San Mateo County Genealogy
1878 'Patron's Directory'
Surnames T - Z
from Moore & DePue's Illustrated History of San Mateo County, California,
G.T. Brown & Co. Lith., San Francisco, 1878.

[Transcriber's note:  The surnames do not all appear in strict alphabetical order.  They are shown here in the same order they appear in the original book.]

THOMPSON, A.P. Maine 8152 1856 Merchant and Insurance Agent Pescadero Pescadero 50
THOMPSON, E.W. Maine 1850 1865 Painter Pescadero Pescadero
TEAGUE, Andrew Missouri 1850 1853 Attorney at Law Redwood City Redwood City
TUFFLY, John Switzerland 1850 1855 Miller Pesdadero Pescadero
TILTON, Mrs. Agnes M. Vermont 1853 1857 Private Boarding House and proprietress Evergreen Cemetery San Mateo San Mateo 25
TRIPP, R.O. New York 1849 1849 Merchant and Farmer Woodside Woodside 128
TANNAHILL, James Canada 1873 1873 Carpenter Redwood City Redwood City
TABER, C.W. New Hampshire 1861 1872 Drayman Guadalupe Valley San Francisco
TORPY, Patrick Ireland 1858 1861 Farming and Stock-raising Byrne's Store Byrne's Store 400 (shared with Michael TORPY)
TORPY, Michael Ireland 1854 1856 Farming and Stock-raising Byrne's Store Byrne's Store  400 (shared with Patrick TORPY)
THORWELL, S.T. Ireland 1854 1858 Farming and Stock-raising Summit Byrne's Store 180
VINER, J.F. California 1858 1860 Harness-maker Redwood City Redwood City
VALENTINE, John Italy 1868 1872 Catholic Priest Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
VAN WINKLE, P.S. New York 1851 1858 Farmer San Mateo San Mateo 291
VALENCIA, E. California 1828 1863 Farmer Millbrae Millbrae
WILCOX, W.J. Michigan 1867 1867 Merchant Redwood City Redwood City
WEEKS, R.J. Maine 1850 1853 Farmer and Hotel Keeper Santa Morena Mountains Searsville 2,000
WEEKS, B.V. Maine 1854 1854 Farmer Pescadero Pescadero 153
WEEKS, B. Maine 1852 1852 Farmer Pescadero Pescadero 500
WALKER, Eugene Maine Hotel and Livery San Mateo San Mateo
WALKER, H.W. Maine 1861 1864 Brickmaker San Mateo San Mateo
WATKINS, Geo. England 1851 1857 Farmer San Gregorio San Gregorio 262
WALKER, Samuel Indiana 1853 1865 Druggist Spanishtown Half Moon Bay 930
WYMAN, Sr., G.F. New York 1836 1853 Constable Spanishtown Half Moon Bay
WOODS, James Ireland 1859 1861 Farmer and Dairyman Spanishtown Half Moon Bay 320
WILLE, Henry Germany 1859 1868 Farmer and Saloon Lobitas Lobitas 97
WILSON, James Ireland 1855 1856 Farming and Dairying Pescadero Pescadero 180
WARD, Wm. H. New York 1852 1873 Farming and Dairying Pescadero Pescadero
WOODHAM, W. New York 1850 1861 Farming and Dairying La Honda  La Honda 640
WILEY, Jas. S. Maine 1851 1863 House, SIgn and Carriage Painter San Mateo San Mateo
WARREN, E. Ireland 1875 1876 Plumber and Gas Fitter San Mateo San Mateo
WINKLER, J.R.G. Prussia 1869 1869 Wagon-maker and Farmer Woodside Woodside 56
WENTWORTH, Geo. New Hampshire 1852 1854 Farmer Redwood City Redwood City 750
WALSH, M. Ireland 1852 1869 Justice of the Peace and Insurance Agent Redwood City Redwood City
WILSON, W.C. England 1850 1873 Shipper Clark's Landing Mayfield
WINTER, Geo Indiana 1858 1865 Painter and Variety Store San Mateo San Mateo
WRIGHT, Jason New York 1859 1862 Farming and Stock-raising Colma Colma
WEDEL, Chas. Germany 1872 1876 Chicken Ranch and Farming Colma Colma
WARREN, Jas. H. Michigan 1850 1862 Clergyman San Mateo San Mateo
YATES, Wm. L. Illinois 1870 1878 Farmer Searsville Mayfield

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