San Mateo County Genealogy


Source: The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory, For the State of California
Compiled and published annually by C. P. Sprague & H. W. Atwell, Woodland, Yolo County, 1870.

Thank you to Peggy B. Perazzo for transcribing this material.
San Mateo County Officers

Judge, H. TEMPLETON, Redwood City.
Clerk, John E. TATER, Redwood City.
Sheriff, John FREEMAN, Redwood City.
Treasurer, S. S. MERRILL, Redwood City.
Surveyor, A. S. EASTON, San Mateo.
Superintendent Common Schools, H. N. NUTTING, Redwood City.
Assessor, H. E. LEA, Spanishtown.
District Attorney, A. TEAGUE, Redwood City.

Owen McMAHAN, School House Station.
C. A. MURRY, San Mateo.
George WENTWORTH, Redwood City.
Hugh KELLEY, Searsville.
James BYRNES, San Mateo.
John GARRETSON, Pescadero.
District Judge., E. W. McKINSTRY, San Francisco.

San Mateo County Township Officers

Township No. 1 - Justice: J. G. COOPER, School House.
Township No. 2 - Justice: J. E. SKIDMORE, San Mateo.
Constable: Eugene WALKER, San Mateo.
Township No. 3 - Justices: G. W. FOX, Jesse JEWELL, Redwood City.
Township No. 4 - Justice: John GREER, Woodside.
Township No. 5 - Justice: Samuel WALKER, Spanishtown.
Township No. 6 - Justices: John NOLAN, J. Q. SPRAGUE, Pescadero.

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