Santa Clara County Genealogy
Source: Palo Alto City Directory for 1900 - 1901, Compiled and Published by Noah C. Grider, The Palo Alto Times Press, Palo Alto, California, 1901

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M - Z

MABREY, E.N., student, 325 Ramona st
MABREY, Mrs. E.N., 325 Ramona st
MacCARTHY, Callahan, painter, 152 University ave
MacCARTHY, Mrs. Callahan, 152 University ave
MADDEN, Miss Martha, student, 441 Waverly st
MADISON, M.P., contractor ? builder, University ave
MAHANY, H.J., 633 Middlefield road
MAHANY, Mrs. J.J., 633 Middlefield road
MAHANY, Walter, 633 Middlefield road
MAHANY, Wade, 633 Middlefield road
MALCOLM, N.E., lawyer, 379 Everett ave
MALCOLM, Mrs. N.E., 379 Everett ave
MANSFIELD, James, student, 451 Channing ave
MANSUR, J.I., student, 536 Raamona
MARCHAND, Miss J., clerk Ferguson ? Co
MARTIHN, Miss Helen E., student, 129 Emerson st
MARTIN, Miss L.J., 959 Waverly st
MARX, Prof. C.D., 357 Kingsley st
MARX, Mrs. C.D., 357 Kingsley st
MASON, Miss G.H., student, 731 Emerson st
MASTERS, Mrs. J.W., 179 Forest ave
MATHEWS, Miss Carrie, student, 633 Channing ave
MATHEWS, Miss Ellen, student, 129 Emerson st
MATHEWS, Miss Julia, student, 129 Emerso st
MAN, C.E., student, 426 Florence st
MAXWELL, Miss M.K., nurse, 465 Melville ave
MAYHEW, A.B., dentist, Stanford Building
MAYHEW, Mrs. A.B., Stanford Building
McADAM ? Col., plumbers, Ledyard building
McCARTER, Mrs. J., 264 Channing aver
McCARTNEY, George, carpenter, 371 Everett ave
McCARTNEY, Mrs. George, 371 Everett ave
McCLELLAND, Mrs. Ada E., Cowper st ? Lincoln ave
McCLELLAND, D.T., 363 Melville ave
McCLELLAND, Mrs. D.T., 363 Melville ave
McCLELLAND, Miss Jessie, Cowper st ? Lincoln ave
McCLURE, Mrs. M., nurse, 833 Emerson st
McCLURE, Miss Mary, 833 Emerson st
McCOMAS, R., student, 207 University ave
McCONNELL, H., student, 455 University ave
McCROSKEY, Miss Edith, student, 454 Hamilton ave
McCROSKEY, Miss Mamie, 454 Hamilton ave
McCUMISKY, Miss D.E., clerk Ferguson ? Co.
McDONALD, J., carpenter, 522 Emerson st
McDONALD, P.l, student, 531 Cowper st
McDOUGALD, Miss Louise, student, 417 Bryant st
McDOUGALD, Miss M.E., student, 417 Bryant st
McDOUGALD, Mrs. Margaret, 417 Bryant st

