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City Directory

    Names of Streets north of Market Street, running nearly north and south, in the oder in which they would be passed going from the water of the main harbor back from east to west
    Front, Battery, Sansome, Montgomery, Kearney, Dupont, Stockton, Powell, Mason, Taylor, Jones, Leavenworth, Hyde.
    Smaller streets & places running the same way:
    Emerson's Arcade, leads from Washington to Clay, between Kearney and Dupont.
    Leidsdorff Place, leads from Clay to Sacramento, between Kearney and Dupont.
    Maiden Lane leads from Jackson to Washington, between Kearney and Montgomery.
    Ohio street, leads from Pacific to Broadway, between Montgomery and Sansome.
    Pike street, leads from Washington to Sacramento, between Dupont and Stockton.
    Spring street, leads from California to Pine, between Kearney and Montgomery.
    Virginia street, leads from Broadway to Washington, between Powell and Stockton.
    Webb street, leads from Sacramento to California, between Kearney and Montgomery.

    Names of Streets north of Market street, running nearly east and west in the order of which they would be passed going from the water of North Bay, from north to south:
    Bay, Francisco, Chestnut, Lombard, Greenwich, Filbert, Union, Green, Vallejo, Broadway, Pacific, Jackson, Washington, Clay, Sacramento, California, Pine, Bush, Sutter, Post, Geary, O'Farrell, Ellis, Eddy.

    Smaller Streets, running the same way:
    Commercial street leads from Front to Kearney, between Clay and Sacramento.
    Gold street leads from Sansome to Montgomery, between Pacific and Jackson.

City Government
John W. Geary, Mayor 
Franklin Tilford, Recorder 
Milachi Fallon, Marshall 
Benjamin L. Berry, Comptroller 
Charles G. Scott, Treasurer 
Thomas H. Holt, Attorney 
Dennis McCarthy, Street Commsr 
Wm. W. Erwin, Collector 
P. H. L. Dodge, Mayor's Clerk
Wm. Green, President 
Moses G. Leonard 
John Middleton 
A. Selover 
Morgan L. Mott 
C. V. Stuart 
Chas. Minturn 
D. Gillespie 
John B. Bispham, Clerk
A. Bartol, President 
Wm. Sharon 
Wm. Corbitt 
L. T. Wilson 
J. P. Van Ness 
A. Morris 
G. W. Green 
James Grant 
Dr. Wm. A. Glover, clk

Officers of the Superior Court

P. A. Morse, Chief Justice
H. C. Murray, Associate Chief Justice
J. C. Smith, Associate Chief Justice
Edward Jones, Clerk
John Caperton, Deputy Sheriff
John L. Powers, Deputy Sheriff
B. F. Harley, Deputy Sheriff
John Frener, Deputy Sheriff
John Hays, Deputy Sheriff
W. B. B. Beaty, Sheriff's Clerk
Thos. B. Johnson, Clk. Rec. Court
Calhoun Benham, District Attorney

Police Officers

M. Fallon, City Marshal
Robert Beck, Captain
Wm. Lambert, Captain
A. J. McCarthy, Captain
Geo. W. Casserly, Assistant Captain
Wm. C. Meridith, Assistant Captain
Wm. N. Burkhead, Assistant Captain
Chas. A. Howard, First Sergeant
Hampton North, First Sergeant
David Sweeney, First Sergeant
John Hagan, Second Sergeant
James Edgerton, Second Sergeant
Robert McIntire, Second Sergeant

Seth Hurd 
John Hill 
David Bailey 
Thos. C. Risler 
Henry Day 
Edward Burton 
James Flynn 
Isaac M. Ward 
J.D. Pearson 
Ezra Durand 
John Addis 
Francis R. Brady 
John Purcil 
Samuel C. Harding 
Augustus Gardiner 
George Porter 
D. H. T. Moss 
A. Deas 
Andrew Petrie 
R. N. Little 
Gardiner White 
John R. Sidell
N. R. Scott 
William Newell 
E. J. Smith 
John Louder 
Robert Roach 
James Adams 
Wm. C. Dotter 
N. H. Nichols 
J. A. Moran 
D. W. Thompson 
Benj. Ogden, jr. 
Wm. Stewart 
Wm. Beebe 
John Wilson 
George W. Anthony 
Edward Lambert 
Samuel Gilmore 
Thos. S. Artisan 
J. M. McKenzie 
James Leland 
Wm. R. Kerr 
J. C. Pulis 
Thos. R. Eddies

Post Office

Located at Corner of Clay and Dupont sts.

