San Mateo County History
Redwood City Tribune
July 1945
newspaper vitals
(Transcribed by Chris Havnar)

Redwood City Tribune
July 1945

Location: Redwood City
Source: San Mateo Library

Description: Vitals

Redwood City Tribune
July 1945
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California

July 2, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Jack L. De Bell, 26, Atherton and Genevieve Louise Wade, 19, Menlo Park.
Dale Brooks Eckrote, 22, Santa Barbara and Madge Mary Bradley, 21, Los Angeles
Ernest Volente, 47, San Jose and Helen Della Oreglia, 32, Redwood City
Nicholas Mastromonico, 23, New York and Ida Redman, 19, Oklahoma
Roger Romeyne Richardson, 24, Alameda and Mary Jane Dickson, 23, Atherton
Lloyd Joseph Douglas, 21, Menlo Park and (Vanya) Barbara Nafziger, 19, San Jose.
Ervin Clair Davis, 21, and Helen Patten, 20, both of Utah
Claude D. Stilwell, 56, Vallejo and Edythe Krall, 51, North Palo Alto
William Arthur Bellin, 23, Burlingame, and Nancy Ellen Dawson, 25, Seattle, Wash.

Divorce Complaints Filed
Frances M vs. Alexander Alexander
Evelyn vs Datus N. Bailey
Frank vs Marguerita Junek
Jordis J. vs Bryan M. Scarborough
Verna vs Harry Stanley
Leo vs Tomasine Dale
Dorothy Roe vs Charles Samuel Downen
Dorothy Ann vs Elbert Earl Gatter
Mae vs William Gordon
Shirley Jane vs Albert Mann

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
John J. from Lorraine I. Burke
Ann K from William L. Chamberlain
Walter O from Eliza E. Thomas

Final Decrees Granted
Mabelle A. from Edward P. Concannon
Pauline from Joel C. Stone

Probate Matter Filed:
Estate of George M. Russell, alias, deceased. Petition for letters of administration. Value of estate less than $10,000
Estate of George B. Landers, Jr., deceased. Petition for letters of administration. Value of estate less than $10,000
Estate of John Muller, deceased. Petition for letters of administration, etc. Value of estate less than $5000

July 5, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Roland A. Petrocchi, 30, Daly City and Gloria Fodeen Duffield, 25, Colma
Leslie Frost, 21, Brentwood, Calif., and Eldred Hahn, 21, Daly City
Thomas Horn, 32, and May Chung, 25, both of San Francisco
William L. Gruver, 21, and Betty Rae Buck, 20, both of Burlingame

Divorce Complaints Filed
Harry J vs Versa D. Collins
Amante V vs Dorothy Norma Funei
Frances vs Frank Cano
Glenna H vs James G. Harpe
Olive vs Alfred Nannini

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Alma from Vinnin E. Atkinson
Charles A. from Eva B. Dwinelle
Juliana Cecile from Frederick G. Stokes
Ben from Bonnie Murphy Wax

Final Decrees Granted
Henry K from Cynig S. Dombalian
Jane from William B. George

Annulment Complaint Filed
Josephine vs David H. Mercer

Annulment Decrees Granted
Merlin Payne from Jessie Beulah Finley
Freida Irene from Clifford Harold Hiler
Mildred from E.J. Nations

July 6, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Gilbert Gonzalez Gutierrez, 23, Wilmington, Calif., and Lila Chavez, 17, Mountain View.
Warren Rhodes, 20, Richmond Hill, N.Y. and Faye Edwards, 22, Menlo Park.
Wallace A. Raasch, 23, and Dorothy H. Needham, 25, both of Millbrae
John Batista Peruch, 31, and Mary Ann Lowenstein, 24, both of San Mateo
Eugene Charles Hammer, 36, and Stephanie Digle, 37, both of Minnesota
Frances K. Kennedy, 43, and Kathe Loewy, 37, both of Burlingame
Cammy J. Tarraborrelli, 25, Pennsylvania and Mary Quartiero, South San Francisco

Divorce Complaints Filed
Rose Mary vs Francis Leslie Barron
Magnolia vs LeRoy Earby