For Latest Styles and Cheapest Prices in
J.E. McDowell ? Co.
Palo Alto

McELNEY, Miss Elsie, student, 352 Everett ave
McFARLAND, Prof. F.M., 467 Forest ave
McGILLIVRAY, Miss Helen, nurse, 465 Melville ave
McINTOSH, J, teacher, 641 Waverly st
McINTOSH, Mrs. J.C., 641 Waverly st
McKEAN, Mrs. J.B., 209 University ave
McKENZIE, Miss Ada, dressmaker, Stanford Building
McKENZIE, Mrs. L., dressmaker, Stanford Building
McLACHLAN, A., stonemason, 643 High st
McLACHLAN, Mrs. A., 643 High st
McLACHLAN, Miss E.A., 643 High st
McLACHLAN, James, clerk La Peire's store, 643 High st
McLACHLAN, John, student, 643 High st
McLEAN, Albert, carriage driver, 523 Alma st
McLEOD, R., carpenter, 640 Homer ave
McLEOD, Mrs. R., 640 Homer ave
McMANIS, J.T., student, 835 Waverly st
McMANIS, Mrs. M.E.F., 835 Waverly st
McNEALY, Miss A.M., 373 Channing ave
McNEALY, Miss C.A., 373 Channing ave
McNEIL, A.J., student, 515 Waverly st
McQUAID, Miss L.E., 635 Waverly wt
McWETHY, J.L., student, 405 Emerson st
MEARES, Mrs. J.L., 917 Alma st
MEISNER, W., student, 356 Emerson st
MELLIN, Bert, druggist, 438 Bryant st
MERGUIRE Bros, stationers, 128 University ave
MERGUIRE, George, stationer, 522 Emerson st
MERGUIRE, Mrs. George, 522 Emerson st
MERRIAM, C.L., student, 356 Emerson st
MERRILL, A.H., insurance, 612 Waverly st
MERRILL, Mrs. A.H., 612 Waverly st
MERRILL, J.A., student, 612 Waverly st
MERRILL, Rita, 612 Waverly st
MERTZ, Miss Kate, 445 Bryant st
MILLER, Miss E.J., teacher, 940 Scott st
MILLER, Guy, student, 523 Cowper st
MILLER, G.W., 930 Scott st
MILLER, John, stonecutter, 635 High st
MILLER, Mrs. John, 635 High st
MILLER, Mrs R.E., 90 Scott st
MILLER, Leon S., 940 Scott st
MILLS, A.W., clerk Sherman ? Co., 845 Waverly st
MILLS, Mrs. A.W., 845 Waverly st
MILLS, A.S., student, 356 Emerson st
MILLS, Mrs. C.B., 356 Addison ave
MILLS, Miss E.N., 356 Addison ave
MINER, Miss Ada, student, 129 Emerson st
MISNER, F.O., student, 650 Kingsley ave
MISNER, Mrs. F.O., 650 Kingsley ave
MITCHELL, Mrs. L.P., 951 Bryant st
MITCHELL, Percy, student, 951 Bryant st
MITCHELL, P.L., student, 515 Waverly st
MITCHELL, E., stgudent, 334 Cowper st
MONTEITH, A.E.., student, 379 Everett ave
MONTGOMERY, Chas., student, 181 University ave
MONTGOMERY, DeWitt, student, 181 University ave
MOODY, Miss Fay, student, 820 Bryant st
MOORE, G.H., student, 405 Emerson st
MOORE, L.G., Jr., student, 451 Channing ave
MORDECAI, B., student, 318 Lytton ave
MORDECAI, G., student, 318 Lytton ave
MOREING, Miss Helen, student, 832 Marguerite st
MORRIS, E.L., student, 527 Emerson st
MORRIS, J.J., real estate, 705 University ave
MORRIS, Mrs. J.J., 705 University ave
MORSE, Miss A.B., student, 531 Cowper st
MORSE, Miss Annabel, dressmaker, 523 Cowper st
MORSE, Miss Florence, 523 Cowper st
MORSE, Miss Rose, 523 Cowper st
MORSE, S.K., janitor, 523 Cowper st
MORSE, Mrs. S.K., 523 Cowper st
MOSES, Mrs., 329 University ave
MOSHER, Charles, Mosher's express, 831 Marguerite st
MOSHER, Mrs. Chas., 831 Marguerite st
MOSHER, G.W., contractor, 373 Channing ave
MOSHER, G.W., 373 Channing ave
MOSHER, R.H., carpenter, 839 Marguerite st
MOSHER, Mrs. R.H., 839 Marguerite st
MOSS, Dr. F.H., 216 University ave
MOULTON, Dudley, student, 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, Miss J., student, 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, L.F., 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, Mrs. L.F., 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, Miss Lina, student, 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, Miss Mary, student, 557 Hamilton ave
MOULTON, Moses, student, 557 Hamilton ave
MOUNT, Mrs. M.C., 431 Lytton ave
MOUNT, Miss Helen, teacher, 431 Lytton ave
MOUNT, Miss Lucy, teacher, 431 Lytton ave
MUCKLESTON, Prof. H.S., 1251 Bryant st
MUGLER, Miss E.C., student, 61o0 Cowper st
MULDOWNEY, Miss Alice, 918 Cowper st
MULLEN, Miss Mary, 454 Hamilton ave
MULLEN, Peter, blacksmith, 434 High st
MULLEN, ? HARMS, blacksmithing, 434 High st
MURRY, Prof. A.T., 1019 Bryant st
MURRAY, Mrs. A.T., 1019 Bryant st
MYERS, Miss Estelle, student, 356 Addison st.

NEWCOMER, Prof. A.G., Forest Court
NEWCOMER, Mrs. A.G., Forest Court
NEWNS, Miss, student, 533 Ramona st
NISSEN, S., gardner, 264 Channing ave
NISSEN, Mrs. M., 264 Channing ave
NICHOLS, Miss Frances, student, 445 Bryant st
NICHOLSON, Miss Ruth, 422 Tasso st
NICKEL, Louis, student, 421 Marguerite st
NICOL, J., baker, Ledyard building
NICOLAS, Miss V., student, 603 Waverly st
NIMS, Miss Grace, student, 437 Bryant st
NISHIKAWA, K., student, 356 Kingsley ave
NORTH, Mrs M.P., 427 Emerston st
NYMAN, Miss Bertha, dressmaker, Stanford building

OAKFORD, B.P., stsudent, 129 Emerson st
OAKFORD, Mrs. B.P., music teacher, 129 Emerson st
OLIVER, Miss Jennie, 704 Webster st
O'NEAL, E.T., clerk Ferguson ? Co., 515 Waverly st
ORR, H.W., electrician, 217 University ave
ORR ? PETERSON, electrical supplies, 217 University ave
OSBORNE, J.W., inventor, 1052 Bryant st
OSBORNE, Mrs. J.W., 1052 Bryant st
OSTRANDER, Mrs. Lytton ave ? Cowper st
Otter Building, 181 University ave
OWNBY, W.H., student, 451 Channing ave