Jacob B. Moore, Post-Master
C. C. Moore, Cashier
Frank Moore, E. DeWolf, General Clerks
L. H. Robie, J. B. Brown, Box Delivery Clerks
E. Higgins, Gen. Delivery Clerk, A to Z
Chas. H. Melch, r. Gen. Delivery Clerk, K to Z
Timothy Page, Foreign & Ladies' Deliv. Clerk
F. B. de las Casas, Jr., Mailing Clerk
F. B. Henderson, Night Clerk
John Short, Newspaper Delivery Clerk

Office hours from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M.

    Mails for Sacramento and Towns above on the Sacramento river and branches, close daily, Sundays, excepted, at 3 o'clock P. M.
    Mails for Benicia, Sonoma, Nappa [sic], Junction & Stockton, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 2 o'clock P. M.
    Mails for San Jose, Mission of San Jose, and Santa Clara, close Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 7 o'clock A. M.
    Mail for Monterey and Santa Cruz, Wednesdays, at 7 o'clock, A. M.
    Postage on letters for all parts of the United States and Oregon, 40 cents.
    All parts of California, 12 1-2 cents.
    Drop letters, 2 cents.
    Postage on Newspapers to the Unite States & Oregon, 3 cents, inland postage, 1 1-2 cts. to be added; and in all cases, unless sent from the Office of Publication, must be paid in advance.


    ADAMS & CO.'s EXPRESS Office  Mont b Sac and Cal.  Forward Gold Dust and packages to all parts of the United States by steamer Gold Dust to be forwarded, must be handed in by 11 o'clock the day previous to that on which the steamer leaves.
    BERFORD & CO.'s EXPRESS Office Clay st on the Plaza.  Packages, & c. forwarded to San Jose every day. (Sundays excepted.)
    GREGORY'S EXPRESS Office Jackson st. wharf.  Gold dust and packages forwarded to all parts of the world by every Steamer; also, to Sacramento and the Northern Mines, daily.
    HAVEN & CO.'s EXPRESS Office Montgomery b Sacramento and California; Gold dust and Parcels forwarded to all parts of the United States by every Steamer.
    HAWLEY & CO.'s EXPRESS Office Montgomery  b. Sac and Cal.; Packages and parcels forwarded to Sac and the Northern Mines daily.
    TODD & CO.'s EXPRESS Office Montgomery b Sac and Cal.; Parcels etc. forwarded to Stockton and the Southern Mines daily.

    LAWS' LINE STEAMERS Sail the 15th of each month; O. Charlie, Agent; office Jackson st whf.


    Athenaeum Exhibition of Model Artists.  Commercial st., between Kearney and Montgomery, Dr. Colver, proprietor.
    Bull Fighting Arena, on Vallejo st., near Catholic Church.
    Dramatic Museum, on Cal st., between Kearney and Montgomery, Robinson and Evrard, Proprietors.
    Rowe's Olympic Circus, on Mont. st., between Sacramento and California.

Places of Public Utility

    MERCHANT'S EXCHANGE READING ROOM, cor of Montgomery & Washington sts. L. W. Sloat, Proprietor.  Papers from all parts of the United States.
    A Mail made up for each Steamer and for vessels to all parts of the world, open from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M.
    Change hours from 2 to 3 P. M.

    CLAY STREET READING ROOM Clay st. between Kearney & Montgomery, Chipman & Woodman, Proprietors.  Papers from all parts of the world: Files extending as far back as November.  Books for the registry of Miners' names.

Places of Public Worship
And residences of Officiating Clergymen in San Francisco.

    First Baptist Church, Washington street, Rev. O C. Wheeler, h. corner Powell and Union sts.
    Trinity Church, Powell st., b. Washington and Jackson sts., Rev. F. S. Mines, h. adjacent.
    First Congregational Church, corner of Jackson and Virginia sts., Rev. T. D. Hunt, h. corner of Mason and Vallejo sts.
    Methodist Episcopal Church, Powell st., Rev. W. Taylor, h. Jackson st., between Powell and Mason sts.
    Grace Chapel, Powell street, Rev. P. L. Ver Mehr, h. corner of Jackson and Powell streets.
    Roman Catholic Church, Vallejo street, between Dupont and Stockton sts., Morning service in the Spanish, French and English languages.
    First Presbyterian Church, Superior Court Room City Hall, Rev. A. Williams, h. Dupont st. between Broadway and Pacific sts.
    Worship on Sundays at 11 o'clock A. M., and 4 and 7 1-2 o'clock P. M.

    Open-Air Preaching By the Rev. Mr. Taylor, on Portsmouth Square, on Sundays, at 2 1-2 o'clock, P.M.

Newspapers in the City

    Alta California, Daily and Weekly, E. Gilbert & Co., Proprietors, E. C. Kemble and J. E. Durivage, Editors.  Office Washington st. on the Plaza.
    California Courier,  Daily, Crane and Rice, Editors and Proprietors, T. J. Dryer, City Editor and Reporter.  Office Mont. st., between Sac. and Cal., near the Custom House.
    Herald, Daily, Nugent & Co., Proprietors, Jno. Nugent, Editor.  Office Mont. st., between Clay and Washington.
    Journal of Commerce, Daily, Washington Bartlett, Proprietor.  Office Mont. st., between Washington and Clay.
    Pacific News, Daily, J. Winchester and R. N. Allen, Proprietors, J. Winchester, Editor.  Office Kearney st., between Pacific and Jackson.
    The Evening Picayune, Daily, Gihon & Co., Proprietors, P. A. Brinsmade, Editor.  Office Jackson st., between Kearney and Mont.
    The Watchman, Monthly, Albert Williams, Editor.  Office at Journ. of Com. office.


    For the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers W. A. Fauntleroy, W. Neal, H. Van Ness, W. Burges, L. Gamage, J. S. Silvey, H. Van Pelt, W. Sandezniss, E. Palmer, P. Howard, W. H. Joliff.  Office under Hutton and Timmerman's, Clark's Point.

    Pilots for the Outer Bar On board Pilot Boat Rialto G. Simpson, R. Leitch, L. Coxelta, C. J. Wright, Chas. Richardson.  On board Pilot Boat Relief E. B. Jenkins, M. McDonald, Jas. Urie, C. J. Campbell, Robt. Sing, J. Ludlow.  W. S. Burnside and James Nelson, Agents, office California b. Mont. and Sansome.

    Harbor Master James Hagan, office, Commerical whf. Clark's Point.  J. Carngan, secretary, Pilot Commissioner's office, Clark's Point.

    Harbor Pilots John Delevean, John Ingram, Wm. Rogers, Mr. Hanson.  Office at the Harbor Master's office.

    Custom House corner of Cal. & Montgomery.  James Collier, Collector.  Open from 9 A. M. till 2 P. M.


    In conclusion, we shall touch upon but two things, about which little has been said by others but which we think are of importance, and first, the one brought more particularly to our notice as connected with this work that of numbering of the Streets.

    Under the present settled state of change it is very plain that all plans of numbering the buildings will very soon become defective from the building-up and tearing-down process continually going on, nor will it be likely to be better for some time to come.  If then a plan could be adopted giving the location quite accurate, and still independent of the buildings.  We think it worthy the consideration of the public.  Now we enjoy the opinion that we have one of that nature, which, for all business oeprations, would answer every purpose.  It is this:  to have the streets, commencing at Bay street, on the north and Front st., on the east marked off by posts, or otherwise into spaces of fifteen or twenty feet, more or less, as would seem to be the most convenient.  By having these spaces numbered, you have your streets marked off perfectly independent of any change which may occur in the building.  This could be done by the city government wholly, or they could merely designate the number of feet to each space, and any one, by means of a map, could easily tell what their number should be, and put them up accordingly.  The other subject is that of bell ringing as it is now practiced for our churches.  We have seen the whole congregation of a religious meeting start from their seats at the ringing of the bells of other churhes, supposing it was for fire; and how are our firemen to know whether the bells are ringing to call them with all their powers, to fight the devouring flames, or, with their most devotional feelings, to attend a prayer meeting.  How widely different the objects, yet the same summons, put forth inthe same manner, calls them to both.  This is certainly wrong, and we think our City Council should make it the duty of bell-ringers, in all cases of business or for Church, to set the bells at regular intervals , as they do in the Atlantic cities.

    We will now return our thanks to all those who have kindly assisted us in this work, and our wishes that they, with others, will assist us in our future efforts, which we trust to be able to make more full in many respects. 

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