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Pacific Coast

 San Mateo County
[Business Directory]

Menlo Park

On the Southern Pacific Railroad, 32 miles from San Francisco.

Blanchard B., butcher
Casey William, liquors
Doyal M. J. & Co., general merchandise and postoffice
Fletcher A. B., Fletcher House
Gorman Mrs. B., livery
Hurssell William M., butcher
KUGELER A, liquors
Lenehan M., liquors
Maloney R., liquors
Maloney T., livery stable
MENLO PARK HOTEL, Martin Kuck proprietor
Pool Mrs. G., millinery
Quirk P., liquors
Thyarks George, general merchant
WAKELEE THOMAS D., agent Wells, Fargo & Co. and S. P. R. R.


This pleasant agricultural town and summer resort is situated just south of Half Moon Bay, 38 miles from San Francisco, by coastline, and 38 miles from Santa Cruz.  It is approached on either side by stages which connect with the several railroad systems at Santa Cruz, and with the S. P. R. R. at San Mateo.  Through fare from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, the old Pescadero and Half Moon Bay, $5.  The delightful situation of Pescadero and its equable climate makes the place popular, and those who go there to spend a few days seldom go away again as soon as they originally intended.  The Swanton House, suggestive of the finest Eastern resorts in its splendid accommodations, ranks with them in all particulars.  The house stands in the center of the little town, and is surrounded by tastefully-arranged grounds and detached cottages, intended for the accommodation of families.  The main building contains well-aired and lighted rooms, parlors, closets and every convenience that a consideration of the comfort of guests can suggest.

Abraham G. A., tinner
Beatty B. F., physician
CEREGHINO & DEBENEDETTI, general merchandise, branch of Half Moon Bay
Cumins M, constable
Fish J. B. Rev., pastor Methodist Church
GARRETSON JOHN, dealer in general merchandise and liquors, postmaster, agent W. U. Tel. Co. and W., F. & Co., and proprietor San Francisco, San Mateo and Pescadero Stage Line
George Joseph, barber
Goulson John, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Hamilton James A & Co., freight line
HUGHES J. H., general merchandise
KOSTER FREDERICK, blacksmith, wagonmaker and horseshoer
MARSTON E. W., livery stable
PESCADERO STABLES, E. W. Marston proprietor
Roe & Raynor, butchers
Stanbaugh S. S., physician
Strong J. H. Rev., pastor Congregational Church
Stryker P. G., Pescadero House
SWANTON G. W., proprietor Swanton House and Livery Stable
THOMPSON A. P., general merchandise, Main and San Gregorio
Thompson W. J., justice of the peace
Tufly John, flouring mill
Wonfor James, bootmaker


Doherty Richard, postmaster and saloon
Lammle F. & Co., blacksmiths
Rhode & Co., general merchandise

Redwood City

It is a pleasantly situated place of 1,000 inhabitants, on the line of the Southern Pacific R. R., 8 miles from San Mateo.