PAGE, A.G., student, 305 Lytton ave
PAGE, C.W., student, 405 Emerson st
PAGE, E.S., student, 405 Emerson st
PAGE, Miss Clara, student, 610 Cowper st
PAGE, Mrs H.A., 610 Cowper st
Palace Pharmacy, 134 University ave
Palo Alto Home Bakery, Ledyard building
Palo Alto Meat Market, 262 University ave
PARKIN, H.D., student, 356 Emerson st
PARKIN, W.H., student, 356 Emerson st
Parkinson Building, 155 University ave
PARKINSON, J.F., lumber ? hardware, 720 Cowper st
PARKINSON, Mrs. J.F., 720 Cowper st
PARKINSON, G.R., 467 Forest ave
PARKINSON, Mrs. G.R., 467 Forest ave
PARKINSON Lumber ? Hrdwre Co, 163 University ave
PARSONS, Rev. Andrew, 345 Lincoln ave
PARSONS, A., student, 356 Kingsley ave
PARTEE, Miss G., clerk Ferguson ? Co.
PATRICK, W., 102 Circle
PATRICK, Mrs. W, 102 Circle
PATRICK's Restaurant, 102 Circle
PATTERSON, H.S., clerk, 431 University ave
PATTERSON, Miss F.D., student, 431 University ave
PATTERSON, S.A., 431 University ave
PATTERSON, Mrs. S.A., 431 University ave
PATTERSON, Miss L., student, 431 University ave
PATTON, Miss Alice, student, 420 Everett ave
PAULSEN, J.W., University Stables, 523 Alma st
PAULSEN, Mrs. J.W., 523 Alma st
PEARSON, Miss E.B., teacher, 364 Kingsley ave
PECK, Mrs. A.E., teacher, 319 Kingsley ave
PECK, G., photographer, 171 University ave
PECK, Mrs. G., 171 University ave
PECK, Mrs. M.C., 329 University ave
PEIRCE, Prof. G.M., 943 Bryant st
PEIRCE, Mrs. G.M., 943 Bryant st
PERICE, Mrs., 747 Bryant st
PERCIVAL, H.S., student, 515 Waverly st
PERKINS, C.E., 418 Ramona st
PERKINS, Mrs. C.E., 418 Ramona st
PERRY, I.D., student, 220 Everett ave
PERRY, Miss L.C., student, 379 Everett ave
PETERSON, Chas W., harness maker, 219 Ramonast
PETERSON, Miss I.M., student, 441 Waverly st
PETERSON, Fred, elecvtrician, 660 Homer ave
PETERSON, H.C., curator, 660 Homer ave
PETERSON, J.E., 660 Homer ave
PETERSON, Mrs. J.E., 660 Homer ave
PETERSON, Miss Maud, 660 Homer ave
PETTINGILL, Mrs., mail carrier, 629 Ramona st
PIERCY, Miss Viola, student, 559 Cowper st
Pillsbury building, Circle
PLEAK, R.L., student, 405 Emerson st
PLEASANTS, Miss E.S., 543 Melville ave
PLECHER, Andrew, student, 356 Addison ave
PLUMB, P., student, 356 Emerson st
PORTER, Miss M., student, 455 University ave
POTTER, E.G., student, Bryant st ? Forest ave
POTTER, E.K., student, 305 Lytton ave
POWELL, Mrs. A.E., 221 Emerson st
PREWITT, J.A., bricklayer, 750 Webster st
PREWITT, Mrs. J.A., 750 Webster st
PRICE, Prof. G.C., 453 Melville ave
PRICE, Mrs. G.C., 453 Melville ave
PRISK, Charles, student, 555 Lytton ave
PUGH, Thos., millman, 265 Lytton ave
PURSELL, Fred, student, 451 Channing ave

QUAYLE, Chas., student, 156 Hamilton ave
QUINN, A.A., teamster, 553 Forest ave
QUINN, Mrs. A.M., 553 Forest ave
QUINN, C.N., carpenter, 553 Forest ave
QUNN, F.F., gardener, 553 Forest ave
QUINN, G.G., teamster, 553 Forest ave
QUINN, Miss H.C., student, 553 Forest ave
QUINN, L.J., brickmason, 553 Forest ave
QUINN, Mrs. L.J., 553 Forest ave

RAMSAY, Miss G., student, 527 Emerson st
RAMSAY, H.A., town marshal, 527 Emerson st
RAMSAY, Mrs. H.A. 527 Emerson st
RAMSAY, Miss L., student, 527 Emerson st
RANDALL, Miss R., student, 453 Melville ave
RANKIN, Robert, carpenter, 471 Channing ave
RAWDON, Miss Blanche, student, 638 Channing ave
RAWDON, Miss Nellie, student, 638 Channing ave
REA, Ernest, student, 515 Waverly st
REES, Kelley, student, 446 Hamilton ave
REINHART, Miss Ella, 630 Emerson st
REINHART, L.G., 630 Emerson st
REINHART, Mrs. T.J., 630 Emerson st
REINHART, W.B., butcher, 630 Emerson st
REMINTON, S.W., carpenter, 179 Forest ave
RENAND, Mrs. B., 543 Middlefield road
RENAND, Ralph, student, 543 Middlefield road
RENDTORFF, Prof. Karl G., 542 Addison ave
RENDTORFF, Mrs. Karl G, 542 Addison ave
RETTGER, Prof. E.W., 356 Kingsley ave
REYNOLDS, Miss E.I., 459 Channing ave
REYNOLDS, Richard, 459 Channing ave
REYNOLDS, K.F., student, 426 Wavery st

"There's on on you"
"That's what there is and it's done up by
The Red Star Laundry Co.
domestic finish, and you can have your laundry
work done up properly also by notifying
E.A. Strout, Palo Alto, F.T. Hourse,
Encina; or by leaving an order at W.C.
Difani's Barber Shop."

