Santa Cruz County Genealogy
Source: Trident Vol. X111, No. 3, Published by the Santa Cruz High School Trident Staff, Santa Cruz, California, December 1913

Frank ROBERTS, Jewl KAUFMAN and Clifton MILLER will leave shortly with the Stanford Glee Club through the northern part of this State, Washington and Oregon.

Dr. Vance BLISS came over from Fresno to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. He is doing well in the Raisin City.

Gay HUGUS is visiting with her sister Louise, now a trained nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco. Gay will be gone indefinitely.

Rose ALCORN was married recently to Conrad HALE, a member of the class of '08. S.C.H.S. gives the best of wishes.

Steve MEADE is now acting as private secretary for a foreman on an island near San Francisco.

The engagement of Miss Clara CROSBY to George WOOD has been announced.

Bessie DAVIS came over from San Jose to spend Thanksgiving with her parents.

Harry CAMPBELL, Clifton MILLER, Stanford SMITH and Frank ROBERTS were all home from Stanford for Thanksgiving.

Bessie FURLONG, Edna HARDING, Walter and George BYRNE, Hyman ABRAMS, Harold TURNER and Brayton PHILBROOK, of the University of California, were in Santa Cruz over Thanksgiving.

The engagement of Miss Bessie MERRILL, '11, and John CROWE has been announced. They will be married in the near future.

Miss Nellie SMITH has recently undergone an operation for appendicitis at the San Francisco Hospital.

Fern WILKINS and Gladys MANWEILER were in town during the Thanksgiving vacation. They are both attending the University of the Pacific.

Howard ANDERSON is now manager of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity House at Stanford.

Chalmers PRICE, who has been employed as electrician with the Paccific Electrical Company at Davenport, now has entire charge of the sub-station.

Belden BIAS in now acting as agent for the Maxwell car.

Hester THOMPSON, who is attending Mills College, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents.

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