Allen J., carriagemaker and blacksmith
Ayers Chas, Tremont House
Baker D., dry goods
Barry Edward, district attorney
Beals E., livery stable
Bennett M., boarding
BOTSCH FREDERICK, boots and shoes, Main
Bradbury George F., physician
Buadbury G. F., physician
BUGER HENERY, Greek' s Tannery
CHAMBERLAIN & WILCOX, general merchandise and agent W., F. & Co., Main
Christ John, storage
Cloud J. J., county surveyor
Cook A, liquors
Crow Jas, undertaker and hotel
Crowley Jno, hotel
Davis Bros, butchers
Doerr H., liquors
Durkham T. G., farmer
Kikerenkotter E, county auditor
ELSTROM L., board and lodging, Bridge
Eureka Brewery, C. Hadley
Fisher L., blacksmith
Fitch J. S., stoves and hardware
Fittzpatrick P. P., liquors
Foisse B. P., tailor
FORD D., blacksmith, Bridge
Fox G. W., attorney-at-law and notary public,
Frank Bros, tanners
FRISBIE WILI, drugist, postmaster, coroner and public administrator, Main
Gordon A, capitalist
GRAND HOTEL, John Crowley proprietor, Bridge and Main
Green George W., sheriff and collector
Grimmenstein H., city marshal
Gunning J., nursery
Hadler C., general merchant
Hannon Jas, liquors
Hanson, Ackerson & Co., lumber
HANSON E. H., carriage painter, Main
Hartley G. P., county superintendent of schools
Hartsough C. W., county assessor
Head E. F., superior judge
HILTON & TITUS, blacksmiths, wagonmakers and manufrs of Monitor hay press, Main
HIND T., butcher, Main
Horton H., hardware, stoves, etc.
Hurd & Bunn, Redwood City Mill
Hynding C G, liquors
Jacobson L., general merchant
Jamieson P., plumber
Kaufman Mrs. H., fancy goods
KENNEDY MRS. A. A., proprietress Hotel De Redwood
Kincaid H., district attorney
King H., hairdresser
Kirkpatrick C. A., physician
Kreiss K., brewery
Kuck K H, liquors
Leary D. J., painter
Loveland E. W., physician, county coroner and public administrator
McCarthy P., boots and shoes
Milliken A., physician
Mullen D., harnessmaker
NEUNKOTTER C E, liquors, Main
Nolverta Mrs. R., dressmaker
NUTTING H. N., attorney-at-law, Main
Pfrang J., bakery, Bridge
Phelan & Kind, millinery
Plump G., general merchant
Pool Jno, express
Potter G. R., agent S. P. R. R.
Prebble G. W., general merchant
Projonovirt P, chop house
Rice George H., searcher of records
Robinson E., dressmaker
Robinson J. L., boots and shoes
Ross G. C., attorney and notary public
ROWLEY R. G., attorney-at-law and publisher "San Mateo County Journal"
Saunders Bros, lumber dealers
Scofield H. A., justice of peace
Sertors F., liquors
Shankey W., boots and shoes
Smith T. J., general merchant
Spinler J., hairdresser
Stafford & Dugan, livery stable
Stafford J., general merchant
Stephans H., nursery
STEWART WILLIAM, druggist, Bridge
Thiel G. A., jeweler
"Times and Gazette" (weekly), San Mateo publishing Co.
Tremont House, Chas Ayers proprietor
Underhill A., cigars, fruits, etc.
Walker Henry, county clerk and recorder
Walsh Michael, insurance agent
WELCH R. C., collector, police judge, insurance and real estate agent
Whooten F., painter
Wilcox W. J., county treasurer

San Bruno

It is situated 14 miles northwest of Redwood City.

FOURTEEN MILE HOUSE, August Jenevein proprietor
SAN BRUNO HOUSE, Richard Cunningham agent S. P. R. R. and postmaster

San Gregorio

Is 26 miles by stage from San Mateo, on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Day D. C., blacksmith
Keep E., saloon
Levy, postmaster
LEVY BROS, general merchandise
Moore Mrs., saloon

San Mateo

It is a pretty town of 800 inhabitants, pleasantly situated on the Southern Pacific Railroad, 21 miles from San Francisco.

Alt W. C., boots and shoes
BARTLETT  A. T., harness maker, real estate and ins. agent, B and Second ave
Bickford J. R. S., general merchandise
Brown M., blacksmith
Byrnes James, liquors and livery stable
Campbell K., boarding and lodging
Colaman T., blacksmith
CRONIN P., fruit, tobacco, etc.
De Marr Mrs., M. dressmaker
Easton A. S., surveyor and insurance agent
Fisher G. H., real estate and insurance agent
Goodhue S. G., dairy farm
Goodspeed J. R., physician and postmaster
Haver D., carpenter
HUSING E. A., grain and feed store and general merchandise
Jaszynsky Louis, agent S. P. R. R., W., F. & Co. and P. & H. M. Bay Stage Co.
Lewis M. J., livery stable
McKernan H., liquors
MORSE C. M., druggist
Morse L. D., physician
Pope S., Railroad House
Price W. C., butcher
PROCTOR CHAS E., house painter
ST. MATHEWS HALL, Rev. A. L. Brewer principal
SAN MATEO HOTEL, E. Walker proprietor
Segee D., liquors
Tafft A., Stage from San Mateo to Santa Cruz
Tilton A. M., boarding and lodging
Truman T. C., butcher
VALENCIA LEO, hairdresser
Vint S., confectionery
Webber J. S., tinsmith
Whitehead J., liquors
Wiley J. S., house painter

School House Station

Brown John, liquors
Bryant Jacob, blacksmith
Collopy George M., liquors
Paslaque A., general merchandise and postmaster


Pharis S. P., shingle mail
Saundery A. & J. N., lumber
TRIPP R. O., groceries, hardware, clothing and postmaster
Winkler John, wagonmaker

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