Interlocutory Decree Granted
Myrna D from Elmer E. Camely

Complaint for Separate Maintenance
Gladys vs Leslie Myers

Saturday, July 7, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
George Ackman, 22, Kentucky and Patricia Macabee, 18, Los Altos
Donald Hampshire, 28 and Marie Sutton 25, both of San Francisco
Philip Marshall Reamer, 29, 353 Euclid Ave., San Bruno and Violet Mae Beeson, 19 Indiana
Alvin Weiss, 21 and Marjorie Phillis Brotton, 20 both of Los Angeles
Bela Hulse Wright, 29, Illinois and Edythe Bertha Flaherty, 28, 1122 Maple Ave., Menlo Park
Ural Doax Dickerson, 23, 500 MacArthur Ave., Redwood City, and Shirlie M. Monday, July 9, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Charles De Long, 40 and Jessie Lloyd, 30 both of Palo Alto
Alfred Schuster, 35, and Mable Costa, 25, both of San Leandro
John M. Lehman, 42, and Rosemary Schuler, 38, both of Redwood City

Divorce Complaints Filed
Josephine vs Christopher Michaels
Lylah vs William H. Olcese

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Velma Bernice from Lloyd Thomas Goodson
Laura M. from George F. Young

July 10, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Daniel Bernard Courtney, 46, and Lucille Marie Byrne, 40 both of San Francisco
Godfrey Robert Gregg, 21, and Elizabeth Anne Allan, 21, both of San Mateo
William M. Walter, 31, Redwood City and Willy de Jong, 24, San Mateo
O.P. Bishop, 68, South San Francisco and Loma Ruth Gay, 63, Missouri
Ferdinand Holtum Jr. 62, and Ann E. Flynn, 53, both of San Francisco
Jacob Curtis Lamp, 27, Pennsylvania and Anna E. Fisher, 23, North Carolina

Divorce Complaints Filed
Muriel vs Jack Aaroe
Regina vs Carl Burtscher
Lorayne F vs Ronald M. Starner

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Patricia from John C.N. Anderson
Violet from William C. McGee

Probate Matters Filed
Estate of John William Justen, alias, deceased. Petition for probate of will and for issuance of letters testamentary. Value of estate unknown.
Estate of Nellie Swanson, alias, deceased. Petition for letters of administration, etc. Value of estate unknown.

July 11, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Othello G. Fair, 17, Colma and Rose A. Greenough, 18, Daly City
Thomas E. Beighley, 32, and Margaret Campbell, 31, both of San Francisco
Harry E. Longerbeam, Bolivar, W. Va., and Mae Gianocca, Redwood City both over 21
Clyde J. Lee, 23, Oregon and Nancy Wittaker, 19, Burlingame
Domingo R. Noma, 37, and Julia Uriosta 18, both of Santa Cruz
Arthur Potter, 21, Kentucky and Lillian N. Luedke, 21, San Bruno

Divorce Complaints Filed
Mary L. vs. Earl E. Rieleman

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Margaret L. from William E. Briggs
Feodora from Marvin E. Lewis
Carmel from Dante Pompati
Lurinda M. Lloyd Stebbins

Annulment Decrees Granted
Joan V. Stevenson from John Parrish

Decree of Separate Maintenance
Regina A. from Thomas W. O'Neil

July 12, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Robert C. Boyd, 24, and Louis N. Bodenhamer, 19, both of Redwood City
Robert Martin Rinder, 22, and Lorraine M. Weymouth, 20, both of San Francisco
Edward Krass, 24, Illinois and Laura Dumas Mott, 29, Palo Alto
Carl Elbert Potter, 42, and Yolanda Bertini, 43, both of Daly City
Tony Ursura, 52, Forestville, Calif., and Lela Warwick, 44, Salinas

Divorce Complaints Filed
Eva vs Lester Carson
Theodora vs Frank McMichael

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Elva from George Langston
Alberta O. From James B. O'Brien

Final Decrees Granted
Juliette from Julio Comacho

Probate Matters Filed

Estate of Antonio Ghiorsi, deceased. Petition for probate of will. Value of estate unknown

July 13, 1945

Marriage Licenses Issued
Richard L. Seymore, 22, and Jacqueline Stone, 19, both of Burlingame
John F. Leonard, 21, and Betty L. Stephenson, 21, both of San Mateo
Gerald Francis Richards, 29 and Maxine Adelia Livingston, 33, both of Los Angeles
George W. Cox, 33, and Willa V. Cruson, 37, both of San Francisco
Lloyd Wesley Larson, 21, and Jean Hart, 18, both of Millbrae

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Amante V. from Dorothy Norma Funai
Chrystle from Edwin G. Tuchtenhagen

