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Shipping and Commission Merchants,
Corner of Sansome st. and Broadway — Are daily
receiving Invoices, comprising:
Provisions, Boots & Shoes, Furniture,
Groceries, Blankets, Stationery,
Liquors, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Hardware, etc.
Which are offered at the lowest market rates.
Jas. W. Bingham, W. A. Bartlett,
Oreon A. Reynods, F. A. Bartlett

Hussey, Bond & Hale, Commission Merchants, Howinson's Wharf, foot of Sacramento street. Refer to — Geo. B. Upton, Esq., Messrs. Sampson & Tappan, Lombard & Wetmore, Boston; Mason & Thompson, Andrew Foster & Sons, Simeon Draper, Esq., New York, Alex. Brown & Sons, Kirkland, Chase & Co., Birckhead & Pearce, Baltimore; Mason & Kirckland, Philadelphia; John B. Howell, Esqr., New Orleans; Ed. Carrington, Esq., Providence; Maxwell, Wright & Co., Rio Janeiro. Have for sale, vessels, lumber, provisions, flour, groceries, and assorted cargoes.

Turner, Fish & Co., Shipping and general Commission Merchants, Sansome street, near Jackson.

D. Gibb, Importer & Commission Merchant, brick building, Central wharf. Drafts for sale on Messrs. Watson, Thompson & Co., Glasgow, payable in London — Messrs. John Thompson, Watson & Co. Valparaiso.

Chapin & Sawyer, Commission Merchants and general Merchandise, Washington st., a few doors below Montgomery. For sale Leather, sole, harness & belting; calf skins, lining do., with a general assortment of Shoe Findings, &c. &c. &c.

Bellnap, White & Co., dealers in Provisions, Wines, Liquors, Teas, and Groceries, of every description, Sansome st. south of Jackson.

Wynn, Ghericke & Co., Importers and Commission Merchants, California st., between Montgomery and Sansome.

A'edina Harlog & Co., Import, Commission and General Merchants, Montgomery st.

Smyth & Block, Wholesale Grocers Commission Merchants, head of Central wharf.

W. Thompson, Jr., Commission and Ship Broker, No. 1 Commercial Building, Central wharf.

James B. Weir, Grocer & Commission Merchant, Clay st. near Montgomery. Has constantly in store, and receiving daily, fresh supplies of goods suitable for traders. Also, ship and Miners' stores.

P. Naylor, Importer of sheet iron, tin plate, copper tinman's tools, &c. &c.; California st., 2d door from Montgomery, Brick Building.

Dunne, McDonald & Co., Commission Merchants and Real Estate Agents, corner Kearney and Pacific sts. Refer to John O. Woodruff & Co., New Orleans; Haven & Co., N. York; Keith, Ray & Co., St. Louis; Burgoyne & Co., San Francisco.

Mohler, Cadue & Co., Lightermen. Ships discharged, supplied with water, and ballasted at the shortest notice — Howison's wharf, foot of Sacramento st. Office up stairs.


Marvin & Hitchcock, Stationers and Booksellers, wholesale and retail, at the Pioneer Bookstore, in the Herald buildings, Montgomery st. near Clay. Monthly arrival of Stationery, selected expressly for this market.

Cooke & Lecount, Booksellers and Stationers, publishers of cheap Publications and Periodicals, Agents for American and foreign Newspapers, Well's fire proof Building, Montgomery st.


Pratt & Cole, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, in Gothic Hall, on the corner of Montgomery and Jackson sts. James Pratt, notary public, Cornelius Cole.


Charles R. Story, (successor to C.C. Richmond & Co.) wholesale and retail Druggist, Jackson street, south side, between Montgomery and Sansome sts. Invoices bought.

Benjamin H. West, M.D. Physician & Surgeon, office over the Eagle Saloon, corner of Central wharf and Montgomery street.

Mrs. Shannon, Midwife, corner of Clay and Dupont sts., at her Dageurrian Rooms, or Stockton street, opposite the Hospital. References—Edgar Thorn, M.D., Wooster Beech, M.D., John Wheeler, M.D., J. Hasell, M.D., E. F. Peck, M.D., W. Kinney, M.D., J. A. Houston, M.D., Thos. Edwards, M.D., A. C. Castle, M.D., D. D. T. Nestell, M.D., C. A. Ward, M.D., T. H. Blount, M.D.

Dr. May's Dysentry and Diarrhea Syrup, has been extensively employed in this city for more than one year, and it may be said with truth, that for the cure of the above complaints it has no equal. It seldom fails to cure the most protracted and aggravated cases. The trust of this remark can be attested by some of the most respectable members of this community. This Medicine is prepared in this City by the proprietor, and sold by him at wholesale and retail. Dr. May devotes especial attention to the treatment of gravel and stone in the kidneys and bladder; also to the general practice. Dr. Lee's Solvent on sale. Office corner of Pike & Clay streets, near the old Post Office.


San Jose Hotel, Kearney st., 2 doors from Clay. Board and Lodging, per week, $15.00; board without lodging, $12.00. James G. Shepard & Co.

O.N. & H. Bush, Proprietors of the well known Bush House, corner of Clay and Pike sts., in the immediate vicinity of the Post Office, respectfully announce that they are constantly prepared to offer their friends and the public the facilities and comforts of a home. Having had a long experience in conducting such an establishment, they can safely pledge themselves to render satisfaction to all who may favor them with their patronage. Their location combines healthiness and centrality, and embraces a fine view of the harbor of San Francisco. All desirous of obtaining the best of fare and accomodations, and gentlemanly treatment, at unusually low rates, will need no second invitation.

"Economy is wealth." — The Model, Commercial street, next door to Simmons & Lilly's, is the cheapest Eating House in town. Open at all hours, day and night. Try it.


Tattersalts' Livery Stables, corner of Kearney & Pacific streets.


Buckely & Morse. Ship-smiths, foot Clay street. Blacksmithing in all its various branches done with neatness and despatch. Vault doors and shutters, for fire-proof buildings, done cheap. Constantly on hand and for sale, iron, steel, coal, bellows, anvils, and blacksmith's tools. Invoices of iron, steel, cables & anchors bought. Miners' tool by wholesale and retail.

Nelson & Baker's Cheap Blacksmith Shop, Webb street, near Sacramento st. Blacksmithing in all its branches attended to; Picks and bars made to order; Horse-shoeing done in a superior manner. All orders neatly and promptly executed. Horse and mule shoes and nails bought and sold.

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