RICE, C.F., carpenter, 102 Circle
RICE, M.G., carpenter, 630 Bryant st
RICE, Mrs. E.S., 630 Bryant st
RICHARDS, C.M., student, cor Bryant st ? Forest ave
RICHARDS, Miss F.B., student, 535 Byron st
RILEY, Mr., shoemaker, 179 Forest ave
RITCHIE, Miss A.S., 526 Ramona st
RITCHIE, H.S., 526 Ramona st
RITCHIE, Mrs. S., 526 Ramona st
RITTENHOUSE, E.C., student, 451 Channing ave
RITTENHOUSE, F.O., student, 451 Channing ave
ROBERTS, Harry, student, 163 Bryant st
ROBERTS, P.B., 1146 Waverly st
ROBERTS, Mrs. P.B., 1146 Waverly st
ROBINSON, Clarence, student, 457 Bryant st
ROBINSON, Earl, student, 457 Bryant st
ROBSINSON, H., cler Crandall's Cyclery, 219 Ramona st
ROBINSON, J.C., 156 Hamilton ave
ROBINSON, Mrs., 847 Bryant st
ROBINSON, Miss M., 847 Bryant st
ROBINSON, Miss Sadie, student, 847 Bryant st
ROBINSON, W., 620 High st
ROGERS, Prof. F.J., 533 Middlefield road
ROGERS, Mr.s F.J., 533 Middlefield road
ROGERS, Mrs. M.J., 345 Lincoln ave
ROGERS, Miss E.N., 181 University ave
ROGERS, Miss F., student, 181 University ave
ROGERS, Miss M.J., student, 181 University ave
ROLLER, J.W., undertaker, 421 Marguerite st
ROLLER, Mrs. J.W., 421 Marguerite st
ROLLER, Milton B., designer, 421 Marguerite st
ROSCOE, W.W., student, 441 Waverly st
ROSE, G.P., grocer, 420 Hamilton ave
ROSE, Mrs. G.P., 420 Hamilton ave
ROSEBROOK, G.H., carpenter, 225 Emerson st
ROSEBROOK, Mrs. G.H., 225 Emerson st
ROSEBROOK, J.W., carpenter, 240 Ramona st
ROSEBROOK, Mrs. J.W., 240 Ramona st
ROSS, A.E., 561 Middlefield road
ROSS, Mrs. E.A., 561 Middlefield road
ROSS, Miss B.L., student, 225 Emerson st
ROSS, Bert, electrician, 561 Middlefield road
ROSS, Irma, student, 561 Middlefield road
ROUILLER, Mrs. A.E., 431 Channing ave
ROUILLER, Chas., student, 431 Channing ave
ROUNDS, Miss Ida, student, 224 Emerson st
ROWEN, W.T., 308 Middlefield road
ROWEN, Mrs. W.T., 308 Middlefield road
ROWLEY, A.R., student, 474 Forest ave
RUCKERT, Miss M., 216 University ave
RUTHERFORD, Miss Kate, 353 Lytton ave
RUTHERFORD, Miss Mina, 353 Lytton ave
RUTHERFORD, W.W., 353 Lytton ave
RUTHERFORD, Mrs. W.W., 353 Lytton ave

SALISBURY, Mrs. M.E., 533 Bryant st
SANFORD, Prof. F., 450 Kingsley ave
SANFORD, Mrs. F., 450 Kingsley ave
SANOR, Miss Carrie, dressmaker, 156 Hamilton ave
SANOR, Coral, 156 Hamilton ave
SANOR, Miss Ethel, 156 Hamilton ave
SANOR, Lyle, 156 Hamilton ave
SANOR, Willis, engineer, 156 Hamilton ave
SANOR, Mrs. Willis, 156 Hamilton ave

Open Saturdays 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Other week days 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Is the place to get your clothers.
Call and investigate price
and see a fine line of samples
Palo Alto

SCALES, H.C., student, Bryant st ? Forest ave
SCALES, W.G., student, Bryant st ? Forest ave
SCHAEFER, J.A., student,. 356 Emerson st
SCHANCK, Miss I., student, 420 Everett ave
SCHMUTZLER, C.F., teacher, 219 Ramona st
SCHNEIDER, Miss Florence, student, 526 Channing ave
SCHNEIDER, Fred, student, 526 Channing ave
SCHNEIDER, Mrs. K., 526 Channing ave
SCHOFIELD, Miss B., teacher, 319 Kingsley ave
SCHOTT, Franklin T., Manzanita Hall
SCHULZE, Miss Kate, 621 Gilman st
SCHWARZKOPF, R.H., student, 919 Bryant st
SCHWARZKOPF, Mrs. R.H., 919 Bryant st
SCOBEY, F., student, 603 Waverly st
SCOTT, Miss M., 832 Marguerite st
SCOTT, Miss Ruth, student, 347 Alma st
SEAMANS, P.L., Jereler, 168 Uniersity ave
SEAMANS, Mrs. P.L., 175 Forest ave
SIEMAS, Miss M., clerk Ferguson ? Co
SELL, C.W., student, 356 Emerson st