Fianal Decrees Granted
Vera from Robert H. Brown
Ethel from Walter A. Lange
Alice Dorenda from Louis Francis Wilcox

Annulment Decree Granted
Domenico J. from Mildred Altieri

Probate Matters Filed
Estate of Rosie Gerosa Baccelli, alias, deceased. Petition for probate of will and letters testamentary. Value of estate less than $10,000
Estate of Fred L. Washburn, alias, deceased. Petition for probate of will. Value of estate exceeds $10,000Adam, 20 421 Samson St., Redwood City

Divorce Complaints Filed
Esther vs Gus Gianculas
Carroll vs Harriett Hinman
Velda V. vs Joseph Sheward

Interlocutory Decrees Granted
Gretchen D. from Redmond D. Fay

Final Decrees Granted
Spences H. from Louella Bush
John Maurice from Alice Gertrude Lehman

Monday, July 16, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Robert F. Gill, 31, Yucaipa, and Virginia Allen, 29, San Francisco
Frank Le Roy Donovan, 26, Burlingame, and Thelma Marie Prestine, 22, Burlingame
Louis Rossi, 31, Santa Barbara and Clelia Roveta, 29, Redwood City
Henry L. Zech, 65 East Palo Alto and Katherina Schmidt, 55, San Francisco
J.D. Lyeria, 21, Granite City, Ill., and Anelma Larson, 18, Millbrae
Osmo Maunula, 40, Winnemucca, Nev. And Vivian Pike, 40, Belmont
Henry Patterson Jr., 21, Baden, Penn., and Dorothy Alice Knapp, 21, Mariposa
Jess Gilbert, 21, and Ruby Dudley, 28, both of South San Francisco
Howard S. Wallis, 25, Denair, and Beverly Ann Dutro, 23, San Mateo
Windell K. Pennycuff, 21, Kentucky, and Bessie M. Holcomb, 18, San Bruno
Joseph J. Maciel, 46, and Elsie Bird Jones, 28, both of San Jose
John Campbell, 65, and Mary Helene Carty, 40 both of San Francisco
Kim Gee, 44, San Francisco and Myra Chan, 36, Berkeley

Divorce Complaints
Sophie H. vs William J Evans
Mildred La Von vs Frederick A. Re
Anita vs Francis C. Rundle

Final Decrees
Edith Gwen from John Merle Bowersox

Annulment Complaint
Betty vs Thomas G. Byrne

July 17, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Jack D. Kuykendall, 24, Texas, and Irene L. Smith, 25, Florida

Divorce Complaints
Austa C. vs Herbert R. Eaton
Alyce vs Murwyn Hurst
Ida G. vs William H. King

Interlocutory Decrees
Frieda from Roy Austin
Alma L. from James R. Myers
Dorothy from Roger Stienstra
Florence M. from Ray J. Zumini

Final Decrees
Elizabeth S. from John L. Adams

Annulment Complaints
Della vs Addison C. Mead

Annulment Decrees
Betty From Thomas C. Byrne

Probate Matters
Estate of Ernest Miller, ded. Pet to admit will to probate and for letters; value unknown

July 18, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Raymon A. Patti, 31, and Ellen Wilkes, 33, both of Redwood City
John P. Patterson, 21, Memphis, Tenn., and Virginia Hartwell, 18, Burlingame
Norman A. Ensminger, 21, Roselle, N.J., and Barbara A. Eversoll, 18, Oakland
Robert L. Wood, 23, San Francisco and Florabel Rowers, 20, South San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Victoria M. vs Angelo Flore
Beverly vs Ivan Keough

Final Decrees
Betty J. from James McLaren

Probate Matters
Estate of Louis Shola, ded. Petition for probate of will; value unknown

July 20, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Ernest R. Bidez, 25, and Ruth L. Long, 22, both of San Mateo
Frank M. West, 43, and Hannah Jennings, 48, both of San Mateo
Robert Mikesell, 32, and Hazel Davis, 32, both of San Francisco
George W. Clarkson, 30, and Frances M. Riley, 31, both of Redwood City
Richard N. Riggs, 20, Iowa, and A. Jean Davis, 19, Oregon

Divorce Complaints
Betty vs Edward Linebarger
Marjorie vs Marvin Smyser
Jeannette G. vs. Allan R. Spalding

Interlocutory Decrees
Harry J. from Versa D. Collins
Jeanette G. from Allan A. Spalding

