment Decrees
Ida from Robert Lacoste
Ceserina from Tony Riggio

Final Decrees
Joseph L from Mabel F. Ross

Probate Matters
Est. of George E. Kenney, ded. Pet for letters; value not over $10,000

June 14, 1945

Bonnie Kaufman, 34, and Shirley Horwitz, 32, both of Los Angeles
William Jay Phillips, 42, and Doris M. McQueen, 29, both of San Francisco
Howard W. Whitmer, 37, Daly City and Rose Marie Turner, 29, San Francisco
Thomas B. Newsham 55, San Francisco and Dorothy Johnston 45, Oakland

Divorce Complaints
Lillian vs Harry E. Carizzi
Jean P. vs Wendell C. Huckfeldt
Marie E vs Edwin Johnson
James H vs Frances F. McManus
Frank C vs Jeannette M. Miramontes
Clarabelle vs Salvatore J. De Sanders
Dorothy S vs Stanley W. Tucker

Interlocutory Decrees
Ilarose C. from Wilfred J. Bissett
Leonore D. From Don B. Facciolla
Genevieve M from Franklin J. Iverson

Final Decrees
Kathryn M from Bernard E. Allard
Anna from Nick Batistich
Edward P from Estelle O Darragh
Thomas F from Harriet A Mahoney
Laura from Forrest Woods

Annulment Complaints
William C vs Nadine M. Bankston
Leonard J vs Ruth H. Linder
Irene vs Ira C. Mullen

Annulment Decree
William J. from Patricia G. Nagy

June 15, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Charlie L. Haasis, 21, Texas and Helen E. Carino, 21, San Mateo
Robert Simpson, 69, Burlingame and Irene Bray, 54, Burlingame
Robert O. Leete, 22, San Francisco, and Virginia O. Matison, 21, Redwood City
R.E. Kohmann, 22, and Helen Nordquist, 20 both of Daly City
Richard D. Willard, 24, Berkeley and Myrtle A. Barger, 23, San Carlos

Divorce Complaints
Stanley M vs Mary L Hopkins
Ora vs Frederick J. Jackson

Monday, June 18, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Benjamin J. Smith, 56, Redwood City and Madge Hoffschildt, 56, San Bruno.
Michael R. Lima, 44, and Nareida Escobar Basora (??), 32, both of San Francisco.
Charles C. Houghtaling, 22, North Dakota and Mary Elizabeth Baum, 21, Lomita Park
Atbis D. Shipley, 18, and Aileen Louise Neal, 18, both of Redwood City.
John G.H. Schaefer, 21, Washington D.C. and Mary Jane Vandewark, 22, South San Francisco.
Kenneth E. Harris, 40, Fairfax, and Auziene C. Clausen, 40, Redwood City
Richard A. Brown, 18, Michigan and Eleanor Conti, 18, South San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Arlend B. vs Afton E. Judkins
Ray E vs Mebel A. Miller
Laura M vs George F. Young

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Eleanor from Arthur W. Brittain
Mary from Samuel Chandler
Leland Thomas from Mary V. Quinlan
Ermini Isabel from Joseph Dino Tognoli

Annulment Complaints Filed
Stanley E. vs Grace Bird

Annulment Decrees Grants
Irene from Ira C. Mullen

Tuesday, June 19, 1945


Leonard vs Adele Johnson
Carrie B vs Eugene M. Wesley

Annulment Decrees
Faye from Jessie R. Rose
Tonia from Peter Spaedt

June 21, 1945

Alvin H. Feldmann, 27, Illinois, and Marianna Emma, 20, Half Moon Bay
Richard F. Iwaszko, 21, Minnesota, and Margaret L. Olson, 19, San Francisco
George D. Franklin, 21, San Mateo, and Theodora B. Marshall, 17, Lomita Park.
Jack J. Moreno, 45, and Katie M. White, 53, both of San Francisco
Hubert Straubhaar, 44, and Anna Monleon, 45, both of South San Francisco
Robert D. Smith, 25, and Helen B. Maloney, 19, both of San Francisco.

