Santa Cruz County Genealogy

Containing a record of all business and professional men, with their places of business, in every city, town and hamlets,
indexed and classified in alphabetical order; information relating to chruches, city, county and township officers,
public buildings and schools, secret and benevolent societies and game laws.

Source: Midget Directory of The County of Santa Cruz, California
Published by The Pacific Directory Company, Santa Cruz, California, 1906


In the "Midget Directory," the Paific Directory Co. is giving to the public something new and novel in the form of a handy book of information and reference.

The rapid increase of business men in all branches of business throughout the county we  believe warrants the publication of a directory of tis kind.

The following are some important features of this Directory: Its size is such that it can be carried conveniently in the pocket; it is inexed so that the name of any business can be found quickly; it is classified, thereby grouping all lines of business in the county by themselves in alphabeticcal order; it contains the telephone numbers of all persons therein who hae one; a small percentage of space has been set apart for advertising purposes, thereby avoiding confusion; it is handy, compact and convenient, and as near correct as a close canvass can make it; and last but not least of its attractions, the price is within the reach of every person.

The contents of this Directory represents many weeks of hard work and no small outlay of money, but we believe the public's appreciation of the value given will demand the 1908 edition with new and improved features.


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