Final Decrees
Evelyn from Leonard Adams

Annulment Complaints
Marion B. vs Edward G. Millett
Margaret vs J. Neville Shore

July 21, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Albert S. Susa, 30, Santa Maria, and Frances J. Aresta, 18, Santa Rosa
William H. Downey, 27, Burlingame, and Barbara J. Benoit, 22, San Mateo
Charles N. Watry, 55, Oakland, and Hazel B. Miller, 50, Burlingame
Humphrey I. Martin, 23, Chicago and Zoe M. Gunston, 19, Burlingame

Divorce Complaints
Dorothy A vs Albert E. Smith

Annulment Complaints
Doris A vs Gordon D. Russell

Probate Matters
Est of James N. Nisbet, ded. Pet for probate of will and letters; value unknown
Est of Olin F. Nuckolls, ded. Pet for probate of will and appointment of executor; value under $5000

July 23, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Norman G. Roberts, 18, New Mexico, and Bettie J. Carpenter, 18, Redwood City
George W. Hunsaker, 49, Willits and Ellen S. Backlund, 33, East Palo Alto
Carl H. West, 21, Tennessee and Betty B. Scoggins, 17, Burlingame
Clarence R. Mason, 18, Missouri and Marilyn J. Fike, 18, San Mateo
Woodrow P. Lamkin, 25, and Betty Lamkin, 23, both of Sunnyvale

Divorce Complaints
Claire J vs Clarence B. Bowen
Emmit A vs Dotsie L. Bryant
Helen E vs Raymond A. Hueter
Lena J vs Raymond F. Imgrund

Interlocutory Decrees
Lucille from Gideon Bowley
Helen A from Mervyn J. Bracesco
Arthur D from Virginia W. Brenner
Carmela from Joseph Ferri
Alexander from Mary Walker

Annulment Complaints
Maude vs Frank W. Dierking

Annulment Decree
Doris A from Gordon D. Russell

Probate Matters
Est of Mrs. Dorothy M. Randick, ded. Pet. for letters; value unknown.

Tuesday, July 24, 1945


Glenna H. from James G. Harpe
Basyl B. from Marie L. Holly
Theodora from Frank McMichael
James A. from Timothy J. O'Callaghan
Augusta G. from Wm. D. Rencher
Margaret M. from Roy T. Wetmore
Lorayne G. from Ronald M. Starner

Final Decrees
Edna R. from Clarence E. Altnow
Marion from Edward M. Burtnett
Madelyn N. from John C. Corson
Dessie O. from Willie H. Hendrix
Helen M. from Otto Raabe
Louise E. from William E. Reardon
Marjorie M. from Harold Le Roy Sanders

Annulment Decrees
June from Ernie Chavez
Margaret from J. Neville Shore

Probate Matters
Est of John V. Azevedo, ded. Pet for probate of will; value unknown.

July 26, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Edmund L. Reifenstein, 48, and Alice T. Brooks, 38, both of San Francisco
James D. Whitaker, 28, Arizona, and Mary L. Hodges, 22, Menlo Park
Earl W. Honerlah, 28, and Alice M. Holm, 30, both of San Mateo
Robert L. Spicer, 23, and Patricia L. Adams, 18, both of Texas

Divorce Complaints
Anthony A. vs Rose M. Barone
Earlean vs. John E. Warren
Marjorie vs Carrold R. White

July 31, 1945

Marriage Licenses
Jack E. Palmer, 45, and Ellen C. Banhaus, 32, both of San Francisco
John A. Schmitz, 24, San Mateo, and Mary Cates, 21, Burlingame
Everett E. Gilbert, 27, Indiana and Nettie Purpura, 30, San Francisco

Divorce Complaints
Jewell vs Joseph Balthazar
Helen vs William J. Creighton
Stanley M vs Mary L. Hopkins
Gladys L vs Wesley J. Ketcham
Adelyn M vs Ellis D. Minshall
Phyllis C vs Leslie Sutton

Interlocutory Decrees
Beryl L. from Floyd Funkner
Dorothy E from Richard E. Garrett
Helen E. from Raymond A. Hueter
Ora M from Frederick J. Jackson
Shirley J from Albert Mann

Annulment Complaints
Herbert E. Katherine Ausburn (sic)
Louise vs Roger R. Courtney

Probate Matters
Est of Oscar B. Perry, ded. Pet for probate of will; value unknown

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