San Mateo County Genealogy
1878 'Patron's Directory'
Surnames S
from Moore & DePue's Illustrated History of San Mateo County, California,
G.T. Brown & Co. Lith., San Francisco, 1878.

[Transcriber's note:  The surnames do not all appear in strict alphabetical order.  They are shown here in the same order they appear in the original book.]

STAFFORD, John Canada 1861 1861 Proprietor Livery Stable Redwood City Redwood City
SULLIVAN, T.J. Ireland 1857 1872 Coachman Menlo Park Menlo Park
SEARS, John H. New York 1850 1853 Farmer and Merchant La Honda La Honda 373
SCOFIELD, H.H. Vermont 1849 1959 Attorney at Law Redwood City Redwood City
SAMPSON, D.W. Maine 1852 1854 Miller Redwood City Redwood City
STEELE, I.C. New York 1857 1863 Dairying and Farming Green Oaks Pescadero 31,000
STEELE, R.E. New York 1856 1863 Dairying and Farming Green Oaks Pescadero 2,000
SEELEY, Wm. W. Iowa 1853 1870 Farmer Pescadero Pescadero
SHAW, E. Ohio 1852 1866 Farmer Pescadero Pescadero 302
SCHUYLER, James New York 1850 1863 Proprietor Schuyler Hotel Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
SCHUBERT, E. Germany 1854 1873 Proprietor Half Moon Bay Brewery Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
SWANTON, C.W. Maine 1858 1859 Proprietor Swanton House Pescadero Pescadero
SHIELDS, Wm. Ireland 1873 1875 Farming San Gregorio San Gregorio
SHELLEY, John  New York 1854 1863 Carpenter and Police Justice Redwood City Redwood City
SHAW, J.O. Maine 1849 1855 Farming and Dairying Summit Dairy Redwood City
STEINBERG, H. Germany 1858 1859 Farmer Alpine La Honda 130
SCHMOLL, John Germany 1849 1860 Farmer Belmont Belmont 50
STAPLES, G.E. Pennsylvania 1874 1876 Blacksmith Menlo Park Menlo Park
SEMIGA, Rafael Spain 1877 1877 Farming Menlo Park Menlo Park
SNIVELY, D.S. Pennsylvania 1852 1872 Farmer and Carpenter Searsville Searsville 50
STACK, F.W. New York 1874 1876 Farmer San Mateo San Mateo 520
SMITH, Chas. Maine 1854 1865 Brickmason San Mato San Mateo
SHINE, Thos. Ireland 1856 1856 Farmer Woodside Woodside 75
SATORE, Frank Switzerland 1857 1867 Hotel-Keeper Redwood City Redwood City 2
STEWART, Wm. W. Missouri 1852 1867 Farmer and Teamster Woodside Woodside
STANTON, W.E. Ireland 1863 1863 Farmer and Dairyman Stanton Dairy Menlo Park 95
SANCHEZ, Jose California 1835 1838 Farmer and Stockraiser Millbrae Millbrae 50
SHUTT, J. New York 1852 1856 Contractor and Teaming San Mateo San Mateo  160
SCHUTT, Chas. Germany 1849 1874 Hotel Proprietor Sierra Point House San Bruno
STEVENS, J.B. Canada West 1852 1875 Carpenter and Chicken Ranch Colma Colma
SHATTUCK, A.N. Vermont 1856 1861 Farmer Starvation Valley Millbrae 400
SOLON, John Canada 1866 1866 Farmer and Teamster Redwood City Redwood City
SMITH, T.J. Massachusetts 1852 1863 Merchant Menlo Park Menlo Park
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