HOURS 2 to 4
University Avenue
Telephone Main 141

SELLMAN, B.E., carpenter, 538 High st
SELLMAN, C.G., 538 High st
SEWARD, Prof. S.S., 431 University ave
SHAW, Mrs. H.E., 819 Alma st
SHELTON, Mrs. M, 617 High st
SHEPPARD, Miss F, student, 319 Kingsley ave
SHERIDAN, Charles, carpenter, 630 Bryat st.
SHERMAN's Furniture Store, 266 University ave
SHILBEY, E, instsructor, 379 Everett ave
SHIELDS, Harvey, student, 617 High street
SHOW, Prof. A.B., 353 Melville ave
SHOW, Mrs. A.B., 353 Melville ave

The official student body magazie has been
enlarged and contains stories from the highest literary
talent in college. It is up-to-date and its advertisers
receive attention from the students.

SHREWSBURY ? SMITH, elefctrical goods, Ledyard bldg
SHULTE, Walter, student, 437 Bryant st
SILL, A.B., student, 527 Emerson st
SIMKINS' Book Store, 168 University ave
SIMKINS, H.W., bookseller ? printer, 349 High st
SIMMONDS, Miss W, 102 Circle
SIMPSON, Mrs. F.B., 361 Channing ave
SIMPSON, F.B., carpenter, 361 Channing ave
SIMPOSON, F., clerk Ferguson ? Co., 219 Ramona st
SISSON, L.E., student, 335 Bryant st
SISSON, Mrs. L.E., 335 Byrant st
SLADE, Ernest, barber, 412 Everett ave
SLADE, Miss F., student, 412 Everett ave
SLADE, George, 412 Everett ave
SLADE, Mrs. G, 412 Everett ave
SLADE, M.G., 412 Everett ave
SLADE, Mrs. M.G., 412 Everett ave
SLADE, W.S., barber, 821 Waverly st
SLADE Bros Barbers, 122 University ave
SLADE, Mrs. W.S., 821 Waverly st
SLOAN, D.L., seed grower, 627 Waverly st
SLOAN, Mrs. D.L., 627 Waverly st
SLOAN, J.E., seed grower, 627 Waverly st
SLOAN, Mrs. J.E., 627 Waverly st
SLOAN, W.H., student, 627 Waverly st
SMALL, Dr. J.L., 334 Cowper st
SMALL, Mrs. J.L., 334 Cowper st
SMALL, Horatio, student, 334 Cowper st
SMALL, Miss Ida, student, 334 Cowper st
SMITH, Prof. A.W., 1146 Waverly st
SMITH, Rev. Charles, 611 Waverly st
SMITH, C.F., 652 Kingsley ave
SMITH, Mrs. D.A., 430 Marguerite st
SMITH, Mrs. E.A., 483 Channing ave

Fred H. Smith
Columia, Hartford, and Pierce
Stanford University Campus
Renting, Repairing and Sundries

SMITH, Prof. Emory E., 531 Waverly st
SMITH, Mrs. E.J., 437 Byrant st
SMITH, Miss Gertrude, studnet, 334 Linocln ave
SMITH, Guy, studnet, 523 Cowper st
SMITH, Prof. J.P.,. 1035 Byrant st
SMITH, Mrs. J.P., 1035 Bryant st
SMITH, Marion, student, 523 Cowper st
SMITH, Prof. Mary Roberts, 1146 Waverly st
SMITH, Mrs. N.H., 620 High st
SMITH, Miss N.M., student, 430 Marguerite st
SNODGRASS, R.E., instructor, 405 Marguerite st
SNYDER, John O., instructor, 403 Marguerite st
SNYDER, G.S., student, 425 Florence st
SNYDER, Mrs. G.S., 425 Florence st
SNYDER, W.H., Mrg Palo Alto Hotel, 403 Alma st
SNYDER, Mrs. W.H., 304 Alma st
SOENNICKSON, A., teamster, 728 Ramona st
SOENNICKSON, Mrs. A., 728 Ramona st
SOHLER, F.E., 459 Homer ave
SOHLER, Mrs. L., 459 Homer ave
SOLOMONS, Miss A., 347 Kingsley ave
SOPER, E.A., agent Well's Fargo ? Co., 403 Bryant st
SOPER, Mrs. E.A., 403 Bryant st
SOULE, Clarence, 633 Lytton ave
SOULE, Eugene, 633 Lytton ave
SOULE, Martha, 633 Lytton ave
Spa, The, candy store,m 164 University ave
SPATZ, Charles, carpenter, 29 Middlefield road
SPAULDING, Harold, 457 Bryant st
SPAULDING, Miss Helen, 457 Bryant st
SPAULDING, Mrs. R.S., 457 Bryant st
SPENSER, C.W., shingler, 365 Channing ave

