San Mateo County Genealogy
Woodside Blue Book Directory, 1924

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory, 1924
Jed J. Hoag and Arthur H. Page, Publishers, San Francisco, California, 1924

BALDWIN, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R., Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 1715-F-2).
CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Selah, Woodside Road, Woodside (Redwood 156) and S.F.
CONNOLLY, Mr. and Mrs. E.D., Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 1709-F-2).
DIMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 1716-F-2).
FLEISHHACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer, Woodside, Cal. (Redwood 1720-F-2).
FOLGER, Mrs. James Athearn, Woodside (Redwood 1707-F11).
HELLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoge, "Windover," Woodside (Redwood 1701-F-5).
HONN, Mr. and Mrs. E.A., Woodside Road, Woodside (Redwood 101).
HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P., Woodside (Redwood P.O.) (Redwood 1721-F-4).
HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Woodside, Cal. (Redwood 1708-F-4).
JOSSELYN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Woodside (Redwood 1707-F5). and S.F.
JOSSELYN, Miss Marjorie, Woodside (Redwood 1707-F5). and S.F.
KENTFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. John, Woodside, Cal. (Redwood 164).
LYMAN, Dr. and Mrs. George D., Res. Woodside Road (Redwood 1712-F 11).
McINTOSH, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth, Res. Woodside (Redwood 1712-F-12).
McINTOSH, Miss Aileen G., Res. Woodside (Redwood 1712-F-12).
McINTOSH, Mr. Kenneth G., Res. Woodside (Redwood 1712-F-12).
McINTOSH, Mr. Gordon, Res. Woodside (Redwood 1712-F-12).
McKEE, Dr. and Mrs. Albert B., Woodside, Cal. (Redwood 1704-F-4).
PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. E. Covington, Woodside, Cal. (Redwood 356J).
RIXFORD, Mr. Halsey L., Res. Woodside (Redwood 1706-F-4).
RIXFORD, Mr. Allan P., Res. Woodside (Redwood 1706-F-4).
SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. August, Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 470-J).
SCHILLING, Miss Elsa, Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 470-J).
SCHILLING, Mr. Walter, Portola Road, Woodside (Redwood 470-J).
SOMERS, Dr. and Mrs. George B., Woodside, Redwood City (Redwood 1714-F-2).

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