Divorce Complaints
Helen A vs Mervyn J. Bracesco
Martha J vs Carlet M. Daniel
Angie L vs William H. Jenkins
Mary vs Gus Pierce
Dante R. vs Onnette R. Volonte

Interlocutory Decrees
Helen from Newton H. Courts
Angie L from William H. Jenkins

Final Decrees
Genevieve K from Mortimer M. Benton
Anna L from Del Cote

Annulment Complaints
Paul vs Dorothy Ortego

Saturday, June 23, 1945


David C. Newman, 24 and Lillian Broyles, 23, both of Burlingame
Stan E. Taylor, 23, Washington, and Betty Hodges, 24, Oregon
Ernest Gonzales, 21, Santa Clara, and Rose Ontiveros, 18, Redwood City.
Gunnar M. Tosch, 24, Burlingame, and Kathleen J. Klicka, 17, San Mateo
Charles W. Higgins Jr. 26, San Mateo, and Mary J. Clawson, 22, Burlingame
Roy E. Welch, 27, Belmont, and Bettye L. Roelfs, 24, Burlingame
David F. Atkinson, 27, San Jose, and Ann H. Manley, 23, Redwood City

Divorce Complaints
Myrna D. vs Elmer E. Comely
Caroline F. vs Elmer J. Costa
Charles A. vs Eva B. Dwinelle
Lorene B. vs Ray W. Gibble
Walter vs Edna M. Harrison
Barbara J. vs Harold A. Price

Interlocutory Decrees
Alfred W. from Frances L. Burgess
Dante R. from Onnette R. Volonte

Final Decrees
Lillian R from Rodney T. Delbon

Annulment Complaints
Faith M. vs. Walter R. Yell

June 25, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
George S. Stites, 24, Illinois, and Marianne Shearman, 24, Oregon
Albert Morrissey, 19, San Francisco, and Barbara Delucchi, 18, Redwood City
Edward S. Fish, 21, Oregon, and Melba D. Johnson, 21, Washington

Divorce Complaints Filed
Mary vs Joaquin Luiz

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Eugene L from Josephine Carriker
Mary from Walter F. Craig
Frances E.W from Roy J. Stewart

Final Decrees Granted
Marjorie M from Gustave J. Britten

Annulment Decree Granted
Faith M from Walter R. Yell
Ntia C. from Alvin P. Tignor

Probate Matters Filed
Est of Teresa Fabbri, dec. Pet for probate of will. Value does not exceed $10,000
Est. of Minnie R. Rankin, dec. Pet for probate of will and for letters, testamentary. Value less than $10,000

June 26, 1945


Divorce Complaints
Irene C. vs E. Addington Long

Interlocutory Decrees
Irene C. from E. Addington Long
William F from Leola Pickett

Annulment Complaint
Johanna vs Thomas Maloney
Betty L. vs Cecil Poff

Probate Matters
Est of George H. Allen, ded. Pet for letters; value under $5000.

June 27, 1945

Jay T. Dickson, 21, Los Altos, and Christine Miller, 19, Mountain View
George White, 37, Daly City, and Dorothy Garibaldi, 39, San Francisco
William J. Mattox, 24, Virginia, and Joy Moore, 21, South San Francisco
Arthur A. Betsche, 64, and Alfrieda A. Olsen, 51, both of San Francisco
Beauford F. Willis, 22, Los Angeles, and Evelyn F. Meginness, 22, Redwood City

Divorce Complaints
Barbara Briggs vs Don Gilmore
Gertrude M.S. vs Charles V. Litton
Emily P vs. Henry W. Trumbull

Final Decrees
Charles from Christine Weston

Annulment Complaints
Margaret A vs Clifford D. Niles

June 29, 1945


Divorce Complaints
Alma vs. Vinnin E. Atkinson
Mildred E. vs Dominia Picca

Interlocutory Decrees
Alfred W from Frances L. Burgess
Iris A from Rudolph M. Johnson
Afton E from Arland B. Judkins

Final Decrees
Sebastiano from Mary Rasso
Louise M from Walter K. Christiansen
Jenna M from William Germain
George N from Christine F. McCLintock
Zella B from Edward Williams

Annulment Complaints
Eunice H. vs Edmund T. Doherty
Mildred vs E.J. Nations

Probate Matters
Est. of Frank Danielson, ded. Pet. for letters; value under $10,000
Est. of Anna Coste, ded, Pet. for probate of will; value over $10,000.

June 30, 1945


Kenneth C. Orrett, 24, San Mateo, and Frederique Lacomble, 23, Palo Alto
Willard B. Gurhoerl, 31, Lynwood and Mary C. Mathies, 31, Redwood City
William J. Corlin, 37, and Dorothy R. Hayes, 25, both of Grass Valley
Everett Parish, 19, Iowas, and Janice Oviatt, 18, Palo Alto
John Young, 27, Winters, and Mary Sheering, 30, San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Florence S. vs. William E. Brown
Alma L. vs James R. Myers

Interlocutory Decrees
Mary L. from Phillip Darnell

Final Decrees
Virginia from Raymond Allain
Edward E. from Frances M. Dailey

Probate Matters
Est. of Grant O. Moore, ded. Pet for letters; value about $5000

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