First Class Board by the Day, Week or Month
W.H. SNYDER, Prop.
Opp. Depot

SPENSER, Mrs. C.W., 365 Channing ave
SPENSER, E., student, 611 Waverly st
SPRECKELS, J.D., Jr., student, 356 Emerson st
SPRINGER, A., stenographer, 611 Waverly st
SPURGEON, J.F., busman, 440 Bryant st
SPURGEON, Miss Cleo, student, 440 Bryant st
SPURGEON, Miss F.A., 440 Bryant st
SQUIRE, John A., 417 Emerson st
SQUIRE, Mrs. John A., 417 Emerson st
STACK, W.J., student, 638 Channing ave
STAGER, W.H., student, 419 Channing ave
STAGER, H.W., student, 419 Waverly st
STANFORD, Mrs. E.N., 603 Waverly st
STANFORD, J.M., sdtudent, 603 Waverly st
STANFORD, Miss Mildred, 603 Waverly st
STANFORD, Miss Edna, 603 Waverly st
Stanford Buildikng, 178 University ave
Stanford Meat Co., 521 Emerson st
STARATT, S.A., student, 156 Hamkilton ave
STARBUCK, Prof. E.D., 360 Kingsley ave
STARBUCK, Mrs. E.D., 360 Kingsley ave
STARK, Mrs. L.B., 238 Bryant st
STARKS, Prof. E.C., 1016 Waverly st
STARKS, Mrs. E.C., 1016 Waverly st
STARKS, Mrs. M., 1016 Waverly st
St. CLAIR, Miss Catherine, 750 Webster st
STELTER, Miss Mattie, 631 High st
STEPHENS, Mrs. A.C., 721 Emerson st
STEPHENS, A.C., foreman Times, 721 Emerson st
SSTEVENSON, A., student, 935 Ramona st
STINSON, C.B., carpenter, 935 Ramona st
STONE, Mrs. C.B., 342 Homer ave
STONE, Miss Emily, student, 342 Homer ave
STONE, Walter, student, 342 Homer ave
STONE, Mrs Isabel, 631 Lytton ave
STONE, Miss Stella, student, 631 Lytton ave
STORY, Riley, 275 275 Hamilton ave
TORY, Mrs. R., 275 Hamilton ave
STOWE, Mrs. J.E., teacher, 921 Ramona st
STOWE, F.R., electrician, 921 Ramona st
STOWE, J.R., student, 921 Ramona st
STRANGE, Miss Bessie, student, 310 High st
STRANGE, Mrs. M.E., 310 High st
STRANGE, S.P., student, 310 High st
STRONER, James, painter, 930 Scott stg
STRONER, ? BACKUS, Painters, 210-2 Uni. ave
STRONER, Robert, tailor, 930 Scott st
STRONER, Mrs. Robert, 930 Scott st
STROUT, E.A., student, 642 High st
STULL, Miss, 837 Bryant st
SUHR, Miss R.S., student, 558 Lincoln ave
SULLIVAN, F.A., carpenter, 427 Lytton ave
SULLIVAN, Mrs. F.A., 427 Lytton ave
SUMMERFIELD, Mrs. M.E., 164 Hamilton ave
SWAIN, T.H., street sprinkler, 454 Hamilton ave
SWAIN, Mrs. T.H., 454 Hamilton ave
SWAIN, Charles, 454 Hamilton ave
SWAIN, Ira, messenger, 454 Hamilton ave
SWART, F., student, 935 Ramona st
SWEETMAN, Miss Claire, student, 631 Marguerite st
SWEETSER, Mrs. A., 325 Hamilton ave
SYMONDS, N.G., student, 405 Emerson st
SYMONS, Charles, stonemason, 643 High st

TAINTOR, C.H., SP Baggage agent, 102 Circle
TARPEY, D.P., 323 Waverly st
TARPEY, Mrs. D.P., 323 Waverly st
TARPEY, David, student, 323 Waverly st
TARPEY, Paul, student, 323 Waverly st
TAYLOR, Mrs. F.H., 567 Forest ave
TAYLOR, Miss Florence, student, 567 Forest ave
TAYLOR, Miss Rutyh, student, 567 Forest ave
TAYLOR, Ross, 131 Lytton ave
TAYLOR, Mrs. Ross, 131 Lytton ave
TAYLOR, Miss Winifred H., student, 567 Forest ave
TAILOR, William, 131 Lytton ave
TEAGUE, J.E., 567 Lincoln ave
TEAGUE, Mrs. J.E., 567 Lincoln ave

Fine Single and Double Rigs at Short Notice
Alma Street opp. Depot

TEBBS, L.E., Palo Alto Hotel
TEBBS, Mrs. L.E., Palo Alto Hotel
TEBBS, R.L., Palo Alto Hotel
TETRO, Mrs. M.A., Emerson st ? Hawthorne ave
TETRO, Miss Maud, student, Emerson st ? Hawthorne ave
THAYER, E.I., student, 567 Emerson st
THEILE, F.C., tailor, 451 Addison ave
THEILE, Mrs. F.C., 451 Addison ave
THIES, A.G., student, 353 Lytton ave
THOBURN, Mrs. W.W., 329 Lincoln ave
THOITS, E.C., shoe dealer, 285 Hamilton ave
THOITS, Mrs. E.K., 285 Hamilton ave
THOITS, W.C., shoe dealer, 285 Hamilton ave
THOMAS, M.H., student, 526 Ramona st
THOMAS, R.S., 602 Cowper st
THOMAS, Mrs. R.S., 602 Cowper st
THOMPSON, A.C., 271 Addison ave
THOMPSON, Mrs. A.C., 271 Addison ave
THOMPSON, A.G., baker, 210 Homer ave

