Santa Cruz County Genealogy
Source: San Francisco Call, 11 Aug 1901
Submitted by Jenna Fennell

The following guest registered at the Summer Home Farms, Glenwood Santa Cruz County, during the week;

From San Francisco -

LS. Schoenfeld
Mrs. L. S. Schoenfeld
I. Michels
L. Michels
A. Michels
A. E Rose
Mrs. M Lewis
Miss Irma Trient
Maurice Frank
Mrs, M Frank
Miss Mary O’Learey
Mrs. Morris Windt
Miss R. Frank
D. C Deasy
Miss Viola Goodman
Miss Selma Goodman
F.I. Gonzales
Albert Windt
Miss E. Brown
Miss Minnie Jones
Miss I. M. Roberts
L. Reinstein
A. M. Schoenfeld
Mrs. J. G Leibold

From Sacramento -
W. C Hevener

From Vallejo -
A. Hanson
Mrs. A. Hanson

From Oakland -
Major C. F Poulter
Mrs. C. F. Poulter

From Mountain View ranch -
F.R. Dann

Wegner Villa-

A very pretty ball given by the guests at Wegner Villa on Saturday last.  The ballroom was very prettily decorated with ferns, palms and numerous Chinese lanterns.  Among those guests were

Mr. & Mrs. J. Wegner
Mr. & Mrs. Lillis
Mrs. J. Cobine
Miss Mary Cobine
Miss Grace Sullivan
Mrs J. J. Sullivan
Edward Kreiss
Miss Anita Fennell
Andrew J. Flynn
Miss Anita Cobine
Miss Elizabeth Sullivan
Bert Oestine
Miss Sadie Standart
Miss Emma Sullivan
Mr. Bryan
Miss Rose Standart
J. O’Neill
Miss Sophia Wilson
James Sullivan
Miss Helen Hamilton
Mrs. Troll
Martin Fennell
Harry Sullivan
Miss Alice Gray
William Gannon
Mrs. Biggy
Miss Murphy
Dr. Mosgrove
Lieutenant Strong
Mrs. Hagan
Don Ryan
William Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Hackett

Among the arrivals of Wegner Villa are:

Mr. & Mrs. Hackett
Mr. & Mrs. J. Cobing
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Flynn
Andrew J. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Sullivan
the misses Sadie and Rose Standart
Mr. & Mrs. Spreckels
Miss Louise Spreckels
Miss Enna Sullivan
Miss Mary Cobine
Mrs. Troll
Miss Helen Hamilton
Miss Elizabeth Sullivan
Miss Mary Davie
Miss Grace Sullivan
Lawrence Flynn
Miss Martha Davie
Miss Anita Cobine
Harry Sullivan
Edward Kreiss
Mrs. Judge
Mrs. Bryan
James Sullivan
Bert Oestiling
Mr. McCaw
Master Willie Sullivan
Harry Davie
Theo Davie
Willie Davie
Miss Sophia Wilson
Mr. Murphy
the Misses Murphy
Dr. Mosgrove
Mr. & Mrs. Lillis and family
Mr. & Mrs. Hagan
Martin Fennell
Mr. Kenney
Mrs. Gray

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