San Mateo County Genealogy
Burlingame Blue Book Directory, 1905

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book, 1905
Charles C.Hoag, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1905

CAROLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J., San Mateo Red 201.
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., San Mateo Black 201.
CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. William H., San Mateo Red 203.
EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Ansel M., San Mateo Main 131.
FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B., "Fairseat", San Mateo Main 141.
GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D., San Mateo Black 181.
GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., San Mateo Main 411.
HOBART, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, San Mateo Main 191.
HOOKER, Mr. and Mrs. C. Osgood.
KRUTTSCHNITT, Mr. and Mrs. J. and sons, Burlingame Black 203.
McLELLAN, Mr. and Mrs. E.W., San Mateo Red 171.
MacMONAGLE, Dr. and Mrs. Beverly.
MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S., Burlingame Black 171.
SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry T., San Mateo Red 181.
SPRECKELS, Mr. and Mrs. C. August.
SPRECKELS, Miss Lurline.
TUBBS, Mrs. Austin C., San Mateo Main 251.
TUBBS, Mr. and Mrs. W.B., Burlingame Black 195.
TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S., San Mateo Black 193.
WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mountford S., San Mateo Red 191.

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