The Oak Home Bakery
Strictly Home Baking
Fresh Bread, Hot Rolls, Pies and Cakes delivered to any part of town daily
Special orders receive prompt attention
Palo Alto

THOMPSON, Miss Belle, 909 Alma st
THOMPSON, Chas., 635 Waverly st
THOMPSON, Mrs. Chas., 635 Waverly st
THOMPSON, Miss Helen, 909 Alma st
THOMPSON, Miss M.E., student, 210 Homer ave
THOMPSON, Philip, student, 635 Waverly st
THOMPSON, R.A., student, 210 Homer ave
THOMPSON, Mrs. N.W., 909 Alma st
THOMPSON, Miss Roberta, 909 Alma st
THOMPSON, W.E., student, 210 Homer ave
THOMSON, A.M., student, 419 Florence ave
THOMSON, Mrs. L.M., 419 Florence ave
THIELE, F.C., Tailor, 183 University ave
TIERNEY, J., 326 Lytton ave
TILMAN, Mr., tailor, 219 Ramona st
TIPTON, W.S., student, 824 Bryant st
TIPTON, Mrs., 824 Bryant st
TOLL, A.C., student, 207 University ave
TOLL, Miss M.L., student, 207 University ave
TOURNY, George, 620 Waverly st
TOURNY, Mrs. George, 620 Wavelry st
TOURNY, Julius, salesman, 711 Cowper st
TOURNY, Mrs. J., 711 Cowper st
TOWNE, E.B.,. 483 Addison ave
TOWNE, Mrs. E.B., 483 Addison ave
TOWNSEND, M, baggage agent, S P Co., 102 Circle
TOWNSEND, P.S., student, 414 Bryant st
TOWNSEND, Mrs. S.S., 414 Bryant st
TOWNSEND, Miss Vera, 414 Bryant st
TRADER, Harold, student, 446 Hamilton ave
TRADER, Miss K.L.,s tudent, 446 Hamilton ave
TRADER, Mrs. W.S., 446 Hamilton ave
TRADER, Mrs. W.S., 446 Hamilton avre
TROXEL, S.K., clerk Husted's Cyclery, 353 Ramona st
TROXEL, Mrs. S.K., 353 Ramona st
TRUESDALE, W.W., tax collector, 317 Lytton ave
TRUESDALE, Mrs. W.W., 317 Lyttonb ave
TSUKAMOTO, C., student, 1061 Bryant st
TUCKER, Miss Adelaide, student, 274 Channing ave
TUCKER, Mrs. F.E., 274 Channing ave
TUCKER, Miss Madeline, 327 Alma st

UHLMAN, Walter, pipe fitter, 427 Alma st
UHLMAN, Mrs. Walter, 427 Alma st
UNCLE, John, busman, 102 Curcle
UNDERHILL, Mrs. M.A., 238 Bryant st
UPHAM, Miss Augusta, 731 Emerson st
UPHAM, H.L., contractor, 731 Emerson st
UPHAM, Mrs. H.L., 731 Emerson st

VAN DORN, B.O., plumber, Pillsbury bldg
VAN DORN, Miss Agnes, Pillsubry bldg
VAN DORN, Mrs C., Pillsbury bldg
VANDERVOORT, Miss Frances, 426 Waverly st
VANDERVOORT, J.E., grocer, 426 Waverly st
VANDERVOORT, I.P., clerk, 426 Waverly st
VANDERVOORT, S.M., grocer, 426 Waverly st

WALCOTT, G., student, 318 Lytton ave
WALKER, L.K., student, 457 Bryant st
WALKER, Mrs. L.K., student, 457 Bryant st
WALKER, W.L., student, 515 Waverly st
WALLACE, Van A., merchant, 411 Waverly st
WALLACE, Mrs. A.T., 411 Waverly st
WALLING, W.B., student, 405 Emerson st
WALSH, Edward, plumber, 209 University ave
WALTERS, Mr., mechanic, 620 High st
WARD, Miss E.G., 430 Marguerite st
WARD, J.N., 527 Waverly st
WATHEY, Mrs. J.S., 337 Hamilton ave
WATERMAN, W.A., student, 151 Cowper st
WATSON, Mr., mechanic, 620 High st
WEBB, E.A., 718 Webster st
WEBB, E.O., druggist, 255 Lytton ave
WEBB, Mrs. E.O., 255 Lytton ave
WEBSTER, Miss Grace, 129 Emerson st
WEBSTER, Miss Hazel, 129 Emerson st
WEBSTER, Rev. R.M., 129 Emerson st
WEBSTER, Mrs. R.M., 129 Emerson st
WEDDLE W.E., student,  515 Waverly st
WEISSHAAR, E.F., messenger, 661 Waverly st
WEISSHAAR, Mrs. E.G., 661 Waverly st
WELLER, Miss Fannie, student, 545 Forest afe
Wells Fargo & Co's Express, Circle
WELLS, Mr. J.W., contractor, 535 Byron st
WELLS, Mrs. J.W., 535 Byron st
WERRY, Miss Nellie, cashier, Ferguson & Co, 642 High

Reasonable rates
Transfer Express
Best in town
Office at La Peire's Store

WERRY, Richard, transfer, 642 High st
WERRY, Mrs. Richard, 642 High st
WERRY, Richard, Jr., transfer, 642 High st
WERRY, W.C., clerk, La Peire's Store, 642 High st
WESTALL, A. Miner, 339 Emerson st
WESTALL, Mrs A., 339 Emerson st
WESTALL, Miss Adele, telephone operator, 339 Emerson
WESTALL, Alfred, student, 339 Emerson st
WESTALL, Miss Edith, student, 339 Emerson st
WESTALL, Miss Elizabeth, 339 Emersohn st
WHEELER, R, student, 329 University ave
WHEELER, Mrs. R., 329 University ave
WHEELER, Mrs S.B., 483 Addison ave
WHERRY, Miss E.M., student, 912 Cowper st
WHITATAKER, Fred, student, Pillsbury building
WHITE, C.O., plumber, 345 High st
WHITE, Mrs. C.O., 345 High st
WHITE, Mrs. Christina, 450 University ave
WHITE, Miss Hattie, dressmaker, 450 University ave
WHITE, J.E., student, Byrant st & Forest ave
WIGLE, B.D., lawyer, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, Miss B., student, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, Miss Elsie, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, Gordon, real estate, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, Mrs Gordon, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, G.D., lawyer, 909 Cowper st
WIGLE, Keith, student, 909 Cowper st
WILEY, Mr., business man, 342 Homer ave
WILKENING, Miss Pauline, 683 Hamilton ave
WILLARD, Marion H, dstudent, 849 Ramona st
WILLARD, Mason C., student, 849 Ramona st
WILLIAMS, A.SD., sdtudent, 515 Wavelry st
WILLIAMS, G.M., dstsudent, 675 Hamilton ave
WILLIAMS, Mrs. M., 675 Hamilton ave
WILSON, Mrs. E.P., 313 Channing ave
WILSON, Miss J.A., student, 129 Emerson st
WILSON, Roy S., student, 356 Emerson st
WILSON, T.H., candymaker, 713 Emerson st
WILSON, Mrs. T.H., 713 Emerson st
WINANS, Miss G., milliner, 440 Bryant st
WING, Prof C.B., 345 Lincoln ave
WING, Mrs. C.B., 345 Lincoln ave
WINGFIELD, J.L., 219 Ramona st
WINGFIELD, Mrs. J.L., 219 Ramona st

Wingfield Hall, Rooms & Board
219 Ramona street

WILSON, Miss Edna, student, 713 Emerson st
WINSOR, A.A. bus driver, 565 Hamilton ave
WINSOR, Mrs. A.A., 565 Hamilton ave
WINTERS, Thomas, carpenter, 164 Hamilton ave
WISDOM, P.L., 413 Emerson st
WISDOM, Mrs. P.L., 413 Emerson st
WOOD, D.H., 726 Cowper st
WOOD, Mrs. D.H., 526 Cowper st
WOOD, Miss Elsie, Student, 127 Cowper st
WOOD, Mrs. M.A., 127 Cowper st
WOOD, Miss Winifred, student, 127 Cowper st
WOOD, W.C., student, 741 Waverly st
WOODS, Miss Kate, 329 Lincoln ave
WOODS, S.M., 329 Lincoln ave
WOODWARD, Miss A.M., student, 1052 Bryant st
WOOLLEY, J.R., student, 334 Lincoln ave
WORRELL, F.J., coal dealer, 621 High st
WORRELL, F.L., coal dealer, 62 High st
WORRELL, G.B., 621 High st
WORRELL, Mrs. G.B., 621 High st
WOOSTER, C.B., student,. 234 Forest ave
WOOTTEN, J.B., student, 741 Waverly st
WRIAGHT, Mrs. E.B., 255 Lytton ave
WRIGHT, Fred H., student, 545 Forest ave
WRIGHT, Mrs. G.H., music teacher, 545 Forest ave
WRIGHT, Miss Paula E., student, 545 Forest ave
WYLIE, K., student, 234 Forest ave

YERRINGTON, Herbert, student, 163 Bryant st
YODER, O.S., .bud driver, 523 Alma st
YODER, M.S., bus driver, 523 Alma st
YOSHIMI, F., student, 433 Melville ave
YOUNG, W., student, 163 Bryant st
YOUNGER, H.L., student, 455 University ave
YOUNGER, H.L., student,. 455 University ave

ZSCHOKKE, A.J., student, 170 Homer ave
ZSCHOKKE, Mrs. AS.P., 170 Homer ave
ZSCHOKKE, Miss I.J., student, 170 Homer ave
ZSCHOKKE, T.C., student, 170 Homer ave

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