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"It is not be be expected, in a City like this, where whole Streets are built up in a week and whole Squares swept away in an hour where the floating population numbers thousands and a large portion of the fixed inhabitants live in tents and places which cannot be described with any accuracy, that a Directory can be got up with the correctness that they are in older and more esablished cities. We have scarecly a house numbered, and what there are will puzzle quite as much as assist. Still we think such a Book is needed, and feel confident it will save much trouble. That we have done it more correctly than others would, we do not claim. But we do claim to have done it to the best of our ability, under the circumstances, and leave it with the Public to decide upon its merits. Note. On account of the length of the names of some of the Streets, we have, in many cases, abridged them to the initial: As Commercial and Clay are the only two streets, near each other, commencing with the same letter, it will be very easy telling what is meant; as, for instance, Wash b K and M means Washington st between Kearny and Montgomery."

Source: Kimball, Charles P. The San Francisco City Directory. September 1, 1850: Journal of Commerce Press, Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
Note: There was originally an Omitted Names section. Those names have been incorporated